USA books ticket to Gold Cup final; Adu makes comeback

[USA-PANAMA] Clint Dempsey's goal late in the second half gave the USA a 1-0 win over Panama and moved it into the final of the Gold Cup for fourth straight time. Dempsey teamed up with two very improbable substitutions -- Landon Donovan, again coming off the bench, and Freddy Adu, making his first U.S. appearance since 2009 -- for the winning goal that sent the Americans to Saturday's final against the Mexico-Honduras winner at the Rose Bowl.

Dempsey's goal was his third goal of the tournament and came after Adu fed Donovan down the right wing, and Donovan fed Dempsey, who scored from close range in the 76th minute.

Here are three points of emphasis following the win in Houston by which the USA has qualified for its sixth consecutive Gold Cup final:

MUCH ADU ABOUT SOMETHING. When he went to Turkey during the winter to play for Rizespor of the Second Division, Freddy Adu – as he’d done for several previous loan spells – said many of the same things about reviving his career, finding the right mentality, etc., etc.

Well, the Freddy Adu who entered a tense, scoreless semifinal did his talking with his play. His diagonal ball from the center circle that freed Landon Donovan down the right flank to set up Clint Dempsey’s goal oozed with class; hit with just right mix of bend and pace, Donovan could control it easily and had the time to center his own pass at just the right moment.

Adu didn’t play flawlessly, he gave away a couple of balls in bad spots but the USA managed to defuse the situations. As the clock wound down he dug into tackles and took the ball past opponents to eat up time. After an absence of two years, since the last Gold Cup in 2009, Adu has regained a place in the national team pool if not necessarily as a regular callup. But for a 22-year-old (as of June 2) with a lot of pro experience, he’s in a good spot.

COACHING ACUMEN STRIKES AGAIN. Coach Bob Bradley elected to keep Donovan on the bench and start the same XI as he’d used against Jamaica, with the exception of Juan Agudelo replacing an injured Jozy Altidore. Sacha Kljestan couldn’t replicate his effective, incisive play against Jamaica as he and Dempsey and Alejandro Bedoya interchanged positions, so Kljestan came off at halftime for Donovan.

Adu replaced Agudelo midway through the second half, and soon afterward collected a ball from Michael Bradley to set the scoring sequence in motion. Yet Adu’s return isn’t the only gutsy move made by Coach Bradley in this tournament.

Despite struggling offensively and making attacking changes, the defense posted yet another shutout -- its third straight in the competition -- while allowing very few clear chances at goal. Bradley’s decision to move captain Carlos Bocanegra into the middle alongside Clarence Goodson was predicated on confidence in Eric Lichaj, who has been loaned out by Aston Villa to lower-division teams the past three years, yet overcame a very rough day against Spain to emerge as a solid performer at left back. And he’s also only 22.

'CINCO A CERO!' That cry will be heard incessantly Saturday at the Rose Bowl, site of the final, as a pro-Mexican crowd reminds the world of the scoreline when Mexico romped over the Americans two years ago.

The game will be a classic case of the USA playing an away match at home in a fiercely hostile atmosphere, yet in the three meetings between the nations in Pasadena, the Americans have a 1-0 win (1994) and 2-2 tie (1996) to go along with a 2-0 loss in 1997. And, most of the pressure will be on Mexico.


June 22 in Houston
USA 1 Panama 0. Goal: Dempsey 76.
USA -- Howard, Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra, Lichaj, Bradley, Jones, Bedoya, Kljestan (Donovan, 46), Dempsey, Agudelo (Adu, 66).
Panama -- Penedo, R.Torres, Machado, L.Henriquez, Baloy, Gomez (Godoy, 86), Barahona (G.Torres, 86), Cooper (Renteria, 71), A.Henriquez, Quintero, Tejada.
Yellow Cards: USA -- Bocanegra 68; Panama -- Cooper 18, L.Henriquez 36, Gomez 72.
Referee: Enrico Wijngaarde (Suriname).
Att.: 70,627.

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  1. Eric Shinn, June 23, 2011 at 8:37 a.m.

