Alejandro Guido debuts for Tijuana

[AMERICANS ABROAD] Alejandro Guido became the fourth American to start for Mexican club Tijuana when he started for the Xolos Tuesday in their 2-1 in over Celaya in the Copa MX, Mexico's new cup competition involving First and Second Division clubs.

Guido signed a three-year deal with Tijuana after he turned 18. He had spent time in the U.S. U-17 residency program. The playmaker had a trial at Dutch club Vitesse but chose to sign with Tijuana, where he grew up. He'd cross the border each day to attend school in San Diego.

Greg Garza also started in the win over Celaya, while Stevie Rodriguez, Guido's teammate on the U.S. U-17 national team, was on the bench.

U.S. national team players Edgar Castillo and Joe Corona, both first-team regulars, were rested for the Celaya game.

Raul Enriquez and Richard Ruiz had first-half goals for the Xolos, who are in first place in their Copa MX group with eight points after four games.

The game drew 11,000 fans at the Estadio Caliente, reflecting the strong support the Xolos have in Tijuana.

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  1. Luis Arreola, August 22, 2012 at 8:30 a.m.

    I wonder if the MLS rules in place are causing MLS teams to not be able to get a legitimate chance to offer all of these players a chance to stay in USA. Is it really worth it to spend more on foreign players when we have now, so many players showing to be good enough to start on Mexican league teams??

  2. Albert Harris, August 22, 2012 at 10:15 a.m.

    One would think that a team like Chivas USA which obviously is trying to consolidate itself as the team of choice for the Chicano demographic in LA would be a natural for giving players like these a chance in MLS. Considering the results that Chivas is getting now, they could hardly do worse, and I imagine young players like this are a boon to the payroll allowing bigger outlays on the occasional experienced player who could make a real difference. One man's opinion only of course.

  3. Gordon Hayes, August 22, 2012 at 1:02 p.m.

    Please don't bite on Luis', who never played the game, continued efforts to divide nationalities and races..............."Coach Luis believes and teaches his young players something that has been overlooked in American Soccer : Loyalty, Comradery, Honor." He feels nobody in the US teaches the virtues of loyalty, comradery, or honor and that apparently he is the only one.............And he feels "Very few in USA know much about soccer.".............Luis never played the game, hates white people, thinks only hispanics can play soccer well, is a daddy coach, cries and makes excuses when not enough hispanics are chosen for a US team - he is a victim and a race-baiter and a divisive element in the US - - a blind racist that will ALWAYS cheer for Mexico v the USA and who thinks his 'vast superior' knowledge of the game is earned simply by his ethnicity.....................Go USA women and men of all races!!!!

  4. Fire Paul Gardner Now, August 22, 2012 at 2:48 p.m.

    Wow, haven't been on this site in a while (due to all the racists like Luis) but I like this guy Gordon Hayes. He understands Luis really well.

    Can't wait until Guido is scoring for the US against Mexico and Luis the racist starts foaming at the mouth.

  5. Luis Arreola, August 22, 2012 at 10:16 p.m.

    You got me all wrong. I too ok fprward to all these great talents, that happen to be Hispanic, to get picked by Usmnt. Its inevitable that we will soon have more Hispanocs on the team simply because its in our culture more than any other here. Not racial. Simply factual. Gordon is a Nazi White Supremacist. Go Usa and Mexico too!!

  6. Gordon Hayes, August 22, 2012 at 10:54 p.m.

    Fire Paul Gardner Now - I would not pay much attention to Luis - he lies all the time about everything - he wrote that he thought it would be "funny" when the US loses presumably so he can keep calling everyone a racist and a Nazi......Luis trying to chant for the US there at the end of his post is a laughable attempt to emulate me but it s just another one of his lies - he will never pull for the US until it is 100% Mexican American and even then I am sure he will find a way to cry racism.

