Players and teams await Re-Entry Draft, Stage 1

[MLS SPOTLIGHT] Established as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated between the MLS Players Union and the league in 2010, the Re-Entry Draft is designed to give experienced players a limited form of movement within MLS.

There hasn’t been a lot of movement in the past two editions of Stage 1 and the same could well be true for this year’s edition, which will be conducted by conference call Friday afternoon. The teams will pick in the same order as used in the Waiver Draft, with league champion Los Angeles at the bottom of the list, and doormat Toronto FC on top.

Of the 63 players eligible for the Re-Entry Draft, eight withdrew with hopes of re-signing with their current team, Costa Ricans Gonzalo Segares (Chicago) and Rodney Wallace (Portland) were re-signed by their current teams, and Josh Gardner (traded from Montreal to Sporting Kansas City).

Fifteen players were picked last year, but only three – Danleigh Borman, Arturo Alvarez and Carlos Mendes – went in Stage 1. A few others, such as Houston defender Bobby Boswell, withdrew from the process when they reached agreements on new contracts with their current clubs. There were a few significant shifts: Defender Marc Burch elected to leave D.C. United, was claimed by Seattle in Stage 2, and by the end of the season had won the starting job at left back.

The first Re-Entry Draft, conducted after the 2010 season, took the likes of Juan Pablo Angel, Jeff Cunningham, Josh Wolff, Jimmy Conrad, Frankie Hejduk, Fred and Tyrone Marshall to new teams. But all of them were picked in Stage 2; only Joseph Ngwenya and Aaron Holbein, who would shortly thereafter leave the league, went in Stage 1.

Money is the main reason for greater volatility in Stage 2. In Stage 1, a player out of contract with sufficient experience must be tendered a bona fide offer, worth at least 105 percent in annual salary of the final year of his expired contract. Players selected whose options were declined by their previous team must be paid the salary stipulated in their contract, which remains in force as part of the Re-Entry process if exercised in Stage 1.

Players not taken in Stage 1 can sign contracts with the league to be available in Stage 2, or negotiate with their teams, or sit tight. In Stage 2, teams are not bound to salary terms unless the player has signed a contract with the league, or agreed to a sign-and-trade deal, which is permitted between stages.

Only players at least 23 years of age and with three years’ MLS experience are eligible for the Re-Entry Draft. A player can elect not to participate and negotiate with his current team, try his luck in another league, or retire. Or he can ask for a trade: last year, Bobby Convey’s option was declined by San Jose, which sent him to Sporting Kansas City in exchange for an international player slot.

The third installment of Stage 1 might again prove to be more of a prelude, but with 52 players available there could be a surprise or two.

Re-Entry Draft Players:
Jay Nolly Option Declined
*Gonzalo Segares Option Declined
Corben Bone Option Declined
*re-signed with the Fire.

Chivas USA

Juan Pablo Angel Out of Contract
Peter Vagenas Out of Contract
Danny Califf Option Declined
Alejandro Moreno Option Declined


Chris Birchall Option Declined
Will Hesmer Option Declined
Julius James Option Declined
*Tony Tchani Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.


Tyrone Marshall Out of Contract
Scott Palguta Out of Contract
Conor Casey Option Declined
Hunter Freeman Option Declined
Jamie Smith Option Declined
*Marvell Wynne Option Declined
Ian Joyce Option Declined
Joseph Nane Option Declined
Tyson Wahl Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.

FC Dallas
Bruno Guarda Out of Contract
Kevin Hartman Out of Contract
Julian De Guzman Out of Contract
Scott Sealy Option Declined

D.C. United
Michael Chabala Option Declined
Maicon Santos Option Declined
*Stephen King Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.

Colin Clark Out of Contract

Los Angeles

Chad Barrett Option Declined
Andrew Boyens Option Declined
Bryan Jordan Option Declined
*Kyle Nakazawa Option Declined
Pat Noonan Option Declined
*Brian Perk Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.

*Justin Mapp Out of Contract
**Josh Gardner Option Declined
Shavar Thomas Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.
**traded to Sporting Kansas City.

New England

Tim Murray Option Declined
Blair Gavin Option Declined

New York

Bill Gaudette Option Declined
Stephen Keel Option Declined


Chase Harrison Option Declined


Lovel Palmer Option Declined
*Steve Purdy Option Declined
*Rodney Wallace Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.
*re-signed with Timbers.

Real Salt Lake
Paulo Jr. Option Declined
Kyle Reynish Option Declined

San Jose
Jean Alexandre Out of Contract
Tim Ward
Out of Contract
Ramiro Corrales Option Declined
Joseph Gjertsen Option Declined
Ike Opara Option Declined
Khari Stephenson Option Declined

Andrew Weber Option Declined
*O'Brian White Option Declined
Mike Seamon Option Declined
*withdrew from Re-Entry Draft.

Sporting KC
Olukorede Aiyegbusi Option Declined
Luke Sassano Option Declined

Toronto FC
Eric Avila Out of Contract
Adrian Cann Option Declined
Jeremy Hall Option Declined
Ty Harden Option Declined
Andrew Wiedeman Option Declined

2 comments about "Players and teams await Re-Entry Draft, Stage 1".
  1. Futbol Genio, December 7, 2012 at 1:07 p.m.

    Seems like a very complicated system that separates player from the league and/or their money. On a yearly basis, to lose 1/3 of your team thru different programs means trouble for FANS, players, teams & progress of Am. soccer. Let's recap: HG program brings few players through; GA seems like it won't survive; MLS Draft affects 19 players now; Re-Entry Draft & Re-allocation Drafts are the Old Wild West. Honestly, are we Third World? Protect the players & the FANS!!

  2. Amos Annan, December 8, 2012 at 5:02 p.m.

    Players should have more power but emphasis should be put on retaining players and local talent to reward loyal supporters and local fans.

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