2011 Under-20 World Cup this weekend ...

[SCOREBOARD] The semifinal pairings at the Under-20 World Cup in Colombia are set: Brazil-Mexico and France-Portugal. Mexico broke the hearts of Colombia fans when it knocked off the hosts, 3-1, thanks to two goals by Edson Rivera in the last half an hour.

France didn't buckle after conceding a tying goal three minutes into stoppage time and beat Nigeria, 3-2. Portugal trailed Argentina, 3-1, in their shootout but goalie Mika made three saves to lead them to victory. Gabriel saved two penalties for Brazil in its shootout win over Spain.

Aug. 13 in Bogota
Colombia 1 Mexico 3.
Goals: Zapata 60; Torres pen. 38, Rivera 69, 88. Att.: 35,969.
Aug. 13 in Cartagena
Portugal 0 Argentina 0.
(Portugal wins 5-4 on penalties.)
Att.: 15,946.
Aug. 14 in Pereira
Brazil 2 Spain 2.
(Brazil wins 4-2 on penalties.)
Goals: Willian 35, Dudu 100; Rodrigo 57, Alvaro Vasquez 102. Att.: 29, 318.
Aug. 14 in Cali

France 3 Nigeria 2.
Goals: Lacazette 50, 104, Fofana 102; Ejike 90, 113. Att.: 33.007.

Aug. 17 in Pereira
Brazil vs. Mexico (#49) (ESPNU, ESPN3.com, live, 9 pm ET)
Aug. 17 in Medellin
France vs. Portugal (#50) (ESPNU, ESPN3.com, live, 6 pm ET)

Aug. 20 in Bogota
L49 vs. L50 (ESPNU, ESPN3.com, live, 5 pm ET)

Aug. 20 in Bogota
W49 vs. W50 (ESPNU, ESPN3.com, Galavision, live, 9 pm ET)

Aug. 9 in Pereira
Cameroon 1 Mexico 1
(Mexico wins 3-1 on penalties.)
Aug. 9 in Cali
Portugal 1 Guatemala 0
Aug. 9 in Bogota
Colombia 1 Costa Rica 0
Aug. 9 in Medellin
Argentina 2 Egypt 1
Aug. 10 in Armenia
Nigeria 1 England 0
Aug. 10 in Manizales
Spain 0 South Korea 0
(Spain wins 7-6 on penalties.)
Aug. 10 in Barranquilla
Brazil 3 Saudi Arabia 0
Aug. 10 in Cartagena
France 1 Ecuador 0

July 30 in Bogota
South Korea 2 Mali 0
Colombia 4 France 1
Aug. 2 in Bogota
France 3 South Korea 1
Colombia 2 Mali 0
Aug. 5 in Cali
France 2 Mali 0
Aug. 5 in Bogota
Colombia 1 South Korea 0
Final Standings: Colombia 9 points; France 6; South Korea 3; Mali 0.

July 30 in Cali
Cameroon 1 New Zealand 1
Portugal 0 Uruguay 0
Aug. 2 in Cali
Uruguay 1 New Zealand 1
Portugal 1 Cameroon 0
Aug. 5 in Cali
Portugal 1 New Zealand 0
Aug. 5 in Bogota
Cameroon 1 Uruguay 0
Final Standings: Portugal 7 points; Cameroon 4; New Zealand 2; Uruguay 2.

July 31 in Manizales
Spain 4 Costa Rica 1
Australia 1 Ecuador 1
Aug. 3 in Manizales
Spain 2 Ecuador 0
Costa Rica 3 Australia 2
Aug. 6 in Pereira
Ecuador 3 Costa Rica 0
Aug. 6 in Manizales
Spain 5 Australia 1
Final Standings: Spain 9 points; Ecuador 4; Costa Rica 3; Australia 1.

July 31 in Armenia
Nigeria 5 Guatemala 0
Saudi Arabia 2 Croatia 0
Aug. 3 Armenia
Saudi Arabia 6 Guatemala 0
Nigeria 5 Croatia 2
Aug. 6 in Pereira
Nigeria 2 Saudi Arabia 0
Aug. 6 in Armenia
Guatemala 1 Croatia 0
Final Standings: Nigeria 9 points; Saudi Arabia 6; Guatemala 3; Croatia 0.

July 29 in Barranquilla
Brazil 1 Egypt 1
July 29 in Cartagena
Austria 0 Panama 0
Aug. 1 in Barranquilla
Egypt 1 Panama 0
Brazil 3 Austria 0
Aug. 4 in Barranquilla
Brazil 4 Panama 0
Aug. 4 in Cartagena
Egypt 4 Austria 0
Final Standings: Brazil 7 points; Egypt 7; Panama 1, Austria 1.

