USA will take it: four points after three games!

[MEXICO-USA] The USA held Mexico to a 0-0 tie to earn only its second point ever in World Cup qualifying against the Tri at Azteca Stadium. The scoreless draw was the second for Mexico in two Hexagonal home matches and dropped it to fifth place in the standings after three games.

WASTED CHANCES. Brad Guzan will return to England, surely thinking the job of U.S. national team goalie is a cushy one. At least compared to what he faces each weekend with Aston Villa. It wasn't until stoppage time that Guzan had to make a tough save, parrying Angel Reyna's shot from distance.

Mexico finished with a 19-1 edge in shots, but only three were on target. The Tri's frustrating evening was never more evident than on Javier Hernandez's wide-open header from close range that missed in the 28th minute. Chicharito remains scoreless against the USA.

BACKLINE OF THE FUTURE? Before the game, Clarence Goodson, who had started against Costa Rica Friday, told U.S. national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann his hamstring could hold out, so Klinsmann went with Matt Besler alongside Omar Gonzalez.

Gonzalez and Besler looked like they have played together all their lives. Fact is, they played together once -- in the 0-0 tie with Canada in January, which also happened to be Besler's only previous cap.

Their communication was excellent as they took turns breaking up Mexican attacks. The Tri didn't help itself with its predictable approach. It insisted on trying to break through from the wings, but it was not able to take advantage of Geoff Cameron on the right and DaMarcus Beasley on the left.

Beasley is the fifth player to start for the USA at left back in World Cup qualifying, but no one has played better. He took a knock to his jaw in Colorado, was stepped on the arm in Azteca and looked to be favoring his hamstring for part of the second half, but again played very well.

With the possible exception of the right back position -- which Steve Cherundolo will likely regain if he is again 100 percent -- we could have seen the U.S. national team backline of the immediate future on display Tuesday night.

WHERE'S THE ATTACK? Before anyone jumps overboard about the U.S. performance, it shouldn't be forgotten that the USA was only credited with one shot on Tuesday night.

For all his work, Jozy Altidore left Tuesday night's game early in the second half with his record intact of having yet to score for the USA during the Klinsmann era.

Herculez Gomez again did a yeoman's job but it was almost entirely in the U.S. half -- not the kind of work you're used to seeing him do in Mexico, where he has been one of the most consistent scorers over the last three seasons.

HEXAGONAL WATCH. After three games, the USA is tied with Costa Rica and Honduras for second place, a point behind surprise leader Panama and a point ahead of Mexico.

The four points tied a U.S. record for its lowest output after the first three games in the history of the Hexagonal, but Klinsmann and Co. will certainly take it. After the 2-1 loss to Honduras, the USA was looking at the possibility of opening with just three points, if not less.

Mexico's late collapse in San Pedro Sula, where it blew a 2-0 lead and had to settle for a 2-2 tie with Honduras on Friday, looms large in the Hexagonal race -- very much a win-win situation for the USA.

Either Mexico will get back in the hunt by starting to pick up points on the road -- and taking points from the USA's other rivals -- or it will fade in the standings. For the first 170 minutes of the Hexagonal, Honduras looked like the team to beat, but the Catrachos still dropped five of six points in the last two games -- two points against Mexico and then three in a 2-0 loss at Panama on Tuesday night.

Here's how the Hexagonal will turn out, if teams hold serve at home the rest of the way: USA, Costa Rica 16 points; Panama, Jamaica 14; Honduras 13; Mexico 12.

March 26 in Mexico City
Mexico 0 USA 0.
Mexico --
Ochoa; Meza, Reyes, Moreno, Torres Nilo (Reyna, 73); Salcido, Zavala, Aquino (Bravo 82), Guardado; Dos Santos, Hernandez.
USA -- Guzan; Cameron, Gonzalez, Besler, Beasley; Bradley, Edu; Zusi (Shea 83), Dempsey, Gomez (Davis 72); Altidore (E.Johnson, 56).
Referee: Walter Lopez (Guatemala).

Hexagonal Standings:
5 Panama 1-2-0 5-3
4 Costa Rica 1-1-1 5-4
4 USA 1-1-1 2-2
4 Honduras 1-1-1 4-5
3 Mexico 0-3-0 2-2
2 Jamaica 0-2-1 1-3

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  1. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 1:39 a.m.

    Good game keep me edge but the bunkering part was expected but I did see some brilliance in the us attack a couple of time from bradley and clint did not expect mexico become divers in this game I guess they wanted that penalty bad lol , seems to me our defense issue is solved for the moment .....

  2. cisco martinez, March 27, 2013 at 1:52 a.m.

    Results are what matter at the end of the day. Klinsmann had his boys defend as a team, closed spaces, and limit Mexico's chances. Mexico was unable to take advantages of chances, referee missed a couple, and being 5th in the hexagon is not a good start. Mexican fans clearly have some reservations of there play and lack of scoring ability looks questionable.

  3. R2 Dad, March 27, 2013 at 2:11 a.m.

    No way the hex will finish that close, and no way Mexico doesn't make the top 4.

  4. Bill Morrison, March 27, 2013 at 8:09 a.m.

    A good road result and a well-earned point. The defense was solid for the most part - as stated, Gonzalez and Besler looked as if they'd played 50 games together not just two. Not much in attack and two lucky non-calls; the first on Chicharito was 50-50 but with a CONCACAF ref I'm surprised it wasn't called. Edu's tackle from behind was a penalty all-day long but the ref and his assistants must have been dazed from lack of oxygen to miss that one!
    The next round of games will be very interesting.

  5. Kerry Ogden, March 27, 2013 at 8:49 a.m.

    I'd have to say that I was very impressed with the US's level of play last night, it's about time!

  6. charles davenport, March 27, 2013 at 8:53 a.m.

    Sorry, Alexei Lalas, but "classicallY" USMNT defense stinks, sucks, rots. Good News: the back four performed well by all accounts, including JK's, last nite. Bad news: 1.5 penalties could have been called, constant 2nd half Mexican pressure, and a Chicharito miss that normally would have been in the net. Good News: offenders on the uncalled penalties were not from the back four. Good News: JK has made it his first duty to organize the defense, without which advancement in the World Cup final is not possible; without defense, an offense comprised of any number of Dempseys and Donovans goes nowhere. Good News: The USMNT will qualify; I will be watching the defense next year against european teams in the pre-World Cup friendlies. If the defense is solid, the possibilities are great.

  7. Walt Pericciuoli, March 27, 2013 at 8:54 a.m.

    All said and done, we would have all taken 4 pts after 3 games before this all started. getting a result at Azteca is not easy for any Nat. team. The fact that we did it with the players we had out there shows that the depth chart in the US program may be deeper than we thought. Shouldn't we thank Klinsi for that.great job boys all the way around. Credit to Klinsi for still trying for the 3 pts with the late subs rather than trying to bunker in with all defensive minded subs.

  8. Ken Hirt, March 27, 2013 at 9:10 a.m.

    Besler was a nice surprise. USMNT has a lot more depth than people realize. Starting lineup in June will be much different, but hopefully includes LD instead of Zusi

  9. Charles Stamos, March 27, 2013 at 9:48 a.m.

    Charles Stamos
    commented on: March 26, 2013 at 11:27 p.m.
    OK 1st half for the US, Mexico giving the US a lot of midfield space, although the time to put pressure on is the 2nd half, they almost scored on the cross to Chicarito, and Bradley could have been called for the push, I like the ref waving or ignoring the linesman on that one; the US biding time, they almost scored on a corner, there was no foul there, that should be their weapon in the 2nd, crosses and corners. Could be a quiet 2nd or wild, Mexico on the verge of losing the home crowd.

  10. Charles Stamos, March 27, 2013 at 9:49 a.m.

    Charles Stamos
    commented on: March 27, 2013 at 12:31 a.m.
    Get Edu off the pitch; that was a PK foul on him, then he marks Chicharito and lets him run free onto a corner that Chich puts away 9 out of 10 times. US plays for the draw after halftime, Mexico deserved one PK, but lots of poor finishing by them, and no one making the great move, pass, or shot to create the game winner.

  11. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 9:57 a.m.

    The USA did what it went there to do. Get 1 point. Omar should have eliminated any doubt on who the new starting center D should be. I hope to see more of Besler. Stick with Guzan as much as possible. That said USA did not attack once in the entire game and I have a real problem with that. It sucks to watch if you are someone like me that wants to see 2 teams try and win a game. USA will inspire zero young players to go out and play soccer in their neigborhood with this style.

  12. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 10:05 a.m.

    Aquino should have eaten up Beasley but he didn't. Beasley did the best he good but USa needs somebody that actually plays that position. To put everything perspective. Mexico deserved to have 6 points at this point. VS Honduras we had 2 calls dictate that game that should have not. There was a Penalty awarded to Costly that was nothing, even more so when you see the Bradley push on Chicharito. In this game the Edu foul is as clear a penalty as they get. Out of the 3 games Mexico has played Jamaica is the one they deserved to lose and were actually lucky to tie. That said Mexico attacked USA but was still too conservative in their attack. Reyna should have came in earlier, I would have started him and Aquino is overrated. USA looked like it could generate an attack on 1-2 occasions in the midfield but were unwilling to go for it in the final 3rd. Dempsey was awful.

  13. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 10:09 a.m.

    Diego Reyes is here to stay in Mexico as CD. Mexico will finish first in this Hex. I dont believe they will have any more bad luck with reffing as they have had in last 2 games. USA will get no where with only defending for 90. No wins, no goals, no growth in fan base, no tv viewers, no more than 18,000 fans in stadiums.

  14. beautiful game, March 27, 2013 at 10:15 a.m.

    Good team effort, connectivity, and simplicity of play while the offense couldn't make things happen. Edu got away with murder and overall, except for the non-call PK, the ref-crew did a good job.

  15. Gordon Hayes, March 27, 2013 at 10:18 a.m.

    Lack of class=play the victim and blame the officials, fail to accept responsibility, don't demonstrate humility. Teach to our youth. Repeat,

  16. John Burns, March 27, 2013 at 10:51 a.m.

    Not too long ago, Klinsmann was the dead-meat target for a large number of contributors here re: the demise of the UNMNT. Conclusion was he was the problem and the sooner he was replaced the better. The tide may not have turned just yet but with the sole exception of Walt's comments above, the role of the coach is simply ignored. He certainly could not have had any influence on the results since they were positive but he is the scapegoat if it goes the other way. Funny how that works, no?

  17. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 10:54 a.m.

    Luis this is soccer america not soccer mexico were here to ralk about the usa not mexico ? Go to thier website and post what players you wanted your starting 12 for mexico idc now the little times the US attack they where dangerous mexico was not connecting at all thats why they where diving , the edu one was not a penalty and if you think it was your sir need some more coaching classes it was legit now tye chicharito Bradley incident he bearly touch him he was already going down so maybe a little nudge but oh well and we have been having concacaf refs issues all the time but now MEXICO is having oh no lets protest lets do this and that oh please grow up now we all see thst you are biased for mexico , blame them on the refs , blame omar gonzales then for not letting chicharito score or zuzi for taking that header from reyna its their fault but oh wait the ref did it its sad when a country is looking for a penalty to score than to make the goals by connecting excuses excuses and mexico will top the group we see who you really root for luis see you in brasil 2013 if mexico makes it lol

    From a true usa supporter

  18. miguel abisaab, March 27, 2013 at 10:57 a.m.

    Dear Paul, I you honestly say that the US performance was good? next question is it safe to say that Mexico made it hard on themselves? last question CONCACAF referees? did the Guatemalen crew do a decent job on both teams? All the coverage leading to this match was really low ebb both ESPN/UNIMAS (as I channel surfed between the two). Then watching the shows Super Estadio and Futbol en Serio on UNIMAS with Steve Sampson of all people providing some commentry and opinions(in spanish) on the USMNT was intresting. I will say this Paul, I look way back to 1990 when I read an article on Soccer Digest(remember that little magazine?) Dave Clemments former indoor soccer coach of the KC Comets (MISL), once commented that,"the future American player could be a mix of both European&Latin style of soccer, almost that of an Argentine player". I could say that was seen last night,resulting in the way the USMNT handle Mexico's infamous "waves after waves of attack" last night much better than in previous encounters and put together some decent attacks that yeilded some corners. The evening kick off also favored the USMNT, the 1997 USMNT had favorable weather,along with 11 days of preperation in Big Bear,CA. before going to Mexico City. What this team did last night is far more than the 1997 team did,which really defended more. With 4 days to prepare for the match played on Friday,in the "Snowstorm", and 3 days after that in the Azteca, I would say that the USMNT for now have earned a huge reprive and that coach Jurgen Klinsmann has yet to lose to Mexico as a coach or player. Paul to you and the Soccer America staff have a nice day, take care and keep up the good work!

