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Beckham Still Has A Role To Play For England

  • Guardian, Thursday, February 12, 2009 3:15 PM
Comparisons between the late Bobby Moore and David Beckham, both of whom now tally 108 England caps, are "unnecessary," writes Richard Williams. "Beckham could go on to win another 50 caps without jeopardizing the reputation of the leader of the heroes of 1966," he continues. But Beckham "remains the world's best crosser of a dead ball," which may yet come in useful to England coach Fabio Capello in a more important game than Wednesday's 2-0 friendly defeat to Spain in Seville.
Beckham "did enough" against Spain to suggest that he could still play a role in England's 2010 World Cup campaign as his "his energy and enterprise showed up several other contributors to an indifferent England performance." Indeed Beckham produced more memorable moments of individual skill in his second-half appearance than the rest of the side put together.
Williams compared the game to the Brazil-Italy clash in London on Tuesday. "Brazil's individual artistry and changes of rhythm were mirrored by Spain, while Italy's straightforward muscularity found its echo in England's approach. Like Italy, England did not try to match their opponents' luxuriant creativity but relied on strong, swift counter-attacks. Spain wove the sort of glorious patterns that distinguished their progress to the European final, a blend of close skills, mutual understanding and a shared desire to do beautiful, unforgettable things with a football."

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