July 29 in Medellin
England 0 North Korea 0
Argentina 1 Mexico 0
Aug. 1 in Medellin
Mexico 3 North Korea 0
Argentina 0 England 0
Aug. 4 in Cartagena
Mexico 0 England 0
Aug. 4 in Barranquilla
Argentina 3 North Korea 0
Final Standings: Argentina 7 points; Mexico 4; England 3; North Korea 1.

6 comments about "2011 Under-20 World Cup this weekend ...".
  1. Marc Silverstein, August 12, 2011 at 8:06 a.m.

    Mark Geiger who is a USA FIFA referee from New Jersy worked the round of 16 match between Spain/S. Korea, I'm so hoping that that he'll get a shot at the finals.

  2. Ernest Irelan, August 15, 2011 at 8:44 a.m.

    I just love to watch these top young teams play...the two games last nite, Brazil vs Spain was super good, a real tear jerker for Spain...they played super well...as did Brazil..this is the style I really love to see, no terrible tackles, excellent ball skills, passing, patience for buildup, etc...Mexico an Columbia, a real tear jerker also...too many fouls to really be my game, but, one has to admit, they did play well..the technical skills were far ahead of USA to be sure...these u-20 teams can sure show we in the USA how far we have to go to come up to competition on the international scene. I really believe that the requirement to be a team in the MLS, each team be required to have a deveopement academy for youth who desire to be professional players. It should be fully funded just like pro clubs in other countries do in many instances. A couple years ago, my son visited Brazil, went to a team academy to play their teams.They had 3 different teams, A B C...players lived together in the residence program, were placed on the teams by abiltity, were given schooling, an LOTS of soccer training, all at the expense of the soccer pro team an it's sponsors...some players were as young as 13...no wonder they have such talent come out of Brazil.

  3. Carl Hudson, August 15, 2011 at 10:04 a.m.

    Spain certainly outplayed Brazil. But a stutter-stepping PK taker for Spain got what he deserved - a saved penalty.

    If these kids (including Brazil's) were taught the proper way to take penalties - DON'T look at the keeper, and DON'T try to get fancy with stutter-steps and fakery, and KEEP THE BALL LOW (Brazil got very lucky on two high penalties that went in just under the bar - they should be forced to watch Biaggi's field goal 100 times) they would become better players.

    I think stutter-stepping should be awarded a nullification and a RED CARD.

  4. Luis Arreola, August 15, 2011 at 10:14 a.m.

    Ernest, you are absolutely right. The reason other countries invest in these young players so much is because they are under contract at 13 or younger. Therefore, clubs there can't just recruit everyone without having to pay transfer fees. This is why they are carefully scouted and selected. These clubs understand thatcto have 3 teams an age group they can have a potential Messi on the C team that might develop later. Each club in other countries make money off of their players they can sell. USA clubs don't. MLS does and "distributes" evenly. USA clubs understand they can't make money off of their players going overseas so thy only care about team results at the youth ages. This brings them high end customers that will pay $2500. This also holds back the top players thatvvan play a year up and develop more since they are used more on their age appropriate tams to secure the wins.

  5. Luis Arreola, August 15, 2011 at 10:17 a.m.

    Mexico is now a super world soccer power.u17 champions, U20 semifinalist and top10 men's rank. USA doesn't have to look too far for a model of excellence to follow. Brasilia vs Mexico U20s is the real championship.

  6. Horacio Gomes, August 15, 2011 at 12:44 p.m.

    These semifinals will be fantastic! You look at any scenario and you find something from past history that makes it attractive. Although U-20 are not the regular adult World Cup teams, it places again France against Portugal who still remembers very well the penalty kick given to France but denied a clear one about 5 minutes later to Portugal to help France reach the Final against Italy in Germany. Portugal has won the U-20 Finals twice before and the magnificent final game against the always competitive Argentina teams shows that this Lusitanians' U-20 crop are full of HEART to win it all the way. On the other hand, "a Seleçãozinha" from Brazil with 5 previous U-20 titles will compete against "el Tri-ito" which defeated the host team Colombia but hasn't done that great in previous U-20 competitions. Despite the obvious South American rivalries between Brazil and Colombia, Mexico will certainly not enjoy a home-field advantage after eliminating Colombia. That's for sure! The 2011 Final in Bogotá could be a repeat of a previous Portugal- Brazil Final where Portugal won. An ALL Lusitanics Final where I believe Portugal would have the home-field advantage even in this South American Colombia country due to the fact that three outstanding professional Colombian players (Falcao, Guarín and Rodríguez) are doing so well in the Premier Portuguese Liga ZON Sagres that helped FC Porto win the 2010-11 UEFA Europa League.

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