  19. Chance Hall, March 27, 2013 at 10:58 a.m.

    Finally the USA fans have something to celebrate! A job well done! OK, I would like more offense, BUT, a point on the road in Mexico is huge!! This is by far the bet I've seen the USA play. They played as a team, which is the only way you can qualify. The defense was a joy to watch. They covered each other well, and they even stepped up and stole passes. Unusual for our defense to step up like that. Great job by all!!! :)

  20. Paul C, March 27, 2013 at 10:59 a.m.

    As a USA fan, I sure hope they become a better team. The back line did well defending the attack from the wings, but Mexico had no attacking CM all night. Our stellar back line performance was as much to do with their lack of attack in mid field as anything. If Cameron and Gonzales could play the ball on the ground when possession is won instead of long ball in the air which 90%+ of the time is turned over to the other team, we could possibly have had an attack ourselves. We were more physical than Mexico (as always) but still are in a transition from direct over the top soccer to a possession on the floor attack. It will take time to find those players in US and to change the culture of our game.

  21. David Mont, March 27, 2013 at 11:22 a.m.

    The defense was excellent, but I'm beginning to think that this US team is just not allowed to attack. This bunkering down (and not just yesterday) is worse than anything we saw under Bradley. The US was officially credited with one shot on goal, but frankly I don't remember it. At most, two shots on goal in the last two games (and no scoring chances) -- that should not be acceptable. Jamaica achieved the same result at Mexico playing attacking soccer and having a number of great chances. The US had no chances at all and didn't seem interested in creating them. It seems that Klinsmann's tactics is ball possession which is meaningless if the ball is not advanced forward. A number of times I wanted to see a long ball forward -- I felt that Mexico's defense was very suspect, especially in the middle -- yet our players were content to just pass the ball back.

  22. cisco martinez, March 27, 2013 at 11:43 a.m.

    Luis, sometimes in soccer you have to play ugly to get results. Ask maradona how gentile marked him in the 1982 world cup? Look how Portugal and holland in the 2002 world cup with all the red cards? Italy counter attacked the entire 1982 world cup? Argentina managed to get to the finals of the 1990 world cup winning by penalties? History has a long laundry list of ugly games for results.

  23. Bill Anderson, March 27, 2013 at noon

    The supposed BEASTS of CONCACAF have more to worry about and sort out than the USA. Mexico have a difficult set of choices to make. Hernandez is a goal poacher, not a creator, so who provides service? Is Dos Santos a strike partner for Hernandez or a waste of good attacking talent? Who is the attacking mid? Why are they 5th and not 1st? Is there a sacking for the manager coming? Out of 3 games, two at home they have 3 points. This is not a good start for El Tri.

  24. Bill Anderson, March 27, 2013 at 12:04 p.m.

    The US has come out of the first three games with these answers. Guzan is the starter with Howard providing a capable back up. Bocanegra and Gooch are done, long live Gonzales and Besler. Donovan is NOT needed, too much drama and distraction. Jermaine Jones is the key, his grit and determination change the team into lions from lambs.

  25. David Mont, March 27, 2013 at 12:27 p.m.

    Donovan is badly needed. This team has no offense and no creativity without him.

  26. John Soares, March 27, 2013 at 12:32 p.m.

    Luis... How much do you want to bet there will be more than 18,000 fans June 11th in Seattle!? Very strange comments, that CONCACAF refs suddenly favor the US team.

  27. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 1:02 p.m.

    Luis just wanted liga mx refs in there that how FAIR it would have been .... by the way I still belive luis is the anonymous source for sporting news lol......

  28. Charles Stamos, March 27, 2013 at 1:02 p.m.

    An attacking creative midfielder like Donovan or Torres would be helpful, but they would not have helped in the Mexico game as the mindset was to play for the scoreless tie; the home game in the snow cannot be analyzed because of the elements, the away Honduras loss was not on local TV, hard to say what the team lacks at this point. The offense is still a mystery, some new defensive players are now available. I do not believe Guzan has passed Howard as the number 1 GK.

  29. soccer talk, March 27, 2013 at 1:35 p.m.

    Great result even though the US was very much outplayed especially in the 1st 1/2. Mexico was just quicker to the ball and covering while the US mostly settled for the long ball instead of the nice short balls distributed thru Bradley on their few chances. Typical no playmaker, one on one player for any offense. Backline did well and Beasley actually showed up for this match.
    No foul from the small nudge that brought Chicharito's brothers flag airbourne which was properly waived off. Mexican league players as well as Italians should be carded for their dramatic dives in hopes to induce calls. The 2nd half non-call PK was 100% a foul and can't understand why it was withheld. Luckily Chich. choked in his finishing. Mexico was very quick, moved off ball for pass to pass... which put the US on its heels, but cuddos to the US for bending and Not breaking and definitely not "bunkering for 90" until maybe the last 15 mins. Mexico should be upset about the non-call that MIGHT have secured a goal, but good teams don't rely on such to gain a win. My opinion is the US need to body up and get even more physical against a smaller team to try and slow them down. Great job JK after a tiring snow match to gain the point. US should get out of the Hex and advance. Mexico should as well w/ things evening out after a few games.
    GO USA!!!

  30. Gordon Hayes, March 27, 2013 at 1:36 p.m.

    Stay classy Ric.

  31. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:44 p.m.

    Carlos M, this is Soccer America but it is clearly one thing to you and another to me. I like to think of it as Soccer Central, North/South America as it does give us info on all 3 and doesnt really specify only one. There is a section right below this one that talks about Panama, dumby. What was the Edu foul then?? That is a clear foul that the ref missed. I wouldnt have called the Chicharo one but then again I wouldnt have called the Costly penalty as well. Out of the 2 the Chicharfo one was more of a foul. Nobody is protesting. I dont think the refs are out to get Mexico. Never siad that. I just think they absolutely suck. We have bad refs in Concacaf and that is certain. Nonetheless We all know Mexico is the better team in Concacaf that should but doesnt have 6 points. Omar is a stud. If you think that a country looking for a penalty to win is sad, well then everybody in the world can and probably say that it is down right depressing that a big World Power country like USA should not have to bunker with everything they have in front of a goal to get a result vs a 3rd world country.

  32. Chris Sapien , March 27, 2013 at 1:44 p.m.

    Bill, you nailed it with the JJ comment.....successful teams need players who know there roles and set the tone both defensively and offensively.....All posters, do not forget the big picture, Klinns and the US Nat.s know they are the only nation in the Hex that play four of their final six games at home, while Mex, Hon, CR, & Jam split their last six and Pan only have two home games!! Getting the away draw was crucial to keeping that scheduling advantage! In addition we will have two weeks between our 4th game and our 5th in Jamaica to prepare, while Jamaica has to play us only three days after its home game vs. Mexico. I see that as an advantage since we will be determined to take points in Kingston where we didn't last year. Bottom line, we accomplished what was necessary, we didn't stretch our shape and we kept mexico at bay. Let them and Luis wallow in it!!

  33. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:45 p.m.

    Sorry, meant to say should have to bunker in last sentence.

  34. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:51 p.m.

    Cisco, i know that. I can understand how many of you are happy for this result. I simply cant get behind a team that bunkers like that. I love USA but hate the style of play that a country of our stature is playing. I am extremely happy for Omar. I am sad that we still cant hope to do any better than bunker vs Mexico. The difference between Italy and USa is that Italy had skilled tecnical players to counter with. To be a contender you must have great individual players no matter the style. Do any of your examples resemble USa in individual quality players?? I dont think so. Netherlands should have played Spain straight up but sadly resorted to ugliness thinking that would help. Big mistake, in my opinion for them in last world cup.

  35. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:53 p.m.

    Carlos, I actually believe it was just a few player crying about playing time for USA. I am against anonymous comments. That's why I use my real name.

  36. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:54 p.m.

    John, didnt say that. Concacaf Refs suck. Simple. And watch out. USA is do for a Concacaf ref blunder!!

  37. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 1:55 p.m.

    John, USA fans = no more than 1/3 of stadium. You will see more or at least 1/2 Mexico fans. You want to still make that bet??

  38. soccer talk, March 27, 2013 at 2:23 p.m.

    USA did not BUNKER in, they brought in Shea, Davis which are not defensive bunker pieces. JK wanted to steal 3 points, all be may be wishful thinking.
    Mexico were dictating the flow which kept the US going backwards, but not by design. No pitty here on the absurd 3rd world country sob story. Mexico, Honduras... live and breathe soccer from way back farther than the might US roots and its Cosmo era. Those small countries only play soccer w/ no other channels to filter athletes to as many sports as the US. You could take Texas and only its college athletes and pit them against Mexico and the Tri could'nt compete in football, basketball... There is more to it than pure size and population for the US. It will take at least a decade to approach near the same level as other smaller countries. Mexico is on on the rise w/ its younger divisions and are fastly getting out of there funk. Spare the David Goliath scenero. Play to advance and continue to learn and grow in recruiting and deveopment US!

  39. Efrahim Fernandez, March 27, 2013 at 2:26 p.m.

    If all we wanted was results regardless of how we play then why did we replace Coach Bradley. He had some very good results? JK was going to introduce a new style of play. We keep talking about the importance of qualifying or getting + immediate results ..Nothing has changed , the quality of performance Is fair at best. We are excited by defenders who can keep there shape and clear their lines? I would much rather us look to build from the back , be patient in attack, playing direct and direct when the situation calls for it. I tell my youth team not to worry about immediate results but to be focused on the quality they produce on the pitch. I am pro USA as it gets in every way. But that was a stone cold penalty on Edu. Yes poor or missed calls are part of the game and Mexico needs to move on just we will need to when a unfair call goes against us. I saw a glimmer of hope with the u20s and hope in the future we look to take more risks.

  40. beautiful game, March 27, 2013 at 2:29 p.m.

    One performance doesn't solve the key issues...biggest problem was the soft offense. Team needs a solid playmaker which is nowhere to be found.

  41. Carrie Hall, March 27, 2013 at 2:43 p.m.

    Maybe the ref missed the call on Edu because he got in the way of one of the fan's laser pointers directed at the US players.

  42. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 3:18 p.m.

    Dumby really luis your outburts and comments are just too funny for a guy who says usa all the way ok ok central /south america collums but any non dumby person .... excuse me I mean is thst even a word? Or are we 5 anyways i think you dont understand sarcasm or have a sense of humor always on the offense diving like chicharito oh I mean .... opps do you get those jokes? Anyways chicharito was already going down looking for that penalty Bradley just was unfortunate to be near him .... he is a poacher not a true stricker can you admit that mexico is all hype .... now how long has the usa struggle with concacaf refs but do we cry ?throw a hissy fits?, no we MAN UP and play the next game (some advise for you) not all games are pretty but strategy will prevail always and klinsi knew wat he was doing we CHOSE not to play their game and made them play ours .......

  43. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 4 p.m.

    Carlos, now who is crying? I agree Mexico shouldn't hope for a penalty, however clear it might be, as USA should not hope for a W.C. ref to not make that obvious call. What is clear is Mexico's style of play has a higher probability of success than USA at the moment. Refs can completely dictate the outcome of one game but not every ref is the same. There are good and bad. Dumbly is a playful expression of how smart I think you are. Chicharon and Costly dove. Costly was even more clear. It is what it is. Thaw crying?

  44. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 4:01 p.m.

    Carrie, great point!! Not!!

  45. Carrie Hall, March 27, 2013 at 4:27 p.m.

    Luis – you are being rude. Almost as rude as the Mexican fans who think it’s fair game to blind the opposing team with laser pointers and then cry foul play when a call is missed.

  46. John Soares, March 27, 2013 at 4:52 p.m.

    Luis the game in Seattle is against Panama. I would not expect an overflow of Mexicans... but would definitely bet on 18,000+.

  47. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 4:53 p.m.

    Thank you carrie luis everything too serious hes mad because mexico is 5th on the hex and its historical unbeliveble in his eyes with the greatest player than hugo sanchez they can be at this level. Do we lobby fifa for mexico lasers ? Or insults that echo the Aztec? Maybe urine bags thrown at usmnt ? And what does costly have to do with oit us match do I blame mexico for costa rica imcompetence or if we tied or lost our game no you put excuses for mexico like a true tri fan. I think I hit a goooooooollll with you something chicharon o sorry chicharito didnt do yesterday......

  48. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 5 p.m.