    Two points: 1 - I don't think Bob deserves a heckuva lot of credit for benching the leading scorer in American soccer history just because Sacha freaking Kljestan had one good game. The offense was erratic at BEST before the half, and Kljestan didn't bring anything to the game that Lando couldn't have. 2 - While I know Mexico is the favorite, I wouldn't think "most" of the pressure should be on them. I mean, this game IS in the states, right? And we ARE fielding our "A" team, right? So, how is there not just as much pressure on us?

  2. Philippe Fontanelli, June 23, 2011 at 9:02 a.m.

    The US is on the path of major decline under Bradley who wants his son to play the major role and Gulati who knows nothing about soccer, he is a cricket officiando.
    Wining the two last games with a hairline margin at home against not necessary major soceer powers....ppplllease, give me a break.
    The morale of the team seems to be very low. I see LD and BB already fallen out. Others are also on the borderline. Several players refused the call up and others who really merited were never called up. This is not a team that deserves ti win under the present leadership. And it will not win it has no future!

  3. Julio Vargas, June 23, 2011 at 10:41 a.m.

    I totally agree with Eric and Antonio. Bob Bradley has absolutely nothing to do with the win. Although, he has everything to do with having a team that cannot make a simple “give and go”, and just pass the ball sideways with lack of creativity, speed and enthusiasm. The players are just doing their job, they are being watched by millions of fans and they have no choice that try to “pretend” everything is OK. After all, for many of them, it is an opportunity to show themselves and get new offers. Who did we barely beat in pass 3 games? Guadalupe, Jamaica and Panama…..When is the last time that any of them went to a world cup? Jamaica played with 10 men… Does Guadalupe even have a professional league?

  4. Nathan Geason, June 23, 2011 at 10:43 a.m.

    Congrats to Bob Bradley for bringing some skill back to the game with Adu.
    Anyone at this level can run hard.
    Now how about giving Edson and Eddie another look - can't be worse than Altidore.

  5. Will Lozier, June 23, 2011 at 11:05 a.m.

    Adu did not collect a ball from Michael Bradley. The sequence was Adu to Bradley to Bedoya to Adu to LD to CD.

  6. Andrew Post, June 23, 2011 at 11:34 a.m.

    Let's clear some things up here since whoever wrote this article is clealy blind and stupid. Jamaica looked awful. They had not midfield control and relied on long balls all night. The U.S. only beat them 2-0 and the last goal coming in the last minutes of the game.
    I think Adu played a nearly flawless showing and I'm not sure what balls he 'gave up in bad spots" becuase that award goes to Kljestan who looked like a high school player. Why is he on the team...AGAIN? This shows the favortism and stupidity of bob bradley.
    Also i thought michael bradley had another consistant game. He lacked any kind of presence and most of the time he has to resort to droping the ball because he does not have the ability to make tough passes and really doesn't know how to make good runs.
    On the other hand, Jermain Jones had another great game! I would sit bradley and bring on Adu, but we know that istn' going to happen!
    I am so sick of favortism, Really bob bradely? You play your son who rides the pine for his loan club yet he plays every minute for the U.S.?
    So sick of it. While guys like Torres don't even make the roster. Wondolowski sure has been a great play. He can't even hit the net from 4 feet out!
    Why oh why would you sit Donovan? AGAIN? HE IS A STARTER BRADLEY YOU MORON!

  7. I w Nowozeniuk, June 23, 2011 at 1:11 p.m.

    Bradley's A-team barely squeaked into the final...if this is the best mampower we have, than the coaching needs to be's obvious that technical skills rule the pitch and for whatever reason, Bradley continues to utilize physical players instead of the skillful ones.... anyone catch coach Bob's expression during the match, he looks more like a deer in front of headlights at midnight.

  8. ckg beautiful game, June 23, 2011 at 1:21 p.m.

    It is amazing that many who have commented here can not give credit where credit is due! Bradley 's strategy and player selections were right on. Sounds like lots of critics for the sake of criticism. The facts are we played a good game, Donovan has no appetite to tackle or win the ball but what he can do is make the critical pass or run which we only needed one of, perfect timing perfect execution.
    Boca is still a liability and was beat, we should have been behind when he failed to mark his man. We are lucky he didn't make contact because he would have probably put it past Howard.
    Micheal Bradley played great, Jones played admirably and Bedoya showed flashes with Aguedella of something special for the future.

