LABOR: U.S. World Cup bonuses (2006 vs. 2002)

The following are the individual and pool bonuses U.S. national team players will receive for the 2006 World Cup with 2002 World Cup bonuses in parentheses.

$37,5000 ($25,000):
Making World Cup roster

$3,750 ($2,500):
For each game played during World Cup.

$1,350,000 ($900,000):
For qualifying for the World Cup.

$150,000 ($100,000):
For each point earned in the first round of the 2006 World Cup.

$2,775,000 ($1,850,000):
For advancing to the second round.

$2,250,000 ($1,500,000):
For advancing to the quarterfinals.

$2,625,000 ($1,750,000):
For advancing to the semifinals.

$500,000 (-)
For winning the third-place game.

$3,000,000 ($2,000,000):
For advancing to the final.

$3,750,000 ($2,500,000):
For winning the final.

Note: Players divide the pool money among themselves.

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