    Chicharon, that's funny. I call him that too. Again, no excuses. It is what it is. Rude? Why would lasers have anything to do with the refs incompetence? I am a Trial fan and USA fan and put everything in perspective. USA U20's? Now that is soccer should be played by a USA side. What is rude is telling someone they should go back to Mexico only becaude he highlights facts or roots for tri. Rude is actually a nice word for that.

  49. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 5:08 p.m.

    John, agreed. Seattle has great fans. But in the rest of USA this Tue of play will simply not generate great fan support. The argument by many Americans that don't follow USA soccer is that there is low scoring. If they see last nights performance they would certainly never even consider watching it again. The true soccer fanatics in USA do not appreciate that style as well, no matter who is playing it. That is in general. But hey we got a point!!! And that's all that matters right?? How do any of you hope for your own kids to develop any skills or techniques when you make it so clear that results are what matters.?? Do they sit with you and cheer on this type of soccer? Do they say "Ohio, look we never attacked but god damn did we defend great"!!!!. If they do then I am really sad for them.

  50. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 5:15 p.m.

    No one and I mean no one said you should go back to mexico and if you think that about your fellow Americans thats sad. And you should look at that different ly because that is influential in the way you think I except that we cant control people in being racist but this is the greatest country in the world . Coming from a fellow hispanic I tell you let all prejudice and stereotype go its shaping your life in the wrong way ....... and dont be the victim luis please dont be that person. Just some advise that will help in the future. ... mexico national team still sucks thou .....

  51. Bill Anderson, March 27, 2013 at 5:50 p.m.

    Mexico don't suck, but they are 5th in the Hex.

  52. John Soares, March 27, 2013 at 6:01 p.m.

    Luis; While high scoring is fun. I would remind you that the best team in the world, Spain has only scored one goal (each) in the last three games. They also won the world cup scoring one goal (each) in three of their games. NO I'm not comparing US to Spain... but there is more to it:). When playing an "acknowledged" superior team you do the best you can to not get blown away. US deserves a nine for doing just that. 10 if they would of gotten lucky and won. You see TOP teams do it all the time against the Spains, Barcelonas etc. Usually referred to as a smart strategy. Well US played smart... not pretty but smart.

  53. David Huff, March 27, 2013 at 6:10 p.m.

    @Luis, the game against Mexico is being moved to Estadio North Slope, AK, where orange balls will be featured and snowmen will be constructed by Eskimo youth on the sidelines as part of a pre-game decorating contest. On the CONCACAF refs, the USSF will continue its practice of "subsidizing" all ref crews who officiate at Mexico's remaining Hexagonal matches (let the conspiracy theories begin!)Final memo for Luis, whenever the US can leave the Azteca without losing it is is a great achievement that is likely to generate increased US fan support while causing El Tri fans to wallow in despair from the latest Aztecazo inflicted from "Los Jugadores Del Norte." The US-Mexico rivalry drama series continues . . . :-)

  54. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 6:12 p.m.

    John, that is correct but that is also due to how most teams have played them. Just like USA to be exact. If you saw france and Spain play I am sure you would agree that this is what most people would love to see in a game. Spain does not bunker. They posess and look for seams. They try to score every time they get the ball and create many exiting chances regardless of how much they score. AGreed John. USA played a SUPERIOR team the only way it could and would have gotten extremely LUCKY had they won. It's not really smart to play a way that is the only way to get a result. Smart is having several options and picking the best one. I have no p[roblem with anything you just said. I have a problem with so many years of USA fans saying we did good enough or other countries are more advanced or have a head start. I have a problem with the obviously terrible job of recruiting only out of a select 80 Academies to field a National team. I have a problem of constantly losing great talent to Mexico and central AAmerican countries that actually can play an attacking style of play. I have a problem with people saying "Oh, we don't pick soccer first" when it is a fact that Hispanics(The biggest minority in USa) do pick soccer first and the same passion and history is seen in the barrios every day. So overall I have a big problem with this style of play we still have to watch our USMNT play as a result of the problems I just mentioned that have been going on for too long without any really measures of improvement being taken.

  55. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 6:15 p.m.

    Carlos, someone did. i will show you later but I am not acting as a victim. I am just giving an example of what is rude. You beleive the Mexico team sucks and that USA is great. i respect your opinion even though I think you are drinking heavily when you are saying that. Just please dont drink and drive.

  56. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 6:22 p.m.

    David, 0-0 ties dont generate fans. Ugly soccer is not liked anywhere in the world. Look at the MLS. Chivas USA with an improved style of play, I am hoping they will, will generate the wins and most importantly the attacking tecnically skilled soccer that will generate fans for them that they have otherwise lacked. hopefully then some of you will understand what most soccer people in USA want to watch and root for. Mexican Americans , mostly, beleive that everything is better in USA except soccer. That is probably the only thing most of us agree on. I bet you anything you want that if USA had an attacking style of good technical skilled soccer you would win over many fans already here that usually go for Mexico. For that USA must be willing to recruit in every corner without worrying about a future job in a $$ Academy.

  57. John Soares, March 27, 2013 at 6:28 p.m.

    Luis you seem to have many problems!:)---But I do agree with your statements, at least in general. I see hope in the future however. As you have mentioned, the U20s looked real good. As have several of the new seniors. Perhaps as they mature we can also have a new (let's go all out and say) Brazilian or Spanish coach. Now wouldn't be a kick!?

  58. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 6:29 p.m.

    In my view bill in my view

  59. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 7:15 p.m.

    Oh so just because im hispanic I drink heavily luis you are very stereotypical. I cant belive you said that how racist . Now see how that sounds luis? a victim thats what you do all the time when someone disagreess with you. They way YOU portrait yourself is the way others see you. Next time dont say anyone said go to mexico if they havent thats the bone I have to pick with you and when mexico senior team does someting great ill think about retracting my statements

  60. Alex G. Sicre, March 27, 2013 at 7:36 p.m.

    Donovan is the missing cog in the wheel. Go USA.

  61. David Huff, March 27, 2013 at 8:31 p.m.

    Luis, agreed that attractive flowing attacking brand of soccer is best. However, when it comes down to the US-Mexico series, we will do what we have to do to prevail or at least not lose at the Azteca(which is no easy achievement for visitors in WC qualifying) and I would submit that this is the exception to your general rule on fan appreciation. Providing an Aztecazo to Mexico is always viewed as good thing, even if not done in the most attractive way.

  62. Gordon Hayes, March 27, 2013 at 8:49 p.m.

    Guys, the last posts of our friend Luis have proven inconclusively that he is biased by his own bitterness and racial divisiveness. Please remember he never even played the game. It used to be somewhat important to try and warn other posters of this race-baiting behavior but the last two posts have made things obvious and crystal clear so it is hardly necessary any more - his hatred of the US and other ethnicities is clear. My only problem now is that, unfortunately, he influences young people with his rhetoric which is a serious problem in our youth soccer culture.

  63. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 9:21 p.m.

    You see Gordon, that's what gets you in trouble. That comment you just made will get taken out because all it is a personal snipe at me with nothing in context to what was posted. You only and I mean ONLY make any comment in reference to my posts. You never and mean NEVER have an opinion to share about these stories or anyone else but me. Everyone here knows this. As you can see, I am holding conversations with some people that dont agree with me at all, with others that agree with some of what I am saying and with a few that fully agree with me. Most people here dont viciously attack me with nonsense like you do. We get a little heated but keep it civilized and mostly on subject. As far as the kids I influence, I ahve several kids either getting NATIONALLY scouted, or scouted by German, Mexican Clubs and offers to attend the top boarding schools in the country. You know why? Because they were taught by me to carry themselves with class and dignity even in the face of great adversity. I do the fighting for them. All this from a 80-90 player club total!! The problem you speak of with me is manifesting itself in great interest from top organizations. Free scholarships because these kids haved learned that it takes much more than just playing great soccer. It takes discipline, knowing how to handle adversity, political management, along with great skills. It takes an overall objective of not being like the rest or being forced to accept what they dont believe is right. That's my influence. What have you done??

  64. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 9:53 p.m.

    David, I understand perfectly. I want to be able to say NOW, that attacking brand of soccer is the answer to compete with anyone, including mexico in the Azteca. That would most certainly create the exitement this country needs to rake in the new young fans.

  65. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 9:55 p.m.

    Carlos, I think your drinking because of the nonsense you sputter. But now that I know you are Hispanic, try to stay away from the Tequila!!! You are right, just stick to saying how great of a tie USA had in the Azteca by bunkering!!

  66. soccer talk, March 27, 2013 at 10:03 p.m.

    Luis does tick a lot of folks off and obviously consistently has different views. He does seem to get a good point across with stArting early to find those kids (Hispanic or not) into development in the. US dev acad. even $ halts this journey. Unfortunately Luis is dreAming if he wants highly tech and beautiful tactful game play from what 2013 has to offer. JK plays the style he hopes will get results to survive decited by opponents his team is pitted against. He can't play to the viewing high scoring American audience. He doesn't care about that aspect soccer, not does he have the product to appease those wishes. Great, point mentioned Luis, except the GD explicitibe.

  67. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 10:04 p.m.

    Soccer, USA did not bunker in?? Didnt Shea come in like the 80-85th minute?? Are Gomez, Altidore and Dempsey defensive players??? Ok. I guess you know these players differently than the rest of us. So soccer was hardly played or lived before the Cosmos?? So you mean Hispanics did not bring soccer culture with them?? Did they switch right over to basketball?? Did black people play 100 years of basketball to become the best?? Didnt white people have a head start with that sport?? After that example does your Mexico Honduras have played it longer comment make any sense?? Or does it sound more like a poor excuse?? You are right Mexico could not beat a college in Football because no one hardly plays it over there. But basketball is a little different. The Mexcian National Team is usually not that bad and give Argentina good games. You know, the same Argentina that has beaten the Dream Team.

  68. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 10:10 p.m.

    USA is full of immigrants or sons and grandkids of immigrants that brought the beautiful game of soccer with them culturally. USA is not a country of one race that has been foreign to soccer. That is nonsense. Utter nonsense. A poor poor excuse. Did we all of a sudden end up with 24.5 million soccer players in USA??? Do you know that is 6 million more than the entire population of Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Jamaica combined??? Panama prefers Baseball as favorite sport. Its time to man up and demand we immediately recruit the talent we do have to play all of these teams, including mexico straight up and outscore them!!!

  69. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 10:20 p.m.

    Soccer I know that this 2013 team will not play like this but why wont I be ticked off if I know perfectly well that we are doing little from saying the same things 10 years from now??? I spoke to an explayer from the Cosmos, he played with beckenbauer, and he told me that this is all the same that has been said 30 years ago. Nothing has evolved. He actually said there could be an argument for better soccer being played back then. He is outraged that so many players are being missed or not retained to stay in USA. He highlighted how so many kids that are missed here get the opportunites in other countries and all of a sudden create interest in recruitment. He said USA has always had good defenders and never much of anything else because that is all they want to play. It makes sense. Why in God's name have we not looked to brazilian coaches to develop our players?? They are the world's best in this department. Why are we so leaned to England for this?? Why??? Why??

  70. Gordon Hayes, March 27, 2013 at 10:32 p.m.

    So according to Luis 'civilized' is calling people 'dumby's' (yes, that is how he thinks it is spelled) and telling them they have been drinking and please remember anything he writes is never true (like how great is his rec club is) and obviously everyone agrees with you - you have a lot of fans - hispanic or otherwise - what does that tell you? Oh I forgot 'very few in the US know soccer' - unfortunately that is what it tells you......Is a pity this is in our youth culture.

  71. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 10:49 p.m.

    Luis every team has their own style I would have done this differently if I was coach mentality is easy to say but you dont realize we are transition ing since for one year and some months other countries took them decades (ie spain, and to your logic mexico) so tell m e how we ate going to do this transition in so little time can I borrow your tin e machine so I can speed. This alittle faster the way like you say want it , PATIENTS is the magic word , we make due with what we have and I say next world cup cycle we will dominate but your asking to much klinsi can only do soo much with wat he has , including players luis .....

  72. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 11:08 p.m.

    Gordon is it also a pity that my players that i influence are going to the country's best private schools??

  73. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 11:13 p.m.

    Carlos there is no time machine needed. Just look at basketball. Its a perfect example in USA. Do you not see how fast other countries are catching up?? Spain, Argentina, Germany, Yugoslavia ( would have beaten us consistently had they not breaken up). Soccer has been around in USA much longer than basketball in the rest of the world. Besides, our advantage when comparing to the rest of these countries is that we have had many many deep soccer cultures bring their knowledge to USA for a very long time. How many basketball immigrants gor from USA to Spain or Argentina??? Come on Carlos, you should know better. I am not even talking about Klins. He needs to keep his job 1st and foremost. I am talking about the overall failed system that has been going on for way way too long.