    But Bradley got the most of what we have to work with, he deserves a hats off for getting out of the box.
    And as anyone saw on the goal, it was of the highest quality with the deftest of touches, many fine American touches. So you closet mexican fans who pose to have some interest in US soccer are exposed for what you really are.

  9. David Huff, June 23, 2011 at 1:49 p.m.

    I agree with most of the posts here with the exception of the sychophantic fantasy post by Clark (clearly a Team Bradley apologist). I would also add to my removal list of the Bradleys, Gulati and Flynn, the name of Ridge Mahoney who continues to make up excuses for the sinking ship program of Team Bradley. I mean c'mon, can't SA find someone who is more in touch with reality than RM? The US is the ONLY one of the four underperforming countries that in the aftermath of WC 2010 did not get rid of (or allow to resign)the coach who was to blame for the underperformance of the team they were handling. France, Mexico and Argentina all did the right thing by removing the incompetent managers (Domennech, Aguirre and Maradona) that failed to properly utilize the talented player pools available to each of those countries. Why does the US have to be the only one that keeps its mediocre, nepotistic, uninspiring and incompetent coach?!?!? Are we really that stupid and inferior? As to the Gold Cup Final on Saturday, it is clearly Mexico's to lose given their advantages with the more prominent talented roster (when was the last time the US had a forward playing at ManU like Chicharito?) and what almost amounts to a 'home' game environment.

  10. Doug Lister, June 23, 2011 at 3:01 p.m.

    I'm not sure if Bob has done a great job, a terrible one, or a decent job. What I do know is that we still don't have the greatest players in the region, although we have some very good ones. How many players do we have that start at top clubs in top leagues in Europe? 2 or 3, Dempsey and Howard. Jones didn't start at Blackburn consistently, Lichaj is in the Championship, MB barely got 100 minutes at Villa, Bocanegra does start at St. Ettiene, but is the French League that good? Cherundulo does anchor the back line at Hanover. The point I'm trying to make is maybe we have really lofty expectations that are a bit unrealistic. I don't like Sunil. He's nothing more than an administrator and I'm not sure if Bob is the right choice to take the team to the next level. But who's better? Do you fire him without the next hire in mind? I know that everyone is clamoring for Klinsmann, but will he take the job? I love these guys as much as any of you, but we don't have Fernando Torres, Messi, or, Hell we don't even have Giuseppe Rossi. The majority of the best athletes in this country still choose football, base ball, or even basketball, although that has shifted a bit over the years. Let's just get behind these guys and hope we get a 'W' on Saturday and piss off all the people who live in this country, but are still Mexicans first even though this is the country that provides them with a standard of living, much better than they could hope for in their country of origin and educates their children much better than their country of origin and gives them far greater opportunities than their country of origin, but they're still Mexicans first. But that's a differnet story that I shouldn't start

  11. Rodney Thurow, June 23, 2011 at 3:09 p.m.

    Clark - WOW?!?!?! Don't watch much soccer outside of CONCACAF, hey? I like M Bradley. Have defended him on here. He needs to sit. His performances the past year, to include the WC, have not been what they need to be. (Mochengladbach robbed Villa blind) Unfortunity his dad is also blind to the fact or affraid to go home and explain the move to mama. I'm also very much on the "We need a new everyone" bandwagon. It's so frustrating to watch the same thing over and over. If this is truely the best we have, ie. Kljestan is better than Torres then I want to see a true international coach make that choice. (And then I will go and cry as it is true that we are just going to be an also ran country)

  12. ckg beautiful game, June 23, 2011 at 3:15 p.m.

    Of course my comments that are based on this game, this performance do not resonate with the pack, but I stand by them. The facts are the result of the game last night.
    Chicharita or Dempsey? I'll take Deuce everytime!
    Soccer in America is not the national past time so really we all should get a grip on our expectations. I have had to myself, it would be like expecting Brazil to beat an the Lakers in basketball.
    Our frustration with Bradley or US soccer is really a frustration with our culture. We are not a country that would put Soccer in our top 5 sporting interests. To prove my ascertion watch as our home team plays before an away crowd in Pasadena. Is this a problem with unsecure borders or a disinterested American public?

