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No Galaxy deal yet for Beckham

David Beckham will not be joining Paris Saint-Germain, but it's not confirmed that he will return for a sixth season with the Los Angeles Galaxy, reports Lisa Dillman.

"The stories were all over the front page of every newspaper in Europe that he was going to Paris; I told everyone I would not pay a lot of attention to that," AEG’s Tim Leiweke told Dillman. "And now that the stores are that he is going to the Galaxy, I would repeat the same advice: Premature.

"We have been talking with David about staying with the Galaxy for three months. And I said back in November, I was confident David would stay here and I still am. Does it look more likely that is heading in that direction? Yes. Are we done? No."

PSG was and is not the only powerhouse interested in acquiring Beckham. "It’s not just Paris. He’s had other offers," Leiweke said. "And every one is greater and more expansive, bigger than anything we’re talking about. In addition to that, we have the added complication that David has the right to purchase a franchise in this league. There are a lot of issues we are going through. We are committed to David and he has always felt strongly about the Galaxy in L.A., and it does not surprise me that his family would prefer to stay in L.A. But we’re not done yet."

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