  74. carlos m, March 27, 2013 at 11:28 p.m.

    Soccer was never s big sport before the nasl now they went bankrupt it was an immigrant sport but the nationalism did not let it progress it was a European thing not a american we were proudfull people abd still are and we have embraced soccer in the early 90s so you tell ne about soccer history snd how this country has made it its own in such s short time ( excluding the black years where it bearly ddragged along since 1950-1970s ) I know my history like a true smerican soccer fan.....

  75. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 11:47 p.m.

    Carlos, it was not marketed right or to the right people. There were many Hispanics back then that always picked soccer first. Can you explain how we now have 24.5 million soccer players in USA? Did it happen suddenly?? Or gradually?? Did we start with 1 million in the 70's?? Just give me a good guess on this at least. So if we embraced it in the early 90's why havent we progressed much in talent in 20 years?? Why do we basically have the same or worst talent at the senior level with so many to pick from?? Come on, dude. Yea, the U20's look great but have you seen the U18's or U17's?? Come on true American explain.

  76. Luis Arreola, March 27, 2013 at 11:52 p.m.

    Do we have scouts all over USA like other countries do?? Why not?? Is there a true overall national pride in player selection at all ages in USA?? Does the USA pride come first when scouting and developing players or do politics, $$, personal agendas/interests override it?? There is absolutely no reason for our current level of talent/play at our senior level. We should be much improved in the 20 years you speak of in all aspects and we are not. many say we are worse.

  77. soccer talk, March 28, 2013 at 12:03 a.m.

    Luis, JK did not go on with bunker mindset. The dictated play especially later when the draw was attainable. We couldn't hold onto the ball long enough to press forward, thus the defensive mode. Basic knowledge coach. Guess your team would have pushed ahead for aesthetic points while giving up goals, sounds sensible to me @ least throughout my coaching career.
    I never immigrants didn't facilitate soccer in America. And I will not touch how the black athletes have brought our game to different level. They are athletically , physically more apt generally. And in comparison largely to your dismay Hispanics do not dominate soccer with these same. Traits.
    USA soccer has greatly improved in play in the last 30 years, not the rate from your lofty unrealistic quick fix expectations. Wake up Louie, and take your blinders off. I grew up with no soccer to be seen in youth arenas and damn sure not on the public US stage in the 70s. Oh Texas is
    Is state right near your border home. By the way. The tri will always draw mucho fans bc what else or sport takes the alternative. And their or most of them are an embarrassment to their country and the piss poor treatment when they boo a very good team from their home. That another topic for another day.
    If the US grew up 100 plus years with soccer then we would kick butt just as the in the sports that take precedence in this era, unfortunately it is 4 or. 5 on the sport list here in the grand old USA. However we are still far away in a soccer dev sense than those 3rd world vvery good Ted u think we bully w our soccer population. Dev of players yet athothet prob for another time.
    Google some more history to spew about our American culture. I lived it for 50 years so spare us your mex bias opinion. Don't u find interesting that you cont. stave off multiple bloggers article after article? That makes sense and all the logic needed for a light to go off and wake up to perhaps correcting your dillisiomal , lofty quick fox mindset for US soccer. U are not a mighty Oz of cure all opinions. Cont to piss off everyone u "dumby". Go USA!!!

  78. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 12:39 a.m.

    Soccer, ok good points but please explain why Hispanicsa do not dominate soccer and why it is to my dismay?? I was talking about those 20-30 years you speak of. How exactly have we improved?? Where exactl did you grow up in Texas?? Did you grow up near a Hispanic community?? Is basketball played everywhere in USA?? Now you are an expert on how a soccer country is supposed to treat their underachieving team?? Great Britian was booed at their own Olympics. That's the type of stuff that gets changes made in a faile system or risk international embarrassment. Its not optimal but certainly better than waitning for the federation to do something about it like we have. Soccer is 4-5 on everyone in USA's list. Is basketball on everyones 1-2 list in USA?? Come on man. You can do better than that. You mean to tell me that the Hispanic population in USa pick soccer 4-5 behind basketball, football, hockey?? We are the biggest minority in USa that most certainly picks soccer first and most of us here have a parent or grandfather that brought the very same passion and culture of soccer with him from Mexico. So did El Salvador, Panama, Jamaica. DO black people also pick 4-5 sports as the 2nd biggest minority?? Like hockey?? Arent they justmore passionate about basketball than the rest of us?? ISnt Spain the current world champion and Hispanic?? Isnt Brazil the record holding 5 world cup champ, also Hispanic?? ISnt Argentina their greatest rival and also 2 time champion, Hispanic?? Mexico, the Concacaf King?? What culture then is better hsitorically in soccer?? I am not OZ. I am someone using logic and common sense in determining what is needed to elevate soccer in this country but people like you like to argue without making a factual point or use common sense in your debate. That is why you get pissed off.

  79. cisco martinez, March 28, 2013 at 1:12 a.m.

    Luis, if you compare jermaine jones to Nigel de Jong there the same type of player. I never claimed, "I was happy" with the result, differentiating the fact which I did claim which was playing ugly will get you a result. Did USA playing exciting soccer? Of course not. Is it the type of soccer I'd like to see? Probably not, however it not exciting soccer that makes it exciting, it's the tactics, defensive shifting, closing down spaces, defensive awareness. Teaching a defense to play in Mexico at altitude, 100,000 fans booing your anthem and tying them away is a result. Soccer is chess not checkers.

  80. carlos m, March 28, 2013 at 8:21 a.m.

    Now luis if I quite remember americas past time is ..... baseball even mexicans started playinh baseball there movies about the HISPANICS in tge usa adopted baseball and not soccer our old school hispanics are baseball fans not soccer fan idk where you are getting your facts soccer was big only with the cosmos the la aztects flopped , the hispanics where there but never went ..... yes this country is a country of immigrant s but soccer was not as popular because it wasnt american created back then

  81. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 8:39 a.m.

    Cisco, agreed. Never argued any of that. Your main objective is a "result" for USA no matter how ugly. I respect that. All I am saying is that a country of our stature with our player pool should not have to depend on playing ugly or bunkering as "tactics" to beat anybody in Concacaf, at the very least. I strongly believe that is this top world power country did things right we should have a skilled technical attacking team that can use other means fro tactics. In Chess there are those that attack and there are those that defend. In war offense can be your best defense.

  82. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 8:53 a.m.

    Carlos, there are stories. So you state Hispanics didnt play soccer back then because the Aztecs from la flopped?? Soccer wasnt played on TV but it certainly doesnt mean soccer was not played by our culture. You think that Mexicans that came to USA that loved soccer , like many do, just all of a sudden said " well, no one plays soccer here so I think I will stop loving soccer for a while" ?? Come on dude. The fact that mexicans also love basbeall does not mean they traded soccer for it. We have a very big and succesful baseball league in Mexico, you know. You must think basketball wasnt popular amongst black people, back then , because you never saw them play it on TV as well. How did they all of a sudden dominate it?? Could it be that they were playing it in the hood way before they were permitted to play it in College and pro bythe white man?? Hispanics can choose 2 sports and be succesful at them you know?? Blavck people are certainly succesful at football as well. Panama has very good baseball players as well and that country is very small, the size of a small USA state. Soccer did not have tobe popular in America to be popular in the Hisp[anic community. Hispanics in USA have the same head start that Mexico, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador have because those are the countries many of them immigrated from. That is where they brought their many years of experience that puts them on par with the rest of the world. That is why USA barrios keep producing at a much higher rate now Hispanos that get Mexican contracts and call ups to the Mexican national team. El Salvador, qualified for its first U20 W.C. with 5-6 USa born players. I have to explain this to a Hispanic???

  83. carlos m, March 28, 2013 at 9:17 a.m.

    No luis this is now , when did el Salvador or mexico get us born players before the 90s if they did I would love to know maybe noe or even in the 90s? Mexican Americans who did not come from mexico which is most hispanics here not people who come from other countries where already "americanized "with baseball and not soccer was to foreign to this country now its relevant and exploding In this great country ....... demographics do matter and society shape the views if an Individual thats how this sport. Was so hard to come into the mainstream sports.....

  84. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 9:31 a.m.

    They didnt because these countries were not looking here for players because there were no way of finding them. Now we have many leagues and an easier means of word getting out like the internet, for example. Thats why. You have many 1st, 2nd , 3rd generation Mexicans here that brought their love for soccer over here so it's the same Historic advantage. It's not like all these Hispanics came and forogt they were Hispanics and forgot they love soccer and started all over again as Americans. They brought soccer, tacos, mariachis, sombreros with them. Lets say it was after the 90's just to make you happy. Lets say that there were no soccer playing Mexicans before the 90's and all of them showed up after. They still have the same historic culture that Mexico has in Soccer because that is where they came from. The same for all of the immigrants from the rest of the Hex teams as well as many Euro immigrants like Poland, Romania, etc. and the same for many South American immigrants. That is 20 years of having people that have lived soccer for a 100 years as a culture. If soccer in USa started in the 90's that is one thing but the people that play it succesfully here have played it culturally for many more years. So Hispanics that came here were already americanized when they got here?? SO why have we been eating tacos for all these years?? Its exploding because the soccer cultures were already in place many years before arriving here. We didnt all of a sudden wind up with 24.5 million soccer players. That is naive to think that is even possible.

  85. soccer talk, March 28, 2013 at 4:02 p.m.

    Luis, If you think US soccer has not improved in the last 20-30 years then maybe U are too young remember. I grew up in the houston area and our town is has changed w/ the Hispanic now the majority, probably more than yours. The HS I went to used to be ~ 75 white and 20 or Hipspanic; those #s have reveresed in 2012. 30 years ago I didn't see a soccer balluntil they played w/ the old brown vinyl rock hard European style balls. Of course it was only my town, we are less than 200 miles from mexico. Today kids @ my school are crazy about the game their ancestors prob. brought over. We are 82% Hispanic @ my school so I do see a large change in the city demosphere, even among rec to club soccer where I have coached. The Hispanic movement has given the Highschool teams a large talent pool which they reap as long as they can catch them up academically & keep the grades passing. So personally I have seen improvement in soccer because of this swing which brings the US interest in the sport up, even though many still pledge their loyalty to other teams besides the US pro teams or Nat squad. On a grand level "Come on Man" how can you fathom to say US soccer has not improved in the last 20-30 years. Here is the facts/logic that so desperately think many others fall short. Chew on this:
    US joined NASL in 70s to in hopes to get some credibily or step for soccer in soccer community. US latter dropped out of the NASL after embarrassingly fin. @ the bottom. It was a start and we learn and press on to IMPROVE!
    1970 - lost to Haiti and never Qual. for WC. WC to me is the ultimate goal to achieve or strive.
    The 1980s saw the US improve and rebuild by inserting more professional over many college players. Still no WC, soccer slowly taking a more serious step to improvement.
    1991 - US wins N.Am Cup while tying Mexico and beating Canada. still small but large steps for baby soccer nation.
    1994 - Hosted WC, although we got in as a host, and viewed as weak, the US beat #4 Columbia, before losing to eventual power house Brazil.
    1998- actually qualified for France WC, didnt fare well but we were there!
    2006 - won Gold Cup and qual. group.
    2007 - beat the TRI in Gold Cup Final (big steps on US radar)
    2009 - beat power-house Spain in Conf. Cup, and lost 3-2 to brazil - IMPROVEMENT
    2010 - begin Qual. w/its 11 in a row defeat of Mexico 2-0 on AM. soil. US goes on to win its WC group w/ England in it. Improvement!!!
    2013 - presently sitting nice in the early qual. round.
    I will combat your hispanic misconseption later from my last response. Looks pretty sensible and logical to me, not some emotional redneck philosophy u seem to label many that don't agree w/ your bias. Born raised American! Go USA!!!

  86. soccer talk, March 28, 2013 at 4:55 p.m.