  13. Raveen Rama, June 23, 2011 at 3:36 p.m.

    Good thoughts Doug! I still think that Bob Bradley is not geared to coach at the national level. Guus Hiddink would do wonders with the talent we have in the US whether they are playing for a top club in Europe or not.
    Recognizing and selecting the right players ia a necessary art, and that should be the start of an excellent team, and Bob Bradley does not seem to possess that.

  14. Andrew Post, June 23, 2011 at 6:05 p.m.

    CLARK---- Here is the problem with your comment... EVERYTHING. Unfortunately it is the opinion of too many Americans who only began watching soccer just yesterday! You know nothing about strategy or the USMNT past. We had come a long way and went to the quarter finals in the 2006 WC.
    BB has no strategy and continues to play sub par players because he favors them. His son and Kljestan are two great examples. Ricardo Clark would still be playing for him if he hadn't cost the US a goal against Ghana.
    The fact is, there are too many CLARK GEARs and not enough people that actually know the game. We have progressed greatly since '94 and our team now has increadable talent. We just don't have the coaching staff to compliment. Klingsman would have been our guy if there were not so much corruption within our selection committee.
    CLARK stick with baseball or basketball but stay out of soccer because you really don't have the knowledge of the game. By the way, if the Brazilian national team played the lakers, it might not end up like you would think. After all Gasol is Brazilian.

  15. Jared Bartlam, June 23, 2011 at 6:53 p.m.

    Andrew--- Before you try to burn someone on their lack of knowledge, you might to make sure you know what you are talking about. For starters, we went to the quarterfinals in 2002. Secondly, Gasol is Spanish as he plays for the Spain NT. Third, I will agree with you on Clark and Kljestan but Bradley deserves to be playing right now as he is a good holding midfielder. He isn't the most skilled player on the US squad and yes, we have improved since the 90s but he is still one of the few good options to play on the national stage in central mid. Once Holden gets back then you might have an agrument as to sit Bradley over Jones in the holding mid spot IF he goes back to a 4-4-2 but if he keeps to the 4-5-1 then lil Bradley still stays on the field. Incredible... maybe for US standards but thats as far as it goes. I do think KLINSMANN can get more out of this current squad than BB.

  16. ckg beautiful game, June 23, 2011 at 7:39 p.m.

    Increadable? We do not have incredible talent. We have some good players and a few very good players, and as long as the Giuseppe Rossi's of the world go elsewhere because of our domestic leagues and training we will have a tough road to hoe.
    As for the current situation in Usmnt we will win on Saturday night, because we have our backs against the wall and because we arent suppose to. Congrats to BB and his fine son! Tim Howard will keep us close but Marquez is vulnerable. I hope Freddy get another run out. Soccer is a game that changes in split second on the foot of creative players.

  17. Scott O'Connor, June 23, 2011 at 11:21 p.m.

    Benching Donovan and playing Adu are 2 of the more gutsy things BB has done. I think, contrary to what some here think, that is showing some growth on BB's part. He's not just sticking to the same 11 faves. He's brought on Bedoya (and left him in when Freddy came on) who has played very well. He subbed Bedoya last game, I was afraid he was going to do the same thing this game; he didn't. He's paying attention to what's going on. Yes, he's blind to Michael's shortcomings and that's not likely to change. I can live with that, Mike is a decent player. Putting Carlos back in his best position and giving Lichaj another chance after trouble against Spain (what do you expect against Spain for goodness sakes). At least he didn't roll out Gooch!

  18. Scott O'Connor, June 23, 2011 at 11:29 p.m.

    Next comment is about people bashing us for "barely beating teams". Last I checked Mexico only beat Guatemala and Honduras by 1 goal as well. They needed extra time to beat Honduras too.... Both teams won their games against determined opponents who packed it in and tried to clip an opportunistic goal. Mexico has looked far more dangerous because they actually finish their chances, however. I'll be surprised if we can beat this Mexican side. Hopefully, we'll avoid the 5-0 embarrassment they dished out (without Chicharito) 2 years ago. Depends which US team shows up.

