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L.A. Was 'A Wonderful Experience' For David B.

L.A. Galaxy midfielder David Beckham (remember him? Used to play in MLS, scored a couple of goals) continues to damn his club and Major League Soccer with faint praise. And in case you hadn't noticed, he absolutely loves playing for AC Milan. It's just the greatest thing, like, with all these international superstars and stuff. It's, like, so cool.
"I have nothing against [the] Galaxy," Beckham said, no doubt to the relief of everyone at the club. "Los Angeles has been a wonderful experience -- but at Milan I have found great players who have really helped me. In the last month and a half my condition has improved 100 percent. I've worked hard, which I like."
Can we take it that Beckham therefore didn't work hard at the Galaxy? Or that he wasn't asked to work hard? Maybe that explains the team's poor results these past two seasons. Frank Yallop, Ruud Gullit and Bruce Arena all forgot to ask Beckham to work hard. Doh! Thanks, however, to his industrious stay in Milan, David says, "Physically I feel great." Mentally, he doesn't say. But we think he likes it. "I love playing for Milan. I've expressed my desire to remain in Milan and now I have to wait." Like the rest of us. But we think that in the end, David will get what David wants.<

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