  7. carlos mata, August 23, 2012 at 1:13 a.m.

    wow really Luis Nazi ? ive been reading all your post and nag nag all the time about how the USA will never be better without Hispanics they are doing pretty good for a nation who bearly has 20 years or so of rebuilding itself ( in soccer terms) now why didnt you post anything from El Aztecaso ? didn't see anything about how giovani dos Santos ( which is Brazilian decent by the way ) is the best Mexican player in the Mexican national team and how they where all crying about if he was there the game would have gone different i mean i love my Hispanic decent but im American born and raised 100% USA all the way win or loose no matter who is in the game they are American regardless of their skin color that's what make this country great / don't get me wrong i do like the fact that Mexico won the Olympics but hey i see this as an opportunity for the us to get up see our mistakes and improve well im just ranting a little and don't cry Luis you brought this on yourself with all the dumb racist comments as humans we all can be great at any sports Hispanic Americans , African Americans , Anglo Americans , and even with the new defender from San Jose Arab American that's why i love this great country #MyTwoCents

  8. Albert Harris, August 23, 2012 at 9:24 a.m.

    Bit more heat than light on display, methinks. C'mon guys! Try to make your arguments about the issues and not slamming each other personally. Words and concepts like Nazi and racism have no place in a civilized discussion. Everybody's opinions, including mine, are fair game but name calling, on both sides, is just childish and, dare I say it, un-American. Just one man's opinion of course and feel free to criticize it...but please, at least, leave my mother out of it.

  9. Luis Arreola, August 23, 2012 at 9:55 a.m.

    Albert, your right. I m being sarcastice to Gordons rants. Carlos, what do you find racist about my ppsts exactly? I never said other races cant or are not good at soccer in Usa. All I have been saying is that the most passionate soccer cultrue in Usa is Hispanic. Hands down. Whats racist about this fact? Due to this fact, I feel is has not yet reflected in nubers on our usnmt but is quickly changing. That is far from crying. Its just an observation. If you think thats racist then you are as ignorant as Gordon is. Gordoj gets extremely offended about those 2 sentences and claims them untrue. Do you agree? As far Giovanni, I tpo believe he is oe of Mexicos best players and am aware that he is of Brazilian decent. I dont quite understand your point with this but I can highlight that Mexico beat Brazil in Olympics without him. It is not surprising to me that someone like Gordon gets offended about me highlighting Mexicos great achievements as of 2011 and pointing out we should look ito their player development as a model for Usa to improve "our" teams. We should look harder at these cultures that carry soccer in their veins. Thats racist? I dont think so.

  10. carlos mata, August 23, 2012 at 5:20 p.m.

    Luis ive been reading soccer America for a while when bob Bradley was in you criticized how he never put Latinos and how they deserved a better ratings when they played games just because they were Latinos everyone is entitled to their opinion yeah your right but you focus on the Latinos portion and get offended if they say anything bad about Latinos if the player played bad they played bad now how trivial was it for me to put something like giovani dos Santos is Brazilian playing with the Mexican national team makes no sense huh i put it as an example how you sound sometimes .. now Albert was talking about the name calling people, no sorry Gordon? for calling you a Nazi peple who murdered millions of people ? now your the victim ? what are you going to call me ignorant ? really ? yeah the cultures who put laser lights in howards eye the cultures that boo our national anthem yeah ?! the one that call our goal keeper puto ? really you would be doing some big OBSERVATIONS if we where like that but we have rspect and class unlike some cultures we have our own culture don't try to change it Luis

