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MagicJack's Borislow's e-mails paint chaotic picture

WPS has terminated the magicJack franchise but legal actions have resulted in some of former owner Dan Borislow's vituperative e-mails being obtained by Deadspin.

In comments made to the media throughout the summer, Borislow referred to WPS as "infidels" and a "dictatorship" and called it "a kangaroo court run by a hater." He wasn't any kinder to league officials or sponsors, for example:

"I expected nothing less from a bunch of blithering idiots. This will be judged by a higher authority one day." And this one: "We won't be needinng your junk. I don't do business with mobsters."

WPS has appealed to U.S. Soccer for Division I status despite its membership of five teams being three short of the federation's minimum for such classification.

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