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TFC Shocked and Awed at Real Madrid Movement

Despite being familiar with signature styles of almost all of Real Madrid's other-worldly individuals, turns out they're a lot easier to defend when you're watching them on the tube. "You see them on TV all the time and you know their moves, but when they do it, they do it so well that it's almost unstoppable," admitted TFC defender Marvell Wynne said, who was given the thankless task of marking stepover and backheel-happy Cristiano Ronaldo during Real Madrid's 5-1 win over Toronto on Friday.

What also shouldn't have come as a surprise was the team's overall speed of play and quickness around the opposing team's penalty area, which blew Wynne away. "Sometimes, you're just shocked at their movement on and off the ball. When they lay off you, you're saying: 'We're actually competing, we might be able to do something.' Then they surprise you and score five."

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