Upset at Region IV Championships

Play began Monday at the 2009 US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships in Lancaster, Calif. Nine teams began their defense of regional titles at the Lancaster National Soccer Center, but most faced stiff competition. A wild game saw the So Cal Blues fall in U-17 girls play. For all the news and complete results from the Region IV Championships ...
Julie Johnson scored a hat trick to lead Arizona's Sereno White to a 4-3 win over the defending regional champion So Cal Blues in U-17 girls play. The Blues came back from a 1-0 deficit to led 2-1, fell behind again, 3-2, only to tie the score at 3-3 on U.S. youth international Elizabeth Eddy's goal. But Sereno got the last goal in the 56th minute when Johnston polished off her hat trick.

The U-14 So Cal Blues had better luck in their bid to repeat as girls champions, coming back from 2-1 down to beat Mustang Blast, 3-2.

Colorado Rush Nike, the 2008 U-18 national champion, began its defense of its regional title with an 8-0 win over Leahi Premier of Hawaii. University of Portland freshman star Danielle Foxhoven scored a hat trick in eight minutes midway through the game. Katie Martinez also had three goals, and Emmalie Pfankuch finished off the rout with two late goals.

The Slammers FC U-18 and U-16 girls teams began their quests for back-to-back regional titles with wins.

Mustang Fury, winner of last year's U-12 girls, was held to a 0-0 tie by Eastside FC Red on the first day in U-13 girls play.

In boys play, the Cisco Toros opened their bid to repeat as regional champions with a 4-0 win over Neusport of Nevada in U-19 play. Nicholas DeLeon, Antonio Valera, Brian Green and Alfredo Rico scored for the Toros.

In U-15 play, defending champion Arsenal FC was held to a 0-0 tie by Sereno White. Looking to go for a second regional championship, U-13 West Coast FC had to settle for a 1-1 tie against Crossfire Premier.

(WY) Jackson Hole Soccer 0 (NV) Neusport FC 9
(WA) Crossfire Premier 6 (HI) HSC Bulls 1
(CO) Real CO National 2 (CA-N) Redwood Juventus CRS 2
(CA-N) Mustang Internazion 4 (OR) Cascade FC Boca Jr 5
(UT) UCFS Academy 1 (AK) NLSC Unity 2

Under-13 Boys
(NM) Strikers FC 0 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 3
(WA) Washington Premier FC 0 (OR) NWSSA Eagles 0
(MT) FC Missoula 0 (CO) CO Storm Royal 6
(CA-N) Santa Clara Sporting 12 (AK) CISC Velocity 0
(WA) Crossfire Premier 1 (CA-S) West Coast FC 1
(HI) Maui United 0 (AZ) Scottsdale Blackhawks 5
(NV) Neusport Green 4 (MT) Magic City 0
(HI) Real Rush Nike 1 (ID) Boise Natls Celtic 1

Under-14 Boys

(UT) La Roca PO 0 (CO) CO Rush Nike 3
(NM) NM Rush Stingers 0 (CA-S) West Coast FC 2
(CA-N) Mission GS Real SF 14 (WY) Cheyenne Sting 0
(CA-S) Albion White 2 (NV) SBSC United Red 0
(WA) Eastside FC Storm 2 (ID) Boise Natl Premier 1
(MT) Flathead Force 0 (OR) Cascade FC Atlas 10
(AZ) SC del sol White 1 (HI) Abunal 1
AK) CISC Velocity 0 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 7

Under-15 Boys

(MT) Helena Arsenal 0 (CA-N) Santa Clara Sporting 8
(HI) Real Rush Nike 1 (CA-S) Aztecs FC 4
(NV) Players United 3 (AK) NLSC Sparta 1
(OR) WSM Premier 2 (CO) CO Rush Nike 0
(ID) Idaho Rush Nike 2 (NM) Rio Vista FC 0
(WA)Washington Premier FC 1 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 2
(AZ) Sereno White 1 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 1
(NM) NM Rush Nike 0 (CA-S) Eagles 3

Under-16 Boys

(ID) Idaho Rush Nike 3 (MT) Helena Arsenal 1
(OR) Santos FC River Plate 0 (CA-S) Real So Cal White 4
(NV) Cordica USA 0 (WA) Crossfire Premier 1
(AK) Full Force 0 (CO ) CO Storm North Copa 2
(NM) Elite FC Gladiators 1 (CA-S) West Coast FC 1
(UT) Blue Knights Premier 3 (OR) WSM Remix 1
(CA-N) Foothill MVLA Raptors 1 (HI) Real Rush Nike 0
(AZ) Sereno White 0 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 0

Under-17 Boys
(AZ) Pros White 1 (CA-S) CZ Elite 3
(CA-N) Mustang Ajax 3 (CA-S) United FC 4
(WA) Eastside FC Red-Lee 1 (UT) Inter FC Premier 2
(CO) CO Storm North Red 1 (HI) HSC Bulls 2
(NV) LV Premier 1 (NM) Rio Vista FC 3
(HI) Real Rush Nike 1 (CA-S) Slammers FC 5
(UT) La Roca Premier DP 2 (OR) ESUFC Liverpool 3
(ID) Boise Capitals 3 (AK) AK Rush 1