  19. Scott O'Connor, June 23, 2011 at 11:34 p.m.

    Finally, an unrelated comment: Is anyone else bothered that our players seem to be the only ones in the tournament who not only don't sing the national anthem but appear annoyed by the whole national anthem thing? To me it looks really bad. It's like these guys are only playing for their own egos and couldn't care less that they are playing for The Country. Is it just a commentary on their part that they're not going to care about playing for the Country if the Country doesn't really care about them? To their credit, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard, and Carlos Bocanegra all sing the national anthem. Maybe some of them don't know the words (Jones grew up in Germany so that's understandable).

  20. Dave Kantor, June 24, 2011 at 11:08 a.m.

    Bring back Steve Sampson!! I think we'd be killing these teams with a 3-6-1 formation. Seriously, I think Doug is right on about the lack of world-class soccer talent in the US. No matter who coaches the Yanks, they cannot work miracles, which is what it would take for this player pool to consistently compete on the same level with Spain, Brazil, Germany, etc... Yes yes, we beat Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup, it was a wonderful game, I loved every minute of it. But it is not a repeatable result with this group. There are many reasons - great athletes choosing other sports is one factor but not the only thing. In the end, there is only so much BB or any US coach can do when the players just aren't as good as the competition. The US has flashes of brilliance and excitement, but how much can you expect from a team where only a small handful are starters in top leagues? Firing BB does nothing to change that situation.

  21. Luis Arreola, June 24, 2011 at 10:15 p.m.

    Hey Doug, what's wrong with being Mexican first in this country? Just because you don't show pride of you're culture doesn't mean we all have to do the same. Everybody seems to be fine lately with all the Little Italy's, China Towns, etc. But when it comes to Mexicans it turns into a debate. Same with Obama You kind of people have been forced to resort to political racism because you can't get away with more. We came to this country to help you're kind live a little more comfortably with our honest hard work unlike the white man that came to murder in genocide an entire race and enslave another. I would love to see African Americans start rooting for African teams and see if ignorant people like yourself make the same remarks. Maybe we should do the same to you're kind in a few years when we're the majority. Mexico will win by 3. Maybe more Mexican Americans would root for this USA team if they saw equal opportunity in the way this team is selected Wichita would see more Hispanics on this team. Then you would actually fill a stadium with real fans.

  22. Doug Lister, June 25, 2011 at 1:34 a.m.

    You're really going to make me do this Luis? You didn't come to this country to help my kind live better. We were doing fine before your kind came. We had quite a high standard of living. Your people came to this country to do better. Your people came here to have better opportunities for your children. You came here to have better opportunities for yourselves and you came here to make sure that your children would be educated better than they could be in Mexico. What you don't understand is that no matter when we came here, we all came here to do better for our kids than we could do where we came from. Except for the indigenous people of this continent, we all came from somewhere else. I have plenty of pride in the culture from where my ancestors came. But I'm an American first becuase that is the country that has given me the opportunities to do what I can do here and has educated my children. Now let me give you a few lessons in English. You're equals "you are" like "tu eres", ie. You are a fag equals "tu eres un puto". Get that? It's kind of like "de el" in Spanish. It becomes "del". Got it? Now, "your" shows possesion like "your" mom's a whore, like, "Tu Mama es una puta". It's a completely different meaning. I'd suggest some classes in remedial english before you question my pride or knowledge of anything. My ancestors come from Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, England, and yes I have pride in all of these places, but I'll always be an American first. That's the difference between you and me. By the way, USA 1- Mexico 0

  23. Karl Ortmertl, June 25, 2011 at 10:01 a.m.

    I'll just jump on the bandwagon here about Bradley. I saw Hiddink's name mentioned above and it brought home how far we are from where we should be if we had a great coach. I don't think we can compete with Chelsea for Hiddink's services and I don't think it's on Gulati radar to even try. However, we've got a terrific coach right in our own back yard in the U-17 coach Wilmer Cabrera. Wilmer makes that team consistently shine and the young kids are always polished, creative and, most importantly, very comfortable on the ball. After that Rongen and Bradley would do their best to undo what Cabrera had accomplished. To their credit, the US finally got rid of Rongen. Bradley MUST be next. The only down side to moving Cabrera up to MNT coach is that we probably won't get anyone decent to work with the kids

  24. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 10:21 a.m.

