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Australia: Stadium scheme gave Qatar the edge

  • AP, Friday, December 3, 2010 2:53 AM

Despite a $45 million campaign, backed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, to host the 2022 World Cup, Australia was knocked out in the first round with just one vote. Australia’s sports minister Mark Arbib said Qatar’s plan to ship surplus stadiums to developing nations and its contribution to Middle East peace appear to have clinched it the 2022 World Cup.

Arbib said Qatar’s presentation was first-class, with its proposal for dismantling stadiums after the event and transporting them to developing nations fulfilling FIFA’s interest in seeing the World Cup produce a legacy.

The newspaper The Australian said that FIFA “took the contentious and high-risk option” of giving the 2022 event to Qatar: “The cash-rich but tiny Gulf state of Qatar has few football fans or stadiums and has a climate that will be so hot during the World Cup that the organizers admit they will need to build massive air-conditioning systems for entire stadiums and fan zones to avoid serious heath risks."

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1 comment about "Australia: Stadium scheme gave Qatar the edge".
  1. Carlos Thys, December 4, 2010 at 3:28 a.m.

    The "shipping World Cup stadiums to developing nations" malarkey is just too much to take.

    If this plan is real, then Qatar should have firm agreements in place with the recipient cities. Who are they, Qatar? Please tell us...right now.

    (If you cannot tell us right now, might this just be a nice fiction?)

    FIFA needs to can this 'legacy' crap. How self-inflating.

    Will it be the same for the Qatari World Cup hotels? How about the FIFA Media centre not yet built? Will these structures and others for transportation + communications-electronics infrastructure also be disassembled and shipped to 'deserving' developing nations?

    If not, why not? Qatar should have no use for 20 - 24,000 extra hotel rooms post-July 2022. Or is Qatar expecting a population boom? Or are we all just being bamboozled?

    Anyone believing the “dismantle the stadia and move them abroad to less-fortunate lands” ploy needs to hang a right out of the FIFA HQ in Zurich, walk a straight line toward the lake, keep moving when your ankles and knees feel the lake water...and don't stop moving forward. My bet: There will be severe amnesia when it comes to foolish ‘legacy’ notions or shipping stadia components overseas as magnanimous philanthropy in fall 2022.

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