  11. Luis Arreola, August 23, 2012 at 6:23 p.m.

    Carlos, so youre saying Usa players, fans always show class? Ome on now. I think your trying to hard to fit in brother. There are poor displays of class in every culture including usa. I would say in certain parts of Europe there are the worst displays of any among fans. I never saw a Mexican player headbutt another player in a World Cup. People like Gordon nd now you I guess, are quick to highlight negative aspects of the Hispanic player when peole like me highlight how we are the ones to show tge nost passion for soccer as our first sport. I wkupd respect this if you would also highlight negative aspects of other races that also are part of Usa teams. It will even out in myopinion so it is stupid to point out. Gordon gave this point as to why he osnt think we should have more Hispanics on our usmnt because he liked th class we diplay now. He could not however give ne an exanple of bad sporting behavior of a Hispanic Americanplayer. You see, he puts both Anerican and non Hispaics in the same category when it comes to bad sporting behavior. Unless youor me change our nmes to Billybob, we both fit his profile. Doesnt it seem to youva little wierd how many Hispanics are suddenly being calld for our usmnt has increased under Klins? G Even more onthe youth teams. If you notice many nonhispanics think Ridges assesments of these same Hispanic players are too low all the time. Does this mean they are racist? Your right I ight be overly sensetive when it omes to Hispanics. If they talked shit about you and I thought I did not completely agree I would defend you too. I cant help it. Goron gets offended when I pointout European negatives. I I can see why. Hes a hipocrit. I never said Mexico lost because it missed Gio or anyone else. They dominated and lost. Why is this trivial? Mexico won Olympic final without him so this shows how much depth they have at all ages. Usa won with 5-6 Hispanics on the team that played for a historic result. Why is it wrong for me to point this out? I am a proud Nexican American that loves to see other Hispanic Americans do great things. Black people are vocal of such things ap the time. Is Black Histoy Month an attept to ivide races? Black people are especialky proud of great black athltes/people more than they woud he of anyone else in Usa. I dont see any Gordons pointing out racism or racial divide attepts. Is he offended about movie titles like White Man Cant Jump? What you fai to see is that it s curently accepted to critisize Hispanic opinion ad culture because of what is going on in politics. Igaurantee you that if you had a black person saying that Black eople are he best at basketball and tat is why they dominate the Nba and Olympic Usa eams because they have it in deeper in tgeir culture and are ore assionate about it, Gordon would ay nothing. Why? Because hes a coward. So you shouldbmake better observatios before you side with eopelpe like Gordon Hermano. No seas Pendejo.

  12. Gordon Hayes, August 23, 2012 at 7:34 p.m.

    Carlos - it is probably hopeless with Luis - he is too blinded by his racial bias and hatred of white people to see reason - several hispanics have gotten on here and told him he is racist and told him he is wrong but he won't budge - that is the way it is for people that are filled with hate and victimhood and racial divide and worst yet he infects the soccer culture with his 'superiority based on ethnicity' and his racial and ethnic divide.........In the end, he really has no clue - NEVER PLAYED THE GAME AND IS JUST A DADDY COACH who thinks "Very few in USA know much about soccer."

  13. Gordon Hayes, August 23, 2012 at 7:49 p.m.

    And PLEASE keep in mind Luis lies about everything - he says all he is saying is the hispanics have a great soccer culture - that is a flat out lie - he says "Very few in USA know much about soccer." and he says it will be "funny" when the US loses and he says white people are golfers and he says the US only had one shot on goal in the recent shutout win over Mexico (they had 3, same as Mexico).......HE IS A PROVEN LIAR......He says above that I don't think their should be hispanics on the US MNT - HE IS A FILTHY LIAR - I have always said I think we should have the best athletes on the USMNT regardless of race but that does not allow him to race-bait so he lies.............Luis is too stupid to realize that if he says the US MNT should be 100% Mexican American (which is his goal and dream) then people can make comments about HIS POST - both negative and positive BUT if you make a negative post then he cries RACISM and cries about not talking about other races - he really is that stupid......blinded by race.........pity.

  14. Gordon Hayes, August 23, 2012 at 7:52 p.m.

    And for the final testament to Luis' character - anyone that would not accept defeat and come on and show honor and class and congratulate the US for their win over Mexico has no morals or dignity - Luis just came on and posted some good things but then proceeded to complain and bring race into it and speak badly of the US and even lie about how many shots they had on goal and he even lied about how many starters/regulars were playing for each team......A true example of someone blinded by race and someone of the lowest moral standard - Luis has none and sadly he influences his kids the same way...........pity.