    Hello Luis,
    I never doubted or challenged the contribution of Hispanic passion,influence which is a huge reason soccer came to America. It is making America slowly (not to pace you would like) get even more excited about the future of soccer here. You kind went off on a tangent about the Hispanic dominance... here and abroad. Maybe i wasn't clear and this may stir some people up; my analogy to black athletes is that they (not all, but more than others) are physiologically able to perform better in basketball, track than other races w/ fast twitch muscle, traits in the physical make-up. Yes many aspire to be their hero MJ and play in the some hoods or any play groung w/ a pole and a hoop. They dominate basketball after breaking the color bearier, and even football. I am caucasion so don't think I am pounding my chest. Those were the Traits that I feel through many of your past blogs that to your "dismay" that Hispanics do not carry to dominate futbal/soccer. You give me a group of Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and have them equally trained w/ no prior influence or traing from an early age and you will not see much parity. You could could throw black americans in the mix and the same thing b/c the beauty of the sport is it is not made up of only speed and power. look at the best player in the world (my opinion- Messi). Thats what intrigue me about the sport, along w/ a newness in America from the traditional sports. I maybe wrong, but believe you think Hispanics have sort of gene that boosts them athletically over other races. You seem to always adore the Mexican roster picks Gonzalez, w/ no same admiration for whites... By the way - U are right Gonzo is a stud! So my comparison to to soccer in america and the percentages that you throw out
    about USA being a more of a soccer crazed nation as whole does not mesh. It has grown leaps and bounds throught the slow process of immagrants and there influence and players evolving to higher levels. Here are a few fun fact to mull:
    2010 - USA 63% white/ euro. 16% Hispanic 308 million or so population.
    2009 - top sports by participation
    1. basketball 2. soccer (understandable w/ football being more expensive w/ equip. needs...
    2. VIEWING/America Presently America still still has not grasped soccer as a nation, but w/ US men/women spotlights it will only improve (I hope so)
    24.8 million Americans watched the last WC final
    111 million watched the 2012 Superbowl
    We still are a long way from putting soccer above the traditional power sports, unlike the other countries that produce great soccer b/c that is the sport of choice among the limited choices to really excel.
    My opinion is we need to embrace what we have MLS, not knock it or downgrade it b/c it is far behind La liga, EPL, Bundelsliga...

  87. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 5:41 p.m.

    Soccer, good points but I dont think Hispanics have a special gene that makes us better. i contribute as simply cultural. I beleive that if Mexicans and white people and Asians played basketball with a cultural passion as Black people do we would see many more Steve Nash's in the NBA. I also beleive that if you threw all those ethnicities together they would all develop very similar. No doubt. But the reality is that you will see the more cultural soccer players prevail. Larry bird played pick up in the Black neighborhoods simply because he knew where the best basketball was being played. Not becuase they were superior athletes. Because they were culturally more passionate about it. AThleticism is an added valuable trait but not the main determining factor even in basketball. I agree that soccer takes less athleticism to dominate. Fact is that most times in USA Hispanics dominate because of this very reason. Doesnt mean we wont see the Larry Bird's, Steve Nash's, Stockton's, Jerry West's of Soccer. Mexicans in USa as in Mexico tend to dribble more, they enjoy having the ball, they must ahve the ball, they like to showcase their skills, they like to play with style flare even when a simple pass is better. Remind you of anyone. Black people and basketball. They could go for an easy layup but will reverse it or tomahawk it just for fun. White people, in General (so dont get offended), play a more simple less risky game in both basketball and soccer. It is more about structure, fundamentals, team first play with unnesscary or risky dribbling or crazy shots. When you watch a Hispanic team play, no matter where, you see them attack with great numbers. White teams you see play back/safe and long balls. It's cultural. I think white people will benefit greatly from playing a Hispanic attacking style in soccer as many White great basketball players have benefited from learning the flare/creativity that black people brought to the game. I dont think we have reached that humility in soccer that we have already achieved in basketball and benefited from.

  88. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 6:02 p.m.

    You may be right about my admiration. I did say Besler was very good as well but maybe not as much as Omar. I think they looked great together. I wish for Holden to come back. I might seem bias because I believe that if we get more Hispanics on the USa team it will instantely revolutionize how we play and blow up the interest in USA. But if you can find an all white team that will play an attacking style soccer vs anyone I am all for it. I want to see crazy dribbles skills, no look passes, back heel passes, bycyle kicks. I beleive Hispanics have a better chance at performing at a high level and with flare/skill. Those % are facts. 24.5 million is the count at for USA. SO Soccer is the most played but least watched. Why?? Not a world class star for USA yet. And I mean a guy that takes on defenders at will, a goal scorer. Thats what we want to see in USA and especially in USA. You get that along with a team that wants to attack and Soccer will instantly be #1 of all sports. MLS is not embraced as it should because it is not playing to the right crowd. The style of play that the culturally passionate fans want see is not played by most MLS teams. You have to give to get. You think that these fans are just going to hand over their loyalty in hopes of their MLS team changing their style of play to their liking?? It doesnt work that way.

  89. soccer talk, March 28, 2013 at 8:26 p.m.

    LA, I think first point was that u evaded was that contrary to your belief is that US soccer has greatly improved the last 30 years.
    Second point was blacks would dominate basketball raised from a controlled environment on sheer athleticism over whites collectively. And especially over Hispanics which tend to be smaller hence the nearly nonexistance in America's #1 played/viewed sport, football as well. They took the game above the rim and once coached to play intelligently as its origin designed the dukes, Kentuckys have flourished.

  90. Luis Arreola, March 28, 2013 at 9:53 p.m.

    Hell no, blacks would not dominate basketball on sheer athleticism over whites or over anyone. What do you base that assumption on?? Basketball requires skill, improvisation, flare, showcase to mentally diminish your opponent. Not just athleticism. How many black players have gone through the NBA that are the most athletic but cant do much else but dunk the ball?? Hispanics dont pick basketball or football first or even 3rd. Go to a hispanic neigborhood and tell me how many you see playing football and basketball. The top black players offer so much more than just athleticism. Lebron is the most skilled athlete his height with an all around game. Michael Jordan could do it all, as well. Larry Bird by no means was athletic. He was smart, gritty, and a fierce competitor. McHale was slow but had the best up and under post up moves. Olajuwan the best pivot center ever, could not dribble a ball or shoot past 15 ft. Steve Nash, not a top athlete by no means. Pure skill, smarts, flare. Wake up man its cultural but always with a few exceptions. The best USA team - U20's. Look how many Hispanics that team has. Now look at U18's and U17's and our very own mens side.

  91. soccer talk, March 28, 2013 at 10:54 p.m.

    Pay attention to my scenario. In a controlled training environment. , with no prior exposure to outside factors (passion,heritage...) the group of black players would kill whites, Hispanics after receiving equal traing from a young age. Solely bc they are more athletic with physical traits that other cultures lack. Bird. Mask. West were smart players that understood the game which made them excel. Hakeem definitely was late trained and. Good soccer skills With his athleticism speeding his NBA growth
    Which lead me to conclusion. That with the scenario in soccer whites .blacks, Hispanics would show little disparity in head to head competition. Your defensive rebuttes have u often stray from the point of the debate.
    Not shocking however bc sooooo. Many bloggers disagree w u. Hmmmm. When's the last time kicked a ball and experienced the passion of the game instead of the bias dissentiom your blogs creates. Hmmm

  92. Luis Arreola, March 29, 2013 at 12:05 a.m.

    Ok, so for basketball you attribute most of success to physical ability. Even though the high jumpers depend highly on the point gaurd to get him the ball at th right time but to hold his dribble while looking up, anticipating the cut, perfect pass into space. You cant win an NBA title on athleticism alone. Oklahoma. You need that 6'2" skilled and intelligent point gaurd to lead the attack. He doesnt have to be fast or jump high. He just needs to be the smartest player on the court and that is a leadership quality that Bird had. Kind of like a midfielder. But most importantly, that black player that recieves equal training with the white, etc. would get killed by the culturally developed basketball player that grew up playing in the hood developing the flare, creativity, skills 10 out of 10 times. Without a doubt. So you might have a point but that point still falls short without the cultural importance. Look at African basketball teams. They certainly cant just count on their athleticism. They suck. I even bet Mexico would beat them. Why?? Because it is not culturally lived the same in Africa as it is in USa hoods. ANd that is a huge difference as evidenced. Pick an African basketball team. No contest. A bunch of White and Hispanic teams would smoke them. Brazil lives soccer in a special cultural way. They will always be the main producers for the world's best players in the best leagues. No contest. There is proof to what I say. There is none for what you say. You are hypothesizing. I am giving you live examples. No other ethnicity in USA lives soccer the way Hispanics and 1st generation Euro immigrants do and it is showing more and more. Hispanics in soccer are more closely comparable to black people in basketball with same cultural passion that makes them play their sports with a special flare, skill set, creativity that only true love for a sport can produce. It's not about just winning. It's about dropping jaws and winning in style. Something I know is hard for you to understand along with many bloggers here but I will keep trying.

  93. Luis Arreola, March 29, 2013 at 12:12 a.m.

    You see, reading this will open your eyes, subconsciously, to something you might have overlooked for many years or not quite appreciated. Many USA coaches see a often Hispanic kid dribble when he should pass and yell at him or bench him right away. Why? Because many dont understand it in the same cultural way, therefore no patience. They are killing the creativity of this kid and the rest of the white kids because they can benefit so much from seeing and trying some of it themselves. This is why many Academy Hispanics will secretly go back to playing in their Barrio Hispanic leagues whenever they get a chance. Why?? Because they love to do what they do and its like a vacation from a boring job. MLS will have to give in to this sooner or later and you will remember I told you so.

  94. soccer talk, March 29, 2013 at 10:28 a.m.

    I actually agree w u to a point w some . Not all trainers stifling creativity and risk takers or "ball hoggers" as my hisp. Kids refer to them. These type players as well as their ghetto black top basketball blooming stars do need training to understand team play and ind player roles. Duke, NC take these kids and make winners.
    The scenario was hypothetical and I correctly feel the black group would excel in basketball. The same Hispanic group would not so in a controlled setting. Of course the black group would lose to teams today. Unlike u a played point and which gave the ball to the Dunkers, as the mids often do to the flamboyant strikers. U missed the point and go off trail going into barrios, street hoods... I know that talent is there Along w violence, drugs and other bad things that halt these kids path.
    Bottom line my scenario was that one can say blacks have physiological traits which aide them along their path to stardom. Hispanics do not. They on equal footing to start as all. Stay focused on what people are conveying, whether u agree or not. Go kick a soccer ball big boy the exercise would be nice.

  95. Gordon Hayes, March 29, 2013 at 12:30 p.m.

    soccer talk - it is a no win situation - there is little point in responding anymore as it has become so abundantly clear for everyone now - hispanics, everyone, even his buddy Ric - that Luis is just a bitter, twisted racially divisive element in our culture - he only sees things with this bitterness - for example, SA wrote recently about the first African American female hired to a top post and he said nothing but when SA wrote about the first latino front five he felt it was racist - the only problem is that he infects our youth but that too will eventually come out (hopefully sooner rather than later) - and always remember he never played the game and only thinks he has any knowledge because of his ethnicity and he never tells the truth........but, that said, if you keep on with him - Good luck - you have some good points!

  96. soccer talk, March 29, 2013 at 2:25 p.m.

    Fun to see big Louie rant and rave about his beloved heritage and try to solve our Nat team problems Tri color glasses. I say not here amigo lonely Louie !

  97. Luis Arreola, March 29, 2013 at 3:44 p.m.

    Soccer, what a cncidence. I was a point gaurd all though High School as well. That is why I make that point. I played in the black hope because they were the ones that made it fun. I also played in the burbs where it was more fundamental. The cultural difference is estrejely noticeable. I also play vs many black players that GRE up in white neigbirhoods. It is for sure cultural. I agree that physicalliy helps but with Afrvan basketball teams as example do not outweigh skill and cultural creativity. Hispanics Havering that cultural edge aether you like it or nt. I do need more eccercise. How did you know?

  98. Chris Sapien , March 29, 2013 at 5:06 p.m.

    LA, could you limit your monologues to four lines or less?? Your killing my wheel finger......I hope all the teams "hunker", "bunker" (what idiom are you using today Louise?) down against mexico, so little Louises team doesn't make it to Brazil. Afterall, that is the only way to achieve a result against his fierce side of superior players. Right? Follow me on this now: Let's see, with mexico suffering two shut-outs, and their total of 3 points after three games including two at home, and having tied for lowest goal count through three games, that would mean all games vs. mexico would end in a draw leaving his homeland with 10 points out of a possible 30 and most likely in fifth or sixth place!! Let's all get on the phones and call Jam, Hon, Pan, CR and devise our sinister plan to keep them from joining us at the big show. I would love nothing more thanks to you, Luis...

