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Wining Italians Leave Bad Impression in China

  • Reuters, Wednesday, August 12, 2009 1:15 PM
After 2009 Italian Serie A league winner Inter Milan and Cup winner Lazio played their Super Cup match in China, the hosts complained about the clubs' prodigious wine consumption and the insults of Inter coach Jose Mourinho.

"Just on wine, they ran up a bill of 70,000 yuan ($10,240)," said Wang Bo, who looked after the teams. "They were extremely inconsiderate, they didn't think about anybody else's needs at all."

Inter lost, 2-1, in front 70,000 fans and didn't make many friends thanks to Mourinho, who  told a Chinese journalist during a press conference, "After the first two questions, I know why Chinese soccer is so rubbish and why China has won gold medals in so many sports but not soccer, because the journalists are so unprofessional."

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