  15. carlos mata, August 24, 2012 at 2:10 a.m.

    no mames Luis ...i guess you never saw Rafa Marquez play ? or cautemoc hit that guy in the gold cup ? yeah your right .. i do admit fans are fans and i cant control what people do or say... trying to fit in really ? hahaha im in already Luis i was born in the usa love this country i will fight for this country don't even get me started on my national pride luis how is yours 50/50 ? mexico? usa? como dicen my corazon esta en mexico pero vivo en los estados unidos ? ... now about gordan giving his opinions on Latino players like i said if they sucked and did not perform good to bad let them get criticized about it or what are we special ? do we deserve special treatment because of my skin color? jozy altidore needed to be criticized that's how he got better now look at him in his az club scoring 4 goals in two games... the fans, me, gordon and all the others will judge the way we see it they are all AMERICAN players who cares about their background in the end of the day they are wearing the stars and stripes shirt and the only colors i see is red white and blue... now klinsman is calling up everyone german AMERICANS mexican AMERiCANS iranian AMERICANS and african AMERICANS the only reson he calls up more mexican american i can say travel scheduels and hey thats good broadening our player pool but i dont see more than half of mexican american players in the us in the future not because he is racist but we have a great worldwide selection to choose from ( our military who are abroad in other countries if you didn't know) i mean be honest how was torres, he was lost i hardly saw him do anything he is not in form i give him a 3 and that being nice i know Jermaine Jones also sucked giving ball away but he was noticeable in the game i give him a 4 am i racist? dumb ? or a betrayer to my heritage no i say it like it is the last ratings on Castillo where right on target he sucked but this last game in the azteca he has been better even the ratings on him are better right ? i mean as a player like i said if you didn't play good your gonna get a bad score.... if you want to see the Olympics i saw a lot of white Spaniards playing good basketball i was a little intimidated by our boys team USA basketball team but doesn't that show you that not only one race can play real good sport ? messi have you seen that short fry jump man and he is Hispanic Steve Nash white Canadian wow i can admit hes really good even my black brothers admit it now if you want to see how many other race or nationalities play for the NBA i got some facts!!!!

    Country No. of Players
    Canada 21
    France 18
    Serbia 18
    Australia 12
    Croatia 12
    Spain 12
    Great Britain 10
    Puerto Rico 10
    Brazil 9
    Nigeria 9
    Russia 9
    Argentina 8
    Lithuania 8
    Montenegro 8
    Senegal 8
    Slovenia 8
    Turkey 8

  16. Luis Arreola, August 24, 2012 at 7:58 a.m.

    Carlos, if you are in, whatever, that means, then dont try that hard. I didnt say Grdon ratings. I said Ridge Mahoney ratings. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Ridge always gives Castillo too low of a score when compared to his teammates in the same game. He does this with other Hispanics too which I along with many others notice as most times being too low. No we are not special. If I think its not fair I wll say somehing. I have seen Rafa and Blanco like many others. My point is bad sporting behavior is seen in all cultures. I have seen Barkleys too. Gordon saids it is a general tendency of all Hispanics, Even the ones born in Usa. That means you too. And you are defending that. He makes thidpoint as to why he beleives we shoud not have more Hispanics on usmnt teams. You agree with that?