  99. Luis Arreola, March 29, 2013 at 5:23 p.m.

    Soccer, you are right Colleges and high Schools take them in and teach them team play and polish them but cant win without them?? The NBA would not be what it is without these hood raised black basketball players. The reason?? The cultural skills developed from 4-16 years old are the most important to determine how great you will be for basketball and soccer. That is why a black basketball player raised in the hood would absloutely destroy the black/white/etc. player raised ina countroled environment. ALWAYS. Same in soccer. Brazil, ARgentina, Mexico have the same environment for their best players in Ssoccer that USA has for it's basketball stars. Cultural environment. That's proof. It's not hypothetical. We see the exact same with Hispanic in the barrio playing with much better skills and creativity than the suburb kids that learned in a " controlled environment". Of course there are special exceptions to this but in general my point simply can not be denied. That is why ESPN is now doinf specails on the Hispanic American players that are coming up in great numbers to several national teams from USA. This was just before the Mexico-USA game. No rants. All facts.

  100. Luis Arreola, March 29, 2013 at 5:29 p.m.

    Chris, that might work and you and the other 10 USA fans that love that style of play can get together and enjoy it. Honduras played Mexico straight up and showed more skill than USA did overall. Jamaica actually showed a better counter attack even though they bunkered alot, and in my opinion, were the only ones to deserve a better result vs Mexico than USa or Honduras. These last 2 deserved no point with USA being the least deserving.

  101. soccer talk, March 30, 2013 at 11:23 a.m.

    La, again , focus, your ranting, rambling whatever is again missing the point of original blog response.. Listen, I agree w hood, barrio culturally passionate, free styling basketball/soccer players dominating a scenario, controlled group of whites. Blacks, hisp. Asians.,.
    Stop continuing that debate that was never there. Still w me?
    In only hypothetical control vs. control group
    Blacks would excel past all other group even w equal training regime because of their inate physiological traits. Of course this advantage blended the passion, hood play... And proper coaching makes them dominate in NBA.
    Stay w/ me amigo.
    The same can not be said for any of the other control groups in the sport of soccer, even your beloved Hispanic group. All groups on even footing even the black bc of nature of the sport.
    U tick people off blog after blog bc of this bias opinion u portray for Mexico over USA. Deep down I think you want mex to advance and the is to fail, so to continually spew negativity towards US Nat team! Still w me?

  102. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 12:08 p.m.

    Soccer, I agreed with you, as well. Are you with me?? Your point is senseless because the fact is the point I make will always have the greater influence on team sports. Barrios, Hispanic countries will always produce the superstars because of how culturally is lived and the hoods will continue to develop the best basketball players. Barrios will never produce the best basketball players imply because its not in our culture. Hoods and Burbs will never produce the best soccer players as well for same reasons. Coltrolled environment is a good point and well taken when comparing physical attributes but, as evidenced by African basketball teams, falls way short to cultural way of living the sport. Way short. Do you comprende??

  103. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 12:11 p.m.

    Poper coaching at High School level which is your controlled environment. A free environment before makes all the difference. and that is what these cultural communities provide. A controlled environment works against developing top players at young ages. U4-U16. Maybe U15. Those are alot of years.

  104. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 12:14 p.m.

    % wise. Hood play and passion are at 80-90% and proper coaching a 10%. There are exemptions but overall these numbers reflect currently what we have as superstars in both soccer and basketball. You want to think that proper coaching is the determining factor. It is not. I would bet that 99% of players that grow up under a controlled environment play no higher level than college and certainly not superstar caliber.

  105. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 12:18 p.m.

    What do you base your theory on controlled groups in soccer?? Brazilians are the best soccer players in the world with the most. They develop very close to the same way that Black players do in basketball in USA. They both dominate the top leagues. Am I wrong?? How about Argentina?? And the kings of Concacaf, Mexico?? How about all the current up and coming Hispanic AMerican top players?? Have you seen the U20's?? Arent they the best USA side right now??? Wakle up Amigo and smell the frijoles.

  106. soccer talk, March 30, 2013 at 12:49 p.m.

    Luis, again senseless ? It Was was hypothetical scenario. I do not base this control group to reflect any culture! Listen! I Agree about present day dominance of these athletes coming from hood: barrios for basketball and soccer w proper coaching will excel. U r debating a mute point, not me bc I AGRee!
    There is no such controlled group' hence the label, hypothetical and scenario. Grasp the language amigo! U continually rant, ramble off course from the original point of discussion.
    If there were such a group of isolated, non culturally influenced, equally trained ethnic groups all would show no parity to a large margin in the sport of soccer, even Hispanics. However blacks would excel in basketball. Quit debating off target.
    PS. I don't eat beans in the morning Big boy, not too healthy. Go play soccer , u might like it.

  107. soccer talk, March 30, 2013 at 1:06 p.m.

    PS. I guess I did prove point that you didn't argue that u want mex to advance and the USMNT to fail! Hmmmm. USA!!! Get off the fence!! All of see Amigo!
    This blog is dead!

  108. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 3:43 p.m.

    Burbs, Academies play in a controled environment. Nope, I like USa U20's. I am a fan of well played soccer. Not a blind supporter of "Get er done" USA.

  109. soccer talk, March 30, 2013 at 4:39 p.m.

    A controlled environment w/ no outside effected players from cultural, social factors such as lab rats. Just a scenario that will never happen unless people want to give up there newborn for a crazy soccer experiment. And no, burb, acad. is not even close to the controlled scenario u can't understand.
    And you are not totally right about dominance of a street / hood soccer over a club acad. soccer. They might whoop some youth rec. teams. You could round a park fool of kids and they would not beat my D1 girls, and definitely beat a organized acad. program. Perhaps after coaching, training and team role these kids would absolutely fair well. Try walking in a barrio, hisp or not and try to get the one group u see and organize a game on the spot against an trained acad. team. If you didn't get stabbed, or cursed away, you spend 30 mins or so trying to convince your boys that everyone can't be A striker like Chich. The score would would be a laugher for the acad. by the way they do have acad. Hispanic kids Prob. Not too many white kids in hood soccer. I see these hood rats play and some impress w ind flair, but no team concept. I am not a blind supporter. Just a realist where soccer USA is and it takes time , we have got better the last 30 years whether u believe or not. How about throwing your support for our America team. U stop watching a lot of soccer games if u only watch "good" soccer. All games are dif even in s. America some are beautiful but many are not filled w bycycle, kicks, great passing, solo jolts by the keeper... So make sure u turn your tv off when mex doesn't live up to your lofty viewing pleasure. Go uSa!

  110. Luis Arreola, March 30, 2013 at 7:22 p.m.

    cademybSoccer, a hood soccer team would probably not beat an Academy team but the best individual players would certainly come from that barrio. Especially at the younger ages. Why? because Acadmeies are designed to win, not develop. Barrios cultivate the individual top players that most times end up on full scholarship[s on U16, U18 Academy teams. I am not talking about teams or whcich teams are better or what team system is better. I am talking about those individual top players. The best of the rest. I can see that you are one of those coaches that it's win first and foremost. How many top players will come out of that win win system at U8-U15?? Certainly fewer than from a barrio and it is seen everywhere in USA now. Funny enough that is why you see all the top mids and forwards come out of barrios, maybe it's because they all want to be the Chicharos, the go to guys. No different from that black superstar who probably grew up playing in the hood where everybody wanted to be Michael Jordan Lebron. I like watching the individual talent as well where you see much of in Brazil and Argentina and Mexico. Game Changers. ANd I will do just that brother.

  111. Chris Sapien , March 30, 2013 at 11:36 p.m.

    soccer, I use to have your patience (yes, that's how we spell it in the U.S., Louise) with Luis, but seriously, you're better off not wasting your time nor efforts......As much as Gordon flies off the handle a bit regarding Louise, he is right on the money, and calls LA out for all the right reasons. Any serious soccer debate can only be had with mostly anyone else but Luis....You, I, and everyone else knows he is a false presence here, but alas, we don't have the power to rid the site of his comedy of takes!! And geez, Luis, it's exceptions, not "exemptions" ESL boy.

  112. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 10:56 a.m.

    Chirs, you are starting to sound like Gordon. Soccer is making some good points and he seems interested in what I have to say as well. That is obvious. You dont have to read my posts, you know. I think what bothers you is my opinions and that maybe more think like me. Chivas uSA won again. They are leading scorers in MLS. Didnt everybody say they were crazy for getting rid of what many thought were their best players?? I didnt think it would be this soon that they would start winning. EL Chelis, was said by Gordon, to not understand the "MLS GAme". I wonder what he is saying now. Is that a serious soccer debate as well??

  113. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 11 a.m.

    For a team to completely overhaul a team, structure, players, coaching staff, owners, idiology, style of play. etc. just before the season and now be in 2nd place in MLS, should say alot of what we perceive as good/great and what style of play really isnthe one we should be playing as a country. This should prove that we should have more Hispanic Head Coaches like Chelis that is free to recruit the players that conform to his style in MLS because they simply seem to understand our soccer culture much better than we now do.

  114. Gordon Hayes, March 31, 2013 at 11:55 a.m.

    Luis - everyone knows clearly now you are a racist and know nothing about the game and are blinded by your ethnic bias so it is no longer necessary to show that to people but could you please stop your lies? Please show me where I said anything about El Chelis. Usually when you are caught in one of your many blatant lies you just quit posting - let's see if you have guts to stand behind your words this time - I am sure you won't. What I said about Chivas is that they are separating players by ethnicity and cutting players based on ethnicity and that it would be no different than RSL electing to have all white players. What I further said is that you supporting them is proof of what we all know clearly now - you are a racist with a bitterness towards white people and that your ilk - guys that never played the game that feel superior simply by ethnicity is the worst thing to happen to soccer in our country............the battle is over so PLEASE stop the lies.

  115. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 3:28 p.m.

    Gordon, you think too much of yourself, homeslice. Chris is like you in that he now hunts me down on every column to post something. He is not as vicouis as you and stays on topic, so I was exaggerating a bit in comparing him with your crazy ass. An SA writer mentioned something questioning wether Chelis could coach in the MLS. You would think that such an educated mind like yours would understand what is referred to you and what is not. No, Iam not racist and I am pretty sure that if I show SA your attacks on me they will take away your post like they already have on many of yours. So why dont you cool it with the insults?? Keep your posts Kosher like you did right after they warned you not to attack me or Ric. You were doing so good and I was really proud of your effort. Dont dissapoint us with your spiteful rants, brother.

  116. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 3:34 p.m.

    I support the fact that Chivas USA is giving so many young talents a chance that other MLS teams would otherwise not give them playing time. And they are shining and winning. That itself is a great model to follow for the rest of MLS clubs that have otherwise shown to be quite hestitant in playing their homegrown products. Most MLS clubs show a great inclination towards signing stars that are past their prime and that money would be better spent on great talent we already have here in USA. Chivas is proving that point. They are also showing what playing style is more effective and fun to watch but most importantly what most fans want to watch in USA. Do I agree that they should only add Hispanic players for their teams? No, I don't. But if that is the price to pay for the other 2 points I made to set the pace for the rest of the league, well then so be it. It's not like the MLS did not know what Chivas's policy was before they let them in the league.

  117. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 3:40 p.m.

    Gordon, I respect your opinion of what you think is "the worst thing to happen to soccer in our country". Why dont you please enlighten us as to what you have done for USA soccer?? How many top players have you developed?? What has been your contribution?? What playing style do you teach?? What is it that you look in a top player as most important traits?? Please show us what makes you a positive influence on our soccer community.

  118. Gordon Hayes, March 31, 2013 at 5:36 p.m.

    Just to be clear, when you wrote this - "EL Chelis, was said by Gordon, to not understand the "MLS GAme". You meant that it was an SA writer referring to Chelis? And just so I understand, you are okay with teams separating themselves by ethnicity as long as there is a 'good reason?" Okay, so if a NBA team went all white then that would be okay to give more white players a chance?

  119. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 6:08 p.m.

    That my friend was a typo. I didn't even read it until now. When I type in my smartphone it didn't keep up with me and if I accidentally type a G instead of an E your name comes up since it has memorized your name quite well. So I meant o type " everyone". Son now I hpe you understand.

  120. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 6:58 p.m.

    Before I clarify whatever confused you please answer questions above if you have the courage to doo so. That's how a conversations works sunshine.

  121. Gordon Hayes, March 31, 2013 at 7:02 p.m.

    I understand English just fine, what you write is another matter.....we are not friends......thanks for clearing one issue up - I assume you are okay with the other issue having an all white team in the NBA, maybe an all-Jewish one as can go ahead and tell on me again if you want - that was the last thing I needed cleared up - everything else is clear to everyone - you have made your ideology crystal clear.

  122. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 7:11 p.m.

    I have made myself very clear many times and all you do is critisus me negatively but don't answer anything. So unless you want to answer my questions or 1/2 of them then you and me are done brother. Don't be a coward.

