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1994 the Turning Point for Brazil Dominance

  • SI.com, Tuesday, August 4, 2009 4:15 PM
Now 15 years removed from the first ever World Cup in the USA, we can look back and see that with its massive stadiums full of soldout crowds, USA 1994 changed what the tournament could be from an attendance and financial windfall. But SI.com's Tim Vickery goes one step further regarding the '94 World Cup's legacy, dubbing it one of the most important moments in all of soccer history not for the obvious aforementioned reasons, but because it marked "a key moment in the recent development of the Brazilian game."

While "of all five of Brazil's World Cup wins, USA 1994 was probably the least glamorous," his case lies in the fact that it had been 24 years (or five tournaments) since Brazil had won a World Cup or even appeared in the final, but since that penalty kick shootout victory over Italy, it's been consistently the most dominant team in the world, having made the 1998 final and won the title in 2002 since. In a nutshell, 1994 was when Brazil got its groove back.

Vickery points out that "as of '94, Brazil astonishingly had never even won the Copa America on foreign soil," but that "after losing the '95 final on penalties, Brazil since has ... four wins in the last five tournaments." Pair that with other subsequent results that include a trio of Confederations Cup titles (1997, 2005, 2007), and he just might be on to something.



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