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Robinho: Man City = Real Madrid, Brazil?

There's some serious talk being talked out of England today, and for his sake, Robinho better hope his expensive new teammates can walk the walk. Perhaps feeling like the spotlight had been stolen yet again by Xabi Alonso's signing on board at Real Madrid from Liverpool, the Brazilian forward boasted that with its own new signings, Manchester City is automatically on par with the best club and national teams in the world.

"Manchester City is thinking big and if I'm honest there is no difference between City and Real Madrid or the Brazilian national team," Robinho said. "Everybody at those three teams now believes they are winners - and half the battle is won in the mind. We are now thinking big and when you think big, greatness follows."

The modest Man City man went on to explain that while "there have been some fantastic players signed for City this summer," the most important change has been in the club's mindset. "We no longer have the mentality of a small side, and that will do a lot for the players at the club. When you act big, you think big. We have proved we can take players from Arsenal and Manchester United and there are not many clubs in the world that can do that.



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