Under-18 Boys
(AZ) Cisco Dragons 7 (MT) Magic City 1
(ID) Coeur d'Alene Sting 1 (HI) HSC Bulls 4
(UT) Sparta Premier 0 (NV) LV Premier 1
(AZ) Sereno White 2 (UT) Impact Black CM 1
(CA-S) FC Barcelona 1 (OR) WSM International 2
(CO) Arsenal CO Gold 3 (CA-S) Atlante S.D. 2
(NM) Rio Vista FC 3 (ID) Boise Capitals 3
(WA) Eastside FC Red-Storm 0 (CA-N) Central Marin FC 1

Under-19 Boys
(NM) NM Rush Premier 4 (AZ) GSC Arsenal Premier 1
(UT) Sparta Premier 0 (HI) HSC Bulls 0
(WA) River City SC Seely 1 (OR) WSM Gunners 2
(NV) Neusport FC 0 (AZ) Cisco Toros 4
(CA-S) DMS 11 0 (CO)Colorado Rush Nike 1
(CA-N) Turlock Tornados 4 (MT) Missoula Strikers 0
Under-12 Girls
(CA-S) Arsenal FC 5 (UT) Avalanche Premier 1
(WA) FC Vancouver Glory 1 (WA) Eastside FC Red 4
(CA-N) Mustang Mavericks 1 (AZ) Sereno White 1
(HI) Leahi Premier 0 (CO) Real CO National 0
(NV) Ballistic SO 1 (AK) CISC Velocity 4
(OR) LOSC Defeeters 1 (CO) Pride Predators 4

Under-13 Girls
(NM) Elite FC Barcelona 1 (MT) Magic City 2
(CO) Pride Predators 0 (AZ) Sereno White 3
(AK) CISC Velocity 0 (ID)Boise Nationals Blast 2
(CA-N) Foothill MVLA Light 0 (HI) Leahi Premier 1
(CA-N) Mustang Fury 0 (WA) Eastside FC RedBialek 0
(CA-S) West Coast FC 6 (UT) Sparta Premier 2
(NM) NM Clash FC America 0 (NV) LV Premier White 2
(OR) LOSC Extreme 3 (NV) Neusport Green 0

Under-14 Girls
(OR) SSC Ireland 1 (HI) Leahi Premier 1
(NV) LV Premier Black 4 (ID) Les Bois Elite 0
(CA-N) Mustang Blast 2 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 3
(NM) AUFC 95 Fusion 1 (AK) CISC Velocity 0
(CA-S) Arsenal FC 4 (UT) Utah Rush Nike 1
(AZ) Sereno White 2 (CO) CO Rush Nike 1
(WA) SSFC White 0 (MT) Magic City 0
(CA-S) X-treme Breakaway 1 (CA-S) SD Surf White 2

Under-15 Girls
(CA-S) Slammers FC 1 (CA-N) Mustang Rampage 0
(HI) Real Rush Nike 0 (OR) OR Rush Nike 3
(HI) Ka'oi Express 1 (AZ) Sereno White 1
(WA) Evergreen Green 1 (MT) Magic City 1
(CO) CO Rush Nike 1 (ID) Les Bois Ginga 0
(CA-S) So Cal Blues 0 (UT) La Roca Premier PT 0
(NM) Rio Vista FC Eagles 4 (AK) Eclipse 0
(NV) LV Premier White 2 (CA-S) CZ Elite Soccer 1

Under-16 Girls
(ID) Les Bois Elite 1 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 7
(CA-S) Eagles 4 (OR) FC Portland Green 0
(AZ) Sereno White 0 (CA-N) DeAnza Force Blue 2
(NM) AUFC 0 (CA-S) Slammers FC 2
(WA) Emerald City FC 1 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 0
(MT) Magic City 0 (NV) Neusport Green 0
(WY) Gillette Edge 0 (CO) CO Rush Nike 7
(AK) AK Rush 0 (HI) Leahi Premier 1

Under-17 Girls
(UT) Avalanche Premier 5 (AZ) GSC Arsenal Premier 0
(AK) CISC Velocity 1 (WA) Crossfire Premier 5
(NM) Rio Vista FC 1 (HI) Real Rush Nike 1
(CA-N) DeAnza Force Blue 0 (CO) Storm Academy Copa 5
(AZ) Sereno White 4 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 3
(OR) Tualatin Hills Utd 2 (NM) Elite FC Titans 0
(CA-N) Mustang Spirit 4 (NV) FC Las Vegas Mundial 2
(CA-S) Real So Cal Blue 2 (ID) Les Bois Elite 2

Under-18 Girls
(CA-S) So Cal Blues 1 (CO) Real CO National 1
(OR) FC Portland Sapphire 1 (CA-S) Real SO Cal White 2
(OR) LOSC Soul Crew 3 (MT) Bozeman Blitzz 0
(NM) Elite FC Adrenaline 1 (CA-N) Pleasanton Rage 8
(NV) Players SC Blue 2 (UT) Black Diamond SC 2
(AK) AK Rush 1 (CA-S) Slammers FC 3
(AZ) SC del sol 0 (WA) Crossfire Premier 2
(ID) Les Bois Elite 1 (HI) Leahi Premier 2

Under-19 Girls
(AZ) SC del sol White 4 (OR) WSM Galaxy 0
(CA-S) Eagles 7 (MT) Electric City Tboltz 2
(UT) Avalanche Premier 11 (OR-1) FC Portland Crimson 0
(HI) Leahi Premier 0 (CO) CO Rush Nike 8
(CA-N) ARYSL San Juan Spirit 1 (WA) Shadow-Bushey 3
(NM) Rio Vista FC 7 (ID) Xtreme 0

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