Soccer on TV

The USA faces Canada in a friendly on Sunday.

(All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Check your local listings.) 

SUNDAY, June 3


International Friendly USA-CANADA (live) 7 pm.

International Friendly USA-CANADA (live) 7 pm.


International Friendly MEXICO-BRAZIL (live) 2:30 pm.
International Friendly
SPAIN-CHINA (live) 4 pm.

MONDAY, June 4

2 comments about "Soccer on TV".
  1. soccer know it all, May 28, 2012 at 10:28 p.m.

    what are we witnessing as us soccer fans?
    Jurgen klinsmann modeled his 06 german team from that of the top flight teams in the epl. he asked his germans to play ungermanlike uptempo, highpressure, possession style similar to man united, arsenal,an chelsea.
    he has now modeled another team to play not like a national team style(american) if you will, but an epl team similar to chelsea or man united. I always felt that building a team using this model would be preferrable as these teams play year round and are superior to national teams in style of play, cohesion, and effectiveness.
    gl JK with the progress to 2014 WC

  2. soccer know it all, May 30, 2012 at 12:20 a.m.

    The US is gonna dominate brazil!! think germany-argentina 2010wc. brazil won't know what hit them. im a firm believer in strategies and tactics over superstar players. JK has put a system in place for the US to now ground and pound teams into submission. We have quality at every position now. One of the best functioning midfields of any natiional team in the world.(donovan-dempsey-bradley-jones)
    the world has been waiting for the american superpower to flex its muscle in men's soccer(football), with the win at italy, a demolition of scotland, and a domination of the great brazil, the world will finally be on notice what the MEN'S US NAT'L Team is capable of on the pitch. US 3-1

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