    I do understand. We came here for the same reason you did but did it in a much more positive manner. We came here to help each other mutually. You were doing fine before we CA.e here huh? I wish Black's could say the same. Now the minority is the majority. America is not a country. We are all Americans. You are specifically a US citizen. How can you educate me if you can't even get you're proper countrymen name right stupid? By the way this is a blog. Not the Spelling Bee. Check out the white folk blogs, full of grammar mistakes pendejo. You have no culture. I think thats why you show envy whn we show pride in ours. If you choose to call yourself an American first because of appreciation then good for you. I can respect that. I like this country but love Mexico. I will be thankful to this country when I am living there. What I dont like about this fountry is the hipocracy that the white man lives with. You guys want to pick on the Mexicans because youre scared and cant pick on the blacks anymore and killed most of the true Americans- Indians. You have a history of racism and plundering of other countries. Thats your culture. Mexicans have Indigena blood in them along with Spanish blood. So that means we are related to the people that were already here and also related tp the Europeans neighbors from where you guys cam from. We are here to fill the hole our brothers left. Oh, and chinga tu madre!!!

  25. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 10:59 a.m.

    Oh and the reason you were doing so great before was because you had free slave labor wich was the biggst reason this country's economy catapulted. You guys owe the black's much more than what you already bitch abbout.

  26. Doug Lister, June 25, 2011 at 12:12 p.m.

    Who's bitching? Here's what you don't understand. If you'd stop complaining about us taking advantage of immigrants in this country, you'd see that this country gives its immigrants more opportunities than any other country on earth. This country is full of success stories in which immigrants come to this country, work hard and become extremely successful. The problem is that too many people come here and get on the welfare train and complain about how bad it is without bothering to learn the language or go out and try to do better for themselves and their offspring. I promise you that it can be done. There are millions of stories out there, but you complain about the lack of opportunities. You complain about something that happened in the 18th and 19th centuries, but you're living in the 21st.
    When people speak English, they say America referring to the US, not the 2 continents, so no you're not an American. I'm sorry, but the usage dictates that in English it refers to the country not the continent. Maybe in Mexico when you speak Spanish, the usage is different, but here and in English it means the country.
    I will only talk about the positives here. We do have some negatives, just like your country, but I won't talk about those. I won't talk about what your ancestors(the Spanish) did to the indigenous people of Mexico(genocide). I won't talk about what happens to the people of Chiapas. I won't talk about what smugglers(mexican) do to people who are willing to pay them $3,000 to be brought to this country only to be left to die in the desert. And I won't talk about the poor Mexican police officer who's government doesn't pay him enough, so he has to live on bribes(mordidas)
    There is no envy. We're not envious of your third world country where 5% of your children between the ages of six and 14 still don't go to school.
    Who's name did I mispell? I don't wish to pick on anyone. I choose to work as hard as I possibly can so I can leave something better for my descendents. USA 1-Mexico 0

  27. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 1:27 p.m.

    You started this conversation by stating Mexicans here root for Mexico. That's a complaint. America is a land mass divided into 2 continents but you're people's arrogance think it is ok to call 1 country's population Americans and not the rest of America. That is just dumb.Mexico has negatives just like many countries but you choose to twist the facts. Mexicans are a combination of Spain and Indigenas. So does this mean that most Indigenas were killed in genocide? No it doesn't. American Indians on the other hand were and the few left are to this day secluded and confined. There was very few mix between the 2 races. Whatever faults commuted in Mexico is amongst Mexicans past and present. All the crimes commited before and to this days

  28. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 1:27 p.m.

    You started this conversation by stating Mexicans here root for Mexico. That's a complaint. America is a land mass divided into 2 continents but you're people's arrogance think it is ok to call 1 country's population Americans and not the rest of America. That is just dumb.Mexico has negatives just like many countries but you choose to twist the facts. Mexicans are a combination of Spain and Indigenas. So does this mean that most Indigenas were killed in genocide? No it doesn't. American Indians on the other hand were and the few left are to this day secluded and confined. There was very few mix between the 2 races. Whatever faults commuted in Mexico is amongst Mexicans past and present. All the crimes that I talk about commited before and to o this days

  29. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 1:32 p.m.

