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Hey England, 'Put a Sock In It'

Leave it to the British press to give a post-match report the headline "Time for England to just put a sock in it and play ...", but so read the Daily Mail as Martin Samuel took England to task for a less than overwhelming effort in a 2-2 comeback against the Netherlands and called for "a moratorium ... on any pronouncements about winning the World Cup, until the trophy is in seat 1A on the flight back from Johannesburg next year."

While he's fine with "confidence in private," noting that "England's form over seven qualifying games is the best in Europe - seven straight wins, 26 goals scored and the most emphatic goal difference of any UEFA nation," he's quick to suggest that "pride comes before a fall, and even though the end result was satisfactory, creeping into some of the conversations in the buildup to this game was the suggestion that Capello's players might be beginning to fancy themselves a bit."

But Samuel is the first to tell England fans to "pump the brakes" on talk of a 2010 world title, saying that in order for that to happen, they first need to qualify for the event, "then play well, as this team have done for most of the past 12 months under Fabio Capello. Then, defeat an opponent of real consequence in a competitive match. Next, do it again. Finally, win the Final. After that, the talking can commence and last a lifetime."



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