U.S. WOMEN: MacMillan is in as Heinrichs makes World Cup roster announcement

Shannon MacMillan's unlikely quest to return from injury and play in the fourth Women's World Cup paid off on Tuesday when U.S. coach April Heinrichs included the veteran forward on her 20-woman roster for the upcoming championships.

MacMillan, who tore her right anterior cruciate ligament in May, was one of 12 players selected who were part of the victorious U.S. side at the 1999 Women's World Cup and one of 13 silver medalists from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

University of North Carolina freshman Heather O'Reilly, also trying to make the roster while recuperating from a broken leg and ankle ligament surgery, was not chosen among the 20.

There were only two major roster surprises, with uncapped midfielder Shannon Boxx and internationally inexperienced defender Kylie Bivens, both coming off sensational WUSA campaigns, making the roster.

Midfielder Lorrie Fair, who played in the 1999 World Cup and was a key player for the Americans in the 2000 Olympics, was not included on the roster.

Catherine Reddick, a senior defender at the University of North Carolina, was the only college player selected. She is the youngest player on the roster, at 21.

Five veterans of the Americans' 1991 World Cup triumph -- defenders Brandi Chastain and Joy Fawcett, midfielders Julie Foudy and Kristine Lilly, and forward Mia Hamm -- are on the roster. All but Chastain, who missed the 1995 tournament, are playing in their fourth World Cup.

Eight players will make their World Cup debuts: goalkeeper Siri Mullinix, defenders Bivens, Reddick and Danielle Slaton, midfielders Shannon Boxx, Angela Hucles and Aly Wagner, and forward Abby Wambach.

The WUSA's San Diego Spirit has four players on the U.S. roster -- Fawcett, Foudy, MacMillan and Wagner -- and Atlanta, Boston, New York and Washington each have three players. No Philadelphia player made the U.S. roster.

Nearly half (nine of 20) of the team is from California, with three players -- Chastain, Slaton and Wagner -- from San Jose.

Six players are from the University of North Carolina, and four players -- including the three from San Jose -- attended Santa Clara University.

2003 Women's World Cup
Sept. 20-Oct. 12

18 Siri Mullinix (Washington Freedom), 25 years old, 38 caps/0 goals
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C. College: North Carolina

1 Briana Scurry (Atlanta Beat), 32, 119/0
Hometown: Dayton, Minn. College: Massachusetts

2 Kylie Bivens (Atlanta Beat), 24 years old, 7 caps/0 goals
Hometown: Upland, Calif. College: Santa Clara

6 Brandi Chastain (San Jose CyberRays), 35, 169/29
Hometown: San Jose, Calif.. College: Santa Clara

14 Joy Fawcett (San Diego Spirit), 35, 214/26
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif. College: California

3 Christie Pearce (New York Power), 28, 100/4
Hometown: Point Pleasant, N.J. College: Monmouth

4 Catherine Reddick (University of North Carolina), 21, 34/1
Hometown: Vestavia, Ala. College: North Carolina (senior)

17 Danielle Slaton (Carolina Courage), 23, 39/1
Hometown: San Jose, Calif. College: Santa Clara

15 Kate Sobrero (Boston Breakers), 27, 95/0
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich. College: Notre Dame

7 Shannon Boxx (New York Power), 26 years old, 0 caps/0 years
Hometown: Redondo Beach, Calif. College: Notre Dame

11 Julie Foudy (San Diego Spirit), 32, 229/41
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif. College: Stanford

19 Angela Hucles (Boston Breakers), 25, 22/1
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va. College: Virginia

5 Tiffany Roberts (Carolina Courage), 26, 99/7
Hometown: San Ramon, Calif. College: North Carolina

13 Kristine Lilly (Boston Breakers), 32, 253/91
Hometown: Wilton, Conn. College: North Carolina

10 Aly Wagner (San Diego Spirit), 23, 45/10
Hometown: San Jose, Calif. College: Santa Clara

9 Mia Hamm (Washington Freedom), 31 years old, 237 caps/140 goals
Hometown: Austin, Texas. College: North Carolina

8 Shannon MacMillan (San Diego Spirit), 28, 154/58
Hometown: Escondido, Calif. College: Portland

16 Tiffeny Milbrett (New York Power), 30, 190/98
Hometown: Portland, Ore. College: Portland

12 Cindy Parlow (Atlanta Beat), 25, 126/61
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn. College: North Carolina

20 Abby Wambach (Washington Freedom), 23, 12/7
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y. College: Florida


Total caps: 2,182
Average caps: 109.1
Median caps: 99.5
Most caps: Kristine Lilly, 253

Total goals: 575
Average goals: 28.75
Median goals: 7
Most goals: Mia Hamm, 140

Average age: 27 years, 348 days
Median age: 26 years, 99.5 days
Oldest: Joy Fawcett, 35 years, 224 days
Youngest: Catherine Reddick, 21 years, 222 days

Note: Ages as of Sept. 20

(with games/goals in parentheses)

1991 World Cup -- Brandi Chastain (2/0), Joy Fawcett (5/1), Julie Foudy (6/1), Mia Hamm (6/2), Kristine Lilly (6/0). Note: Head coach April Heinrichs (5/4) also played for U.S.

1995 World Cup -- Fawcett (6/1), Foudy (6/1), Hamm (6/2), Lilly (6/3), Tiffeny Milbrett (6/3), Tiffany Roberts (5/0), Briana Scurry (5/0).

1996 Olympics -- Chastain (5/0), Fawcett (5/0), Foudy (5/0), Hamm (4/1), Lilly (5/0), Shannon MacMillan (5/3), Tiffeny Milbrett (5/2), Cindy Parlow (2/0), Roberts (5/0), Scurry (5/0).

1999 World Cup -- Chastain (6/1), Fawcett (6/1), Foudy (6/1), Hamm (6/2), Lilly (6/2), MacMillan (6/1), Milbrett (6/3), Parlow (6/2), Christie Pearce (1/0), Roberts (2/0), Sobrero (5/0), Scurry (6/0).

2000 Olympics -- Chastain (5/1), Fawcett (5/0), Foudy (5/0), Hamm (4/2), Lilly (5/1), MacMillan (5/1), Milbrett (5/3), Siri Mullinix (5/0), Parlow (5/5), Pearce (5/0), Scurry (0/0), Danielle Slaton (0/0), Sobrero (5/0)

Preparatory matches

Sept. 1 -- vs. Costa Rica at Carson, Calif.
Sept. 7 -- vs. Mexico at San Jose

Women's World Cup
Sept. 21 -- vs. Sweden at Washington
Sept. 25 -- vs. Nigeria at Philadelphia
Sept. 28 -- vs. North Korea at Columbus, Ohio
*Oct. 1 -- Quarterfinal at Foxboro, Mass.
*Oct. 5 -- Semifinal at Portland, Ore.
*Oct. 11/12 -- Third place/Final at Carson, Calif.

* -- U.S. must advance to play in these matches

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