  17. Luis Arreola, August 24, 2012 at 8:32 a.m.

    Your players ratings are an opinion that I can agree or disagree with. Beckerman was the worst player on the field and got a higher rting than Castillo. I agree with your last comment of how god others are at basketball. Now we are getting somewhere. You are misunderstanding my points because you are letting yoursef get influenced by Gordon. Steve Nash is one pf my favorite players. My point of basktball in Usa is this . Pay attention. African Americans have dominated both, the Nba and National Team Selection(usually 90% of team). They pick basketball as their first sport of choice. They show more passion for it as a culture. They are under 20% of the population. The exact same situation or close to it for Hispanics and sccer except for one thing. We do not have the same percentage of players on usmnt. You made a good ppint. There are many white or brown great players throughout the world. Usa has many nationalities. So why were 11 of the 12 players black , asit usually is, for these olympics? Dont we have many white , Hispanic, etc. Playing basketball in Usa that were born here? My guess because its cultural. I see no other reason. Even though we are all mostly American we are a country of many cultures. White people show to be the best, in majority, at Golf and Hockey for example. Why? Because its more in their culture than others. I m sure there are some Hispanics and black people that play these sports but its not a great part of their culture. Gordon beleives that Usa does not get thebest athletes to play soccer because they pick basketball, football, baseball first. These are my points that counter this opinion. It is hard not to notic that mostly black people are the best athletes for basketball and fpotball. Remember I am ppinting out most a not all. I point out hat 20% of the usa population is not picking these other sports first and in fact pick soccer irst, Hispanics. Mosty. So that nakes it rong o say our best athletes dont pick soccer first. Your pint of Basketball teams like Spain and Argentina support my point. These two countroes seem to have top athletes in more than 1-2 sports in the world. So that means Usa has tp atlets for soccer too regardless of who plas in the Nba or Nfl. Gordon disagres and gets offended. He believes Charles Barkley and Lebron would instanty make the greatest soccer players. Maybe but no way is it a sure thing give the fact that the best soccer players coe in every shape and size. Do you disagree with me?

  18. carlos mata, August 24, 2012 at 10:16 a.m.

    Ok Luis don't even get me started on beckerman I can only type soo much but brother when you call people names and resort to childlike things like that you make yourself look bad be factual back up everything you say with this is why I think castillo should have gotten this score and why beckerman should have gotten that score rate the whole team or give a good job to the usmnt player who did great stuff like that then we can have a educated debate let's not just throw the race card soo fast many people read this ( including myself ) and we judge what you say.... whoever it is Gordon, ridge ,Albert or me now that soccer is intagrating in our culture rappers sing about soccer espn fox soccer are getting tv rights for soccer , the rating fir epl and la liga have never been higher in this country we have American owners in the epl we are growing alot in terms of soccer even thou we Hispanics played it in the begining all other race in the USA are going to play and our new Landon donovan will be found . # mytwocents

  19. Luis Arreola, August 24, 2012 at 11:24 a.m.

    Carlos, Fair enough. Sorry for the name calling. I was checking to see if you still spoke Spanish. LOL. I respect your opinion. I just think Beckerman deserved a lower score than Castillo. Ridge always has him scored as the worst player and to me he rarely is the worst player. Notice I have never said Castillo is great or even good. Your last sentence is a fine point but again I have stated nothing against this. Dont be so easily influenced. I hope the rest of the USa cultures catch up to Hispanics in soccer culture and passion and am too optimistic that it will some day happen. I have only spoken of what is the situation currently and immediate past. I am also optimistic in that some day we will see more Usa Hispanics and White people representing us in International Basketball competitions and the NBA. Mis 2 centavos.

  20. Gordon Hayes, August 24, 2012 at 2:29 p.m.

    Carlos - don't buy it - LUIS IS A PROVEN LIAR and don't ever forget he never played the game - he was a basketball player and is just a daddy coach that hates white people and lives to race-bait.........To summarize Luis you only need to read the part about the ratings - he believes the low rating for Castillo is racism....that is it in a, me, other hispanics see it as an opinion not based on race and many of us agree with it but what does poor victim Luis do???? He criticizes white guy Beckerman and turns it racial.....racial divide, ethnic divide, superiority based on ethnicity........this is a problem in or culture and most definitely in our soccer culture.

  21. Gordon Hayes, August 24, 2012 at 2:36 p.m.

    And whenever Luis tries to summarize my opinion, please do not listen - HE IS A PROVEN LIAR - no matter what anyone says he will cry racism if you disagree with his point and forget trying to point out any negatives of the hispanic player - you are a racist if you do and then he cries about other races...........In the end, I want the best athletes to pick soccer regardless of race and Luis wants a US MNT of 100% Mexican Americans - pretty obvious who is a blind racist...

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