WHAT THEYÆRE SAYING: Reaction after Cal-Wake Forest game

Wake Forest coach Jay Vidovich

On the game:

''They did a good job, they managed the game. They did a great job of getting the first goal and then defending well; obviously Cal is a very good team, very organized. They did some clever things up front on their movement off the ball. I thought my team did a very good job defending that. I think Cal had several opportunities and we made them pretty predictable in terms of their opportunities.''

On the Cal goal with 22 seconds left in regulation:

''With 20 seconds left, to see it go in like that is pretty hard.''

On the momentum after the game-tying goal with 22 seconds left in regulation:

''I think we were just very upset. But I think the anger at the end was fine. We were able to focus. If you look at the way we played in overtime, we still created enough opportunities.''

On having such a young team:

''Seven of our seniors are playing in the league, either in Europe or the MLS. To lose that type of class, we had more freshmen on the team than returnees. This is our second loss to a team outside the ACC. It's good to see them learn and grow.''

California coach Kevin Grimes

Have you had a goal that late to tie or win?

''We've had a couple against us. This season San Diego State scored with two second to go to beat us down in San Diego. We felt that with those things, what comes around goes around. I think our players knew from that experience that anything can happen late in the game. It was very eerie, the similarities of that goal against us and the one we scored today. They both started with a free kick from midfield, it was hit by the goal keeper and back across the box, and then put in by a third player. I think maybe our guys had that in our mind; that it wasn't over until the horn blew.''

On the hand ball in the 58th minute:

''Luke (Sassano) said he headed it and then it hit his hand and went in. It definitely hit his hand and would have went in even if it hadn't hit his hand, but he did say it hit his hand. I didn't see it but I guess it was a good call by the referee. He didn't argue much, I know that. I figured something wasn't quite right.''

On the game:

''I thought we had a great second half and overtime. It just seemed like the two very good chances they had they scored. So I give them a lot of credit for that. I didn't see a whole lot of action. Their goalie (Brian Edwards) had 17 saves ours (Eric Kronberg) had six, that can give you some sort of indication of the pressure we had on them most of the game, but they had two very good chances, and took them. I felt very comfortable even when we were down 2-1 very late in the game, I felt like we were going to tie the game the way were playing.''

On Santa Clara and Wake Forest:

''I thought the way we played today was a much better overall game than we played on Tuesday. The difference on Tuesday was that both the opponents knew each other so well that it was just like a battleground that wouldn't move. Today the teams didn't know each other quite as well, I think our guys could go out and play soccer and not worry about anything else but playing a great game. I think today we were definitely a step better than we were on Tuesday. I thought we played an excellent game today from start to finish, maybe a couple little breakdowns when they got their goals. Again, I've got to give them credit, they work out one or two chances and put two away, that's the sign of a good team.''

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