By Ridge Mahoney

It didnÆt take more than a few days after Alexi Lalas arrived in Los Angeles for the name of former Quakes coach Frank Yallop to resurface as a Galaxy coaching candidate.

Yallop won two titles in his three seasons at San Jose before leaving to coach the Canadian national team at the end of the 2003 season. His contract is up at the end of the year, and hes quite likely bound for MLS, but not in Southern California.

Last summer, YallopÆs name first surfaced shortly after Lalas took over as GM of the MetroStars and refused to give then-coach Bob Bradley a ringing endorsement. Yallop, who at the time was preparing Canada to play in the Gold Cup, flatly denied those rumors, and also denied reports later in the year that heÆd soon be in L.A. to replace Steve Sampson.

Rumormongers cite the presence of Landon Donovan, who played for Yallop in San Jose during his Quakes stint, as a reason Yallop would take the L.A. job. But Yallop could have stayed in San Jose and coached Donovan last time around, at least for another season.

Given his preference, Yallop would love to coach an MLS team in Vancouver, where he now resides, but that Canadian city - despite moving forward on construction of a waterfront soccer stadium û wonÆt be able to field an MLS team for several years, at least, so Yallop is an obvious candidate to coach the Toronto MLS entry when it begins play next year.

A source says heÆs discussing with the Canadian Soccer Association the possibility of keeping the national team post as well.

With the liberal MLS policy toward youth international players, a developmental roster, and a reserve league, hed have the perfect opportunity to groom young Canadians with the 2008 Olympics in mind.

When he took the Canada job, Yallop said, ôWhen your country comes calling, you have to say yes.ö

Unless Toronto says no, thatÆs where heÆs headed.

BLAME IT ON GIORGIO. Is it possible that all the unattributed hoopla about ex-Cosmos storming the offices of Red Bull New York could have first arisen from a certain Italian ex-Cosmos striker?

So it seems. During the Cosmos reunion at the Red Bulls home opener, those assembled were seated at a table shooting the breeze about the good old days. And nobody can shoot the breeze like Giorgio Chinaglia, who did just that with reporters, and thus it turned into ônews.ö

Not to say Franz Beckenbauer wonÆt take on an advisory role following the 2006 World Cup, or that a certain former Cosmos defender now coaching a World Cup-qualified team couldnÆt eventually take over from Mo Johnston, but nothing will happen for at least a few months.

ôRed Bull treated us great at the home opener,ö said former Cosmos goalie Shep Messing, who has denied rumors that he is the director of soccer operations the team is supposed to name soon. ôEverything was first-class and they did a great job of honoring the former Cosmos, but that's all that's happened, to my knowledge.

ôIf Red Bull or Franz Beckenbauer were to call me about doing something with the team IÆd certainly answer the phone, but I havenÆt had any conversations.ö

Last week, Red Bull executive Mark De Grandpre was named managing director of the soccer team and earlier this week assistant general manager Chris Canetti resigned.

Giorgio probably wonÆt get the chance to prove his pronouncement that he's the only man who can make pro soccer work in New York. But the franchise was going nowhere under AEG, and with Red Bull in charge, that will change. Drastically.

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