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Play Me Or Set Me Free, Demands Agger

  • Guardian, Thursday, February 12, 2009 3:15 PM
One endless source of stories for the media in the age of supersized playing rosters centers upon the discontent of the benched international star. The latest ego frustrated at the feel of cold hard wood upon his highly paid buttocks is Liverpool's Danish defender Daniel Agger.
"Let me be honest and admit that, if I don't play, then it's untenable and it can't go on like that," said the Dane, who lost his starting spot in the Liverpool backline when Martin Skrtel (pronounced Skrrrrr... oh, never mind) returned from injury. "It's never fun as a footballer when you don't play every time. That's no secret. But that's my situation in the club right now; that he [manager Rafael Benitez] won't let me play."
He won't let you play? Why, the mean ole thing, spoiling your fun like that. I hear that on rec teams you can be guaranteed at least 50 per cent playing time. "The question now is whether this is the right thing for me, because I would like to play some football," continued Agger, who can buy out his own contract in the summer. "But for now I have chosen to give it some time and give it a chance and fight for my spot in the team." What an honor for the club! "I feel I'm good enough." Of course. "For the same reason it's annoying that I don't play." Very. "I'll wait for the chance and then I will prove that I'm good enough. I'll show them -- no doubt about that." Yes, you show them, little buddy! Go Danny! Now, who brought the snack this week?

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