  123. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 7:29 p.m.

    Gordon, do you think MLS is as responsable as Chivas USA for picking Hispanics only? Didn't they already have that policy before MLS admitted them? Wouldn't that make MLS as guilty as Chivas USA? Or do you just want o direct your disgust towards Chivas because it is more convenient to you? Come on Gordon, be brave.

  124. Gordon Hayes, March 31, 2013 at 10:41 p.m.

    Well, I try not to associate with people who have no honor so I am not answering your questions so I guess we are done brother!!!!!!! Man, if only you would tell the truth just this once.

  125. Luis Arreola, March 31, 2013 at 11:29 p.m.

    Boy, for not associating with people like me you sure have a lot to sat about my comments. Couldn't do it huh? Uncomfortable to deal with the obvious.

  126. Gordon Hayes, April 1, 2013 at 12:10 a.m.

    Dang - I was hoping for once you would tell the truth - actually we all know better now.

  127. Luis Arreola, April 1, 2013 at 3:28 p.m.

    Stay with me now. In a perfect world Chivas USA would select and play ALL young talent and succeed. In that same perfect world, other MLS teams would have a;already focused on local homegrown talent and played a style that suits most of the "true" soccer population in USA. Since we are not in a perfect world. Then Chivas USA, even though not poliyically correct in player selection, will undoubtably open many eyes as to the talent we do have in USA. Other MLS, that should have already done so, will focus more on local talent to succeed as the bar will be set. That itself is a greater good. Not perfect but good enough for others to follow in the homegrown part. Other clubs can promote they pick all ethnicities which will make you and everyone else happy. Do you understand now?? I know you have contributed nothing to the soccer youth or community. That is why you are so bitter.

  128. Gordon Hayes, April 1, 2013 at 3:45 p.m.

    I still held out a little hope that 'we are done brother' comment would finally be our friend's first and only time to tell the truth but, alas my hopes have faded. Go Chivas and go RSL All-Whites!

  129. Luis Arreola, April 3, 2013 at 12:35 p.m.

    I thought so B

  130. Gordon Hayes, April 3, 2013 at 2:41 p.m.

    Maybe Luis enjoys lying? I am just glad everyone got to see his true colors. Go NY All-Jews!!

  131. Luis Arreola, April 3, 2013 at 10:56 p.m.

    And how do they see you sunshine?? Attacking me, questioning me but unwilling to answer any questions. Judging my points of view but not offering any of his own. Typical USA "get er done" hateful person.

  132. Gordon Hayes, April 4, 2013 at midnight

    Luis does not need to say 'typical USA' any more everyone knows how you feel about the US. Go Colorado All-Asians!!

  133. Luis Arreola, April 4, 2013 at 10:01 a.m.

    Dude, your talking to yourself again. You are fully acknowledging me. No one else cares much for what you have to say.

  134. Gordon Hayes, April 4, 2013 at 11:47 a.m.

    Well, I am definitely not answering your questions so what does that make you? Go DC United All-Blacks!

  135. A Morales, April 4, 2013 at 12:34 p.m.

    There are way better players in our country than the players who are currently representing us. Beckerman? Goodison? Besler? Beasley? Bradley? Edu? Zusi? These players are trash. I see way better technical players in Sunday league. The US FAILS TO IDENTIFY & DEVELOP REAL TALENT. They need to stop looking at the NCAA where they prefer athleticism and power over technical ability. CLEARLY THAT IS WRONG.

  136. Luis Arreola, April 4, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.

    Gordon, so your back to talking to me but won't answer questions? How old are you? That's cool. Lets just ignore each other like we agreed to with Kennedy, OK? If you don't I will have to show him your trash.

  137. Luis Arreola, April 4, 2013 at 11:05 p.m.

    Morales, you're absolutely right.

  138. Gordon Hayes, April 5, 2013 at 12:33 a.m.

    Oh no! Please don't tell on me! Anything but that! Interesting you go cry to people you think are racists that know nothing about soccer -I guess you really do know how to 'use the system.' Like I said, it does not matter if you cry to 'the man', you showed your true colors and everyone knows it....Go RSL All-Whites!

  139. Luis Arreola, April 5, 2013 at 8:50 a.m.

    Actually, they took notice on their own. I never said anything. What is interesting is you gave your word that you would ignore me. Seems very hard to do for you even though you claim you don't "associate" with people like me. Lets just ignore each other. Nobody really cares about what you have to say. Youy dont seem to take hints pretty well. The difference is I carry conversations with these people. You don't. Shouldnt that tell yopu something?? Last warning.

  140. Gordon Hayes, April 5, 2013 at 1:02 p.m.

    I gave my word that I would ignore you? Where did you get this bald-faced Luis from? (Note: We will just refer to a lie as a Luis from now on). You say every other post how we are 'done brother' - hilarious reasoning you have. As I mentioned, now that everyone has seen your true colors - even your buddy Ric and even your fellow hispanics who you once praised as role models hate what you stand for and know that you are one of the most destructive elements for hispanics - it is not necessary for me to post as much so it is mainly the youth you influence that troubles me but I am sure they will see the light at some point as well. "Last warning" - what does that mean - I think it means you are going to cry to the man and tell on me? I guess once everyone saw your true colors and everyone criticized you then you can't take it any more - hilarious. Poor, poor Luis - you can go cry to whoever you want. Go DC United All-Asians!!

  141. Luis Arreola, April 5, 2013 at 1:39 p.m.

    Kennedy told me that. Did he lie to me? Hate is a strong word to use. I dont think my fellow Hispanics hate me. I think some might not agree with me. But hate?? I just noticed how you eased up quite alot on your hateful comments towards me when Kennedy told me you would. Coincidence?? Your at full swing again and he told me to let him know when you start with your nonsense again. I was hoping you would start debating like a human being but there is no hope for you. Oh well!!

  142. Luis Arreola, April 5, 2013 at 2:14 p.m.

    Gordon, as far as my players are concerned, they are all doing really good and are positive influences in their community. Isn't that great? Or does that bother you as well? Most of my 3-4 year players are heavily sought after by the top clubs and Academies in Chicago. Why? Because they are great players with great attitudes and are always willing to learn. No hate influence. Just reality. If you really cared about my kids you would look a little deeper in what is being created in my club. Many white communities around us have taken notice and interest. No hate. Just reality. They are finding out that it should be about developing and not winning or club status. I thank you because many white people come to me and mention how they love my posts and that you are crazy. You are making me famous homesluce. Gracias.

  143. Gordon Hayes, April 5, 2013 at 2:40 p.m.

    So you did talk to SA - one post you say you didn't, now you say you did - more Luis' (lies) - it is just one Luis after another. Man, how does it feel to not be able to take it - I thought you were a big tough guy? I guess crying and playing the victim is easier for you. I told Kennedy I would temper my posts which I did until you wrote a blatant Luis about me. And believe me I only did it for him not for you. I guess calling people 'dumbys' is okay. What a hypocrite - hilarious. How many white players do you have in your club? Don't tell a Luis tell the truth. In the end, you can cry like a baby to whoever you want - like I said it is really no longer necessary as everyone knows what you are about and I am content with that. You really should not have posted after the draw - everyone could see how much you hate the US - I was even embarrassed for you. I'll bring you some tissues. Go Chivas All-Hispanics!

  144. Luis Arreola, April 5, 2013 at 4:14 p.m.

    I was buy them about you initially. That is when they told me You would not Post your hate towards me again. Don't worry about me. Why does Having or not having white people In my club matter to you? I can see that The fact that the ones that are in my club Are doing so good Does not matter to you. so don't worry about my club all together.

  145. Gordon Hayes, April 5, 2013 at 4:29 p.m.

    "I never said anything" or "I was buy them about you initially"???? Which is the truth and which is the Luis?

  146. Gordon Hayes, April 5, 2013 at 7:02 p.m.

    And let me take a moment and remind you where this all started - I posted on March 27th, 2012 "We are not getting the best athletes. The war is lost because the battles are taking place in the high schools where the best athletes are still playing football and basketball. You can take not the best athlete and dress them nicely and put them on an Academy team and train them with the US Soccer manual but if he comes up against the best athlete from El Salvador or England or wherever they are going to lose - it's men against boys." I posted this directed at nobody with no animosity towards anyone. This was my first post ever.........Your response? "Gordon, I am tired of that bad excuse of the best athletes in Usa dont pick soccer first. The best athletrs in soccer usually come from Africa. The best soccer players come from Hispanic countries usually. The best soccer players prevail over the best athletes. Barkley? Do you think he would be effective at blpcking lower 90s? Come on man!! The best soccer players in usa are going to Hispanic countries to get the opportunity they are not getting here. Plain and simple. I gaurantee you that if we found a way to keep all those Hispanics that left to other countries we would not be in this situation. Gordpn if you were picking the best athletes according to yiur standards you would never even consider a Messi, Xavi, Etc. You are the problem. People that think like you are the ones in charge of youth soccer. Hence, the consequences."

  147. Luis Arreola, April 5, 2013 at 11:47 p.m.

    Are you a cop?? I didnt bring it up to them. Do you comprende now?? They brought to my attention that you would stop with your hateful comments against me. And you did for a while. The best athletes in soccer come from Africa?? Show me where I said that please. Everything else I did say. The last few sentences might have been a little harsh but there are in fact many Hispanics leaving that were born here. There was a special on it right before this last USA vs Mexico game. So what exactly outrageously offended you?? Didnt you say Hispanics had bad sporting behavior, in general??? What I said is worse than that?? Hispanics in fact live soccer culturally that other races do not in USA, IN GENERAL. I believe this and there is proof. NOT EVERY SINGLE PERSON. IN GENERAL. Soccer has to be lived within a apssionate culture 3befor you start thinking about your best "athletes" that play other sports. If El Salvador were a state of USA instead of a country you would say the same lame excuse. In fact we have many El Salvadors in USA already. Or do you think that if EL Salvador were part of USA their best "athletes" would pick basketball or football??? Fact is Hispanics that have come here bring everything about their culture with them. You love our tacos, mariachis, etc. but cant admit that soccer is culturally and generationally engraved much deeper in our community than in yours??? That offends you?? Isnt basketball the same with black people?? Who lives it the same way or stronger in USA??? Proof of what I say?? Messi, Hugo Sanchez, Pele, Maradona, Falcao. Proof of what you say?? Where do you get the notion "athleticism" overcomes passion, cultural love for a sport that in fact is the one ingredient needed to be great at any sport?? You can be a great player without being a great athlete, by having the best skill, decsion making, tecnical ability. You can't be a great player on speed, strength alone. There are p[lenty of examples for my theory. Show me a Lebron in soccer or a Michael Jordan. There is none.

  148. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 1:08 a.m.

    It is hard to comprehend much of anything you write because of how poor you are grammatically and how little care you take with what you write - "I was buy them about you initially" could not be deciphered by anyone - I do the best I can - perhaps you should try and embrace the English language - I am learning that is not something you and people like you (racially divisive people) would do for fear of not being seen as cool one huge difference between us is I care what I write and say, for you it is 'no big deal.'............Are you really saying you did not say that about Africa - please ask your son what quotation marks mean or Google it, hell I even gave you the date - ask your son or someone that understands things how to search the archived articles in SA - that is really indicative of how little even you believe your own words - it is unfortunately not even that surprising you don't believe your own words. Look it up and then come back and apologize f you did say those things.

  149. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 1:15 a.m.

    You should have stopped at "The last few sentences might have been a little harsh." The rest of it is meaningless - your point of view is wrong and predicated on race and ethnicity and lack of experience and any true knowledge - I tried to engage you in meaningful discussion but that does not work and lacks honor and integrity so I don't really do much of that anymore. But always remember I posted one time and not at you or anyone and not in an attacking manner, you came at me and you came at me in an inappropriate and derogatory way so make sure when you cry to SA that you tell them that.

  150. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 1:28 a.m.

    And the absolute worst thing about this is I used to view Hispanics in a very good light - all I saw was people committed to family and to working hard. I had no idea there were people like you with bitterness and hatred. Now, because of you, I now see a Hispanic and wonder if they feel the same way. It is a shame but this is your influence - same as Al Sharpton for his race. But I am determined not to let you influence my feelings. I will still pull for Hercules for example and think he should start - he works so very hard. I will continue to support all Americans. You continually stereotype me and others that disagree with you as 'get 'er done' types - you are so filled with hatred you have lost your way - you are convinced I am a right wing Limbaugh lover but you could not be further from the truth. I even subscribe to Brave New Foundation and have joined many of their causes - do you even know what that is? This, 'brother', is the shame of it all - you create divide, you create conflict, you criticize others and other clubs publicly when you really don't have a clue - one guy writes a post and you write that he is 'the problem' and then you have the audacity to cry to SA - hilarious. But, as I said, it really is over - your posts here I think made it quite clear to everyone. It is a pity you choose divide over unity, it is pity you support Chivas who also promotes divide, honestly it is all a big pity.

