Brazilian star Daniela downed by Wambach [VIDEO]

[WPS] After Daniela scored twice for St. Louis in a 3-3 tie with Washington on Sunday, the Brazilian was injured by a vicious tackle from the Freedom's Abby Wambach, who received only a yellow card. "There was no excuse for it," said St. Louis keeper Hope Solo.

"I know Abby means well, I know she has a good heart and she would never want to see a player go down, but in the emotions of a game, it was right after the kickoff after they scored, there are too many emotions and she went in two-footed," Solo told the Washington Post 's Steven Goff.

Daniela needed to be stretchered off the field and lost consciousness because of the pain. On Tuesday, St. Louis Athletica announced that Daniela may miss the rest of the she. An MRI revealed that Daniela suffered two injured knee ligaments and has a crack in her tibia.

"Daniela will be out indefinitely," said Athletica head team physician Dr. Robert Brophy. "She does have a significant knee injury. Daniela has significant pain and swelling. She faces a lengthy recovery and extensive treatment before she returns to play."

Mary Harvey, the WPS Chief Operating Officer, said the league's disciplinary committee, which meets weekly, will consider whether action will be taken against Wambach.

"We are carefully reviewing the play, just as we are reviewing other physical plays and yellow cards issued this weekend," Harvey said in a statement. "The review must play out properly and thoroughly before any judgments can be made."

"The disciplinary committee meets once per week and will take any action - or no action - depending on whether it decides if it's warranted or not."

Wambach told the Washington Post: "She took a long touch so I charged and slid into it, slipped a little bit. She came in late, I came in late, I definitely think I deserved a yellow card, but I don't think it was malicious. I wasn't intending to try to take her out. I was going for the ball. That's not my game."

[VIDEO] Wambach foul on Daniela at 02:00 mark

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