    You started this conversation by stating Mexicans here root for Mexico. That's a complaint. America is a land mass divided into 2 continents but you're people's arrogance think it is ok to call 1 country's population Americans and not the rest of America. That is just dumb.Mexico has negatives just like many countries but you choose to twist the facts. Mexicans are a combination of Spain and Indigenas. So does this mean that most Indigenas were killed in genocide? No it doesn't. American Indians on the other hand were and the few left are to this day secluded and confined. There was very few mix between the 2 races. Whatever faults commuted in Mexico is amongst Mexicans past and present. All the crimes that I talk about commited before and to o this day is directly from the White man to others. This is why you should not talk about what is correct for a Mexican,Black,etc. To do or not do in the USA if you as a race are not a great example. If you are N American as a US citizen then I am a Mexican first and last anywhere and always an American logically. Mexico wins by 3.

  30. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 1:33 p.m.

    If you don't like it go back to Europe. We were here first.

  31. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 7:39 p.m.

    We don't complain we adjust. That is why if we don't get the opportunities soccer wise here we know exactly where we must go. Simple. Not our loss. Just dont expect us to root for this cpuntry. Thats all. You should really look into who is more on welfare. I THInk Hillbilly white trash are currently the welfare majority. To understand the present or future you must look at the past. That is why you're kind are regarded as the white devil all over the world. Third world or not. By the way education is much more advanced in many other countries including Mexico. This is a fact. I was born here and went to High School in Mexico.

  32. Luis Arreola, June 25, 2011 at 11:34 p.m.

    I told you. 4-2. Close enough.

  33. Doug Lister, June 26, 2011 at 7:45 p.m.

    Luis your ignorance is only exceeded by your racist biggoted point of view. We are the white devil? That's pathetic. You obviously aren't educated enough to read my entire post and see that I called out a very specific group of people. I called out Mexicans that come to this country and take advantage of all the opportunities that it affords them and is still loyal first and foremost to Mexico. Ever hear of "el Vasco"? His parents brought him to Mexico and although they were proud of their Basque heritage, they taught him first and foremost to love Mexico because that would be the coutry that would educate him, clothe and feed him and give him the opportunities to move forward in life. I have no problems with Mexicans coming here and being proud of their heritage, but if they're going to stay here and take advantage of the opportunities that this country gives them, whether or not they become citizens, they should be loyal to this country first and foremost. If you completed high school in Mexico, it means that you probably completed about ten years of school. Here it takes 12. In Mexico to become a Doctor, it take about 14 years of school. Here it takes closer to 20. Do you have any educational opportunities that compare to the Ivy League. Hell I'd be surprised if any Mexican University compares to the UC system. What I talk about is what is correct for a resident of this country. Nice game yesterday. I won't ever aknowlede any more of your posts, so give it up. You'll never win as you lack the logical mind to ever come close to winning a battle of wits with me. adios

  34. Luis Arreola, June 26, 2011 at 10:57 p.m.

    Yes I understood it perfectly. What I pointed out was that before you talk about what is wrong with certain Mexicans you should take a harder look at you're own kind when talking about those issues. For every Mexican of Wich you speak of there are tons that keep this economy going by consuming American and attending American events. We take and give back to this country in many ways. In a perfect world we would be loyal to this country but it is hard to be loyal to a country filled with ignorant biggots that out of fear reject any positives that others bring. There is a history of this not too far ago and till this day racism is still a reality. It is up to you to change this perception that you perhaps inherited. I am a US born citizen just like yourself but I choose to consider myself Mexican first.

  35. Luis Arreola, June 26, 2011 at 11:27 p.m.

    Until I see most of you treat us and other minorities with respect and appreciation for the good things we Bring to this country and stop highlighting the few bad then we can see about being all loyal US citizens but never arrogant t "Americans". You should start by learning from you're immediate past generation's mistakes, be humble in you're approach and be ready to accept a cultural change. The rest will take care of itself. I called out the majority of white USA citizens that are scared of change and are misdirecting their fear and anger towards all Mexicans and all brown's. We won yesterday and proved yet again that USA should start looking into giving the well known Hispanic players here the opportunities to represent them for a better chance against teams like Mexico.

  36. Luis Arreola, June 26, 2011 at 11:29 p.m.

    Doug, truths hurt but if you can't take it don't dish it. Viva Mexico Purist!!

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