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FIFA exec promises ref changes

  • BBC, Friday, July 9, 2010 3:06 AM

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke, who noted that the England shot over the goal line against Germany that was seen by the refs was particulary embarrassing, said changes will be made for future World Cups. Goal-line technology is back on the agenda and he also suggested that the use of two extra referees positioned on the goal line - a system tested last season in the Europa League and set to be used in the Champions League -- might be used in future World Cups.

"Let's see if this system will help or whether giving the referee an additional four eyes will give him the comfort and make duty easier to perform," added Valcke. "I would say that it is the final World Cup with the current refereeing system.

"The teams and the players are so strong and so fast. The game is different and the referees are older than all the players. The game is so fast, the ball is flying so quickly, we have to help them and we have to do something ..."

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1 comment about "FIFA exec promises ref changes".
  1. Christopher Holden, July 13, 2010 at 12:08 a.m.

    Hey FIFA, you need technology to help with offside calls and on deflected shots that should have been corners and not goal kicks -- get these simple elements correct and the game will be fair, blow it over and over again and we will start to believe that FIFA stands for "Football isn't Fair Always". The technology will not slow down the game one second, but will help make the decisions on the pitch spot on for both teams (at least for goals, offside, and corner determinations). That is the least you can do with technology, and the least your fans expect of you.

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