Blatter: FIFA to revisit goal-line technology

[REFEREE WATCH] FIFA President Sepp Blatter says he apologized to England and Mexico for blown calls and said FIFA will reconsider using goal-line technology after this World Cup. "I deplore the obvious refereeing mistakes we have seen," said Blatter, who has a record of strongly resisting the use of video replays or other "technology" to aid referees.

FIFA's refusal to use goal-line technology or goal judges looked particularly ridiculous when the whole world saw Frank Lampard’s shot cross the German goal line -- but the game officials missed it -- during Germany's 4-1 win.

In Mexico’s 3-1 loss to Argentina, Carlos Tevez opened the scoring with a header from a clear offside position. Mexico coach Javier Aguirre said his players saw the replay on the stadium big-screen while the officials let the goal stand.

“I understand the teams concerned are unhappy,” Blatter said. “I have personally said ‘I apologize for what happened’ to both England and Mexico. I understand the media criticism, it is their right and job to do so.

“Still, it’s not the end of the competition, it’s not the end of soccer. With the denial of the use of technology, we have to accept mistakes.

“As FIFA, we need to protect refereeing. We have the responsibility to take the adequate measures to avoid such situations happening again. However, I cannot accept that the integrity of the competition and the referees is called into question.”

Blatter said FIFA will not be taking any action during this tournament to prevent another blunder such as the Lampard goal denial.

“Everybody knew at the start of this competition that we would not apply any other system, such as having two additional referees in the penalty areas or using technology, including goal-line technology,” Blatter said. “Consequently, the principle will not be changed for this competition. But with what we have experienced here, it would be nonsense to not reopen the file on technology at the next business meeting of the IFAB [International Football Association Board] on 20 and 21 July in Wales. …

“It is an ongoing process at FIFA and on my personal agenda. In October-November we will present a new model on how to improve high-level refereeing.”

3 comments about "Blatter: FIFA to revisit goal-line technology".
  1. Kerry Ogden, June 29, 2010 at 3:33 p.m.

    It would have been nice if Blatter had apologized to the US for the bad calls in two games not just one. I'll also believe it when I see it as far as goal line tech being used from this point on. More POLITICAL BS!

  2. Cliff Gleason, June 29, 2010 at 3:54 p.m.

    Some day Blatter and his chronies will be gone OR something so awful will happen they will have to use cameras for Red Cards and goals (offside & is it a goal). Till then Blatter will Blatt(h)er on about looking at various technologies and do nothing!

  3. Ryan Lutz, June 30, 2010 at 9:18 p.m.

    I'm afraid I agree with Mr Blatter, as unpopular as that is, it seems. Mistakes are a part of every sport -- in every dimension of it -- be that coaching, playing, or refereeing. I wonder whether many (if any) understand what Blatter meant by "we must protect refereeing_ -- not referees (though that's probably good too), but refereeing itself. Surely there's some place where our precious machines do not have to encroach.

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