  151. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:52 a.m.

    Its a typo. This isnt grammar school. "I was contacted by them about you initially". So racially divisive people and me do not embrace the English language to be seen as cool?? I think you missed a period in that sentence, Mr. English teacher. I should have stopped where?? If SA finds what I said derragotary to you they can cancel my account. We can send that whole blog to them and let them evaluate. no problem. The only thing that is meaningful to you is that your hate. You used to view Hispanics in a very good light?? Didnt you say Hispanics had Bad Sporting behavior IN GENERAL?? Thats a good light?? LOL. We dont need your approval. I think thats where you and people like you go wrong. You guys think we need for your approval on how we act or do things. You are dead wrong. What you see negative in me is my simple theory of how soccer is lived culturally in our community, therefore we develop better, skilled more tecnical players. Not a stereotype. A fact. Same example in Basketball and black people. SAme exact circumstances. But you wont admit it and are too much of a coward to even touch the black basketball players example. Its ok to talk about Hispanic Sporting Behavior ( Your point of view) but what you say of the black player is off limits, correct?? That is hypocritical but common. Herc works hard but you still think Hispanics have bas sporting behavior, IN GENERAL?? ISnt that what you said?? SA seems to agree with me that you are goofy. So what does that tell you?? It is a pity that MLS took Chivas in as well, right?? Why cant you finish that sentence?? Does your rage with Chivas mentality stop there?? Doesnt that sound just a little hipocritical to you?? Because it does to everyone else. If everyone here sees my "divisiveness" quite clearly then why do you worry about it?? Do you think they are not smart enough to figure out what you discovered???

  152. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:53 a.m.

    Martin Luther King was told to be "the biggest threat to the USA" in his time because of what he did by many ignorant people. So you thinking my point of view,that has many facts to support it, is divisive or conflictive does not bother me. I do create conflict but only because there are still too many ignorant people like yourself that have a big problem with logic and reality. Its easy to say these stupid things that have no factual substance behind it: Our best athletes pick other sports. Last I checked Hispanics were the biggest minority in USA. Bigger than black people who dominate basketball and who also live that sport culturally passionate, much m,ore than any other ethnicity. Just like Hispanics live soccer. We dont pick other sports first. Just like black or hispanic people dont pick Hockey first. Therefore the great disparity there. That is why you starting to see some of the USA teams overwhelmed with Hispanic influence as I told you would happen back then. Logic can not be argued. It can try and be ignored for some time but will fail as it has now. It is a pity that you can't see logic but it is also typical with people like you. You used to like Hispanics because we used to not get in the middle of these discussions because alot of us were here illegally and didnt want to get in trouble. What most of us have always thought of soccer in USA is something else. Why? Because we live it differently. But now we are starting tyo understand that we can voice our opinion in this free country and we see examples of great people that have had to make a stand to get things changed here or else we would still be in the 40's.

  153. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 8:04 a.m.

    Logical and sensible actions and ideas have been heavily fought in this great country of USA. So I amnot surprised or intimidated by people like you. You talk all this garbage about my club and how negatively I influence my kids. Yet you say NOTHING when I tell you how great many of them are doing and how my son will get the BEST education out of it. Why? Because you are a hypocrite . You could care less. I would not be surprised if this angered you because it disproves your point of me being a negative influence in these great players and persons that show great character and commintment and wont let anyone put them down. I have said it before and will say it again. THANK YOU. People like you are the ones to light the fire that keeps me going to help these kids that many are reluctant to help. It's easier for many to GENERALIZE them like you do.

  154. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 8:16 a.m.

    Chivas is great example of how you pick your battles. They are giving many Hispanic "Americans" a chance that most other MLS clubs wont and have shown great reluctancy in doing so. Chivas has a history of investing most in it's youth and not in foreign top $$ stars. That itself is a great model for the MLS. MLS needs to see how much talent we already have instead of spending so much in over the hill players like we have done. That alone is a great trend to set. But you only see "ethnic divide". It is impossible for you to see bigger picture. Did you not see this ethnic divide in your years as ODP coach where only the pay to play kids were involved in USA selection?? It's different because ODP didnt just come out and say " We only want the white suburb $$ paying clients"?? "We want nothing to do with the low budget Hispanic or any low budget community"". ?? Just because they didnt just come out and say it doesnt mean it is much better than Chivas model. But you wont see that because you will only pick one battle. And that is Luis and his outspoken behavior that creates racial divide that is very new to us as a country. We were all one happy family before Luis and his kind came along. We all loved each other and acknowldged what each person's qualities were before but not anymore that Luis is here. LOL.

  155. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 2:15 p.m.

    You are delusional. You think that your errors with the English language are 'typos?" How about your spelling of 'dumby's' and your thinking Mexico os part of South America? Were those typos as well? Don't try and play off your typo as you embrace everything American - because you don't. You despise everything American. If you don't think telling someone they are the problem is not derogatory then you, again, are delusional. You are so blinded by your racial hatred you cannot even admit you started the attacks. Maybe you don't know what the word derogatory means..........When we were trying to have a meaningful discussion (before I realized like every other poster has realized that you are so filled with bitter, twisted hate there is no reason or logic or common sense with you) I gave you my pros and cons of the hispanic player and we talked in generalities and I presented my cons in a fair and I thought a responsible manner and, yes, I said I thought hispanics did not display good sporting behavior IN GENERAL - this was all in response to your point that the US should play more like hispanics. I still feel that way. The problem is you can't take criticism of the hispanic player and you turn it into a racial thing - THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE ISSUE - SA writer gives a low rating to a hispanic, I tell you I like the hispanic player but do't like his sporting behavior IN GENERAL and you cry racism - try and follow - that is racially-divisive behavior, that is racism, that, in a nutshell, is you. And don't forget you even agreed later that, yes, discipline is a problem. I didn't discuss other races because that is you race-baiting and was not YOUR point - you have trouble understanding that.

  156. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 2:20 p.m.

    Your next two posts are more delusional ramblings. You just compared yourself to MLK. Wow. DELUSIONAL. You think everyone agrees with you - maybe you should re-read this post where people you called role models slam you - few agree with you and most everyone sees you for what you are - do you know what it means to be self-aware? Probably not. Listen Martin Luis King, you are not a martyr, you are not a leader, you are delusional - you see yourself one way while most everyone else sees you another way. Go get 'em Martin Luis King.

  157. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 2:34 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - you Luis' continue to grow - you now say I used to like Hispanics like I now hate them? No, my hate ends with you. Another Luis - my ODP team was filled with low income blacks. How many of your club players have gone on to great success - your son and one other - I know this because you shamelessly promote your son like he is the next great thing - only when he does not get selected to some team, you cry - now you are too afraid to cry racism any more but we both know that is what you are thinking. What about your Luis about 85% of the Magic is hispanic? How do you respond to that blatant Luis? 'no big deal.' How about how many shot the US had in their win vMexico? I guess it is my racism that made you tell that blatant Luis? Your response....'no big deal.' So, all MLS clubs are racist and purposely do not select hispanics? Wait, now you are saying they are 'ignorant' - that is your new politically correct wording because you lack courage to say what you really mean. What a joke. Not a lot of Jews get picked either or Asians so, like I said, it is okay for NY to select just Jews - great philosophy you have - you should be proud - maybe teams could just pick the best players regardless of ethnicity? No, that would not be good according to Martin Luis King!! The hispanic is downtrodden, picked on, racially eliminated by the white man from other MLS teams - down with whitey, down with black players - cut them, cut them all!! You go Martin Luis King - the defender of all except whites, blacks, Asians, Jews, and actually most all hispanics that post here.

  158. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:40 p.m.

    Ok so I didnt know how to spell dumby and I mistakened the division of the continent. Whats your point?? You think you are making me feel bad about it?? Not a chnace. What ever I said I know you understood exactly what I meant. You see, you focus on the stupid shit because you have no better argument. You think focusing on "grammar" will win you an argument or make you sound like you are smarter. If you truly were so smart why are you arguing with my dumb ass?? Ok so we both said things that hurt the other's feelings. So why not ignore each other?? A meaningful discussion to you is me akcnowledging Hispanics have bad sporting behavior, in general, without giving my point of view of white people ?? Really??? So you find it so terrible that I wont state my opinion after accepting yours?? We dont live in the 40's anymore bro. I did admit that some Hispanics have bad sporting behavior but I also gave you examples of bad sporting behavior in white and black people. I dont believe that Hispanics have shown bad sporting behavior in bigger numbers than black and white people. Your examples were about Mexicans. Our discussion started with "Hispanic Americans". You insisted on labeling both the same with your general statement. And your the smart one that "knows how to carry a conversation or discussion"??

  159. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:46 p.m.

    The conversation did not start on Sporting Behavior. It started with you saying that "our best athletes do not pick soccer first" as an excuse for USA not doing better . I countered with the fact that all Americans pick other sports first. Hispanics in fact pick soccer first in USA. Forget about everything else right now and focus on these 2 points. Now think about this. When stating your point what does Sporting Behavior have to do with it?? When I made my initial comment above what does Sporting Behavior have to do with what I said?? SO who went off track because they had nothing better to argue??

  160. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:48 p.m.

    Another typo, god Damn, I should have went to college!! LOL. Here it is : I countered with the fact that NOT all Americans pick other sports before soccer.

  161. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 7:57 p.m.

    Gordon, my point about magic is the majority are Hispanic. When I look at their starting teams they are the majority as well. So if it makes you happy I exagerated about 85% because I thought you would understand the bigger point but you dont want to. I think you do understand the bigger points about what I say but have to resort to numbers and grammar. Why dont you give us all a % of Magic Academy teams with and without starters?? And lets see how far off I was. If it's a majority will you admit as to what was my main point?? Or will you pick the one team that ahs the least Hispanics on it to try and win an argument like a little girl?? Thats what you did with the USA rosters, didnt you?? You couldnt argue most of my numbers for all USA teams so you picked the only ONE that I missed a number on. How petty is that?? Was my point that I could count exact numbers or the strange consistency in %'s from each part of USA?? Do you think other people here are that stupid that they cant figure out what you are trying to do with facts??

  162. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 8:06 p.m.

    I shamelessy promote my son like he is the next great thing?? And what exactly is wrong with that?? Whats shameless about it?? You see, thats going off the far end. It's bad to be proud of your son now in USA?? It's bad to let everyone know facts about his success?? Aare you serious?? What team did he not make that I cried about exactly?? You see those are just vicious attacks that no one wants to read. Do you care about my son?? We both know you dont so why are you talking about him?? It seems to anger you that I am vocally proud father. Is there a reason?? We should just ignore each other like we said and meet somewhere to settle like men. If not lets just defenitely ignore each other. Afterall everyone here knows exactly what I am about. They dont need your input. Maybe you should try posting something meaningful about one of these columns without involving me. Come on, your a big boy, you can do it!!

  163. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 9:09 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - the point about typos was referring to it being hard to understand your illiteracy - try and keep up. But it also illustrates the fact you don't embrace America, you sit in the same corner with the same ethnic group you always have and don't expand your knowledge - you chickened out of the white man's college and now you just sit there with your same friends and your ethnically-segregated club and criticize things you never experienced.

  164. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 9:12 p.m.

    Martin - you didn't hurt me, you just sat in your corner and mouthed off like a punk to someone that was just posting his opinion - I wasn't trying to hurt you just offering my opinion - you just mouthed off to the wrong guy - that is what happens to punks like you - you should shut up, apologize and go home and practice your English grammar.

  165. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 9:18 p.m.

    You are such a Luis. I am not going down this road again to explain everything to someone that is illiterate and that will never see things past his racial hatred - if someone makes a point that is you - you said we should emulate Mexico (and don't twist things between hispanics and Mexicans, we both know what you meant) - does that mean nobody can comment on that in a negative way? Are you so above everyone that nobody can comment on that? I commented on YOUR POINT - deal with it and move on or maybe just be clear at the beginning and say something like 'the US should play more like Mexico - Mexicans are perfect in every way, shape and form and I am not making this point for anyone to respond because no response is needed Mexicans are perfect.' Is that what you are saying? Nobody criticize Mexicans or hispanics or else you will be called a racist (sorry 'ignorant). You are a joke who can't take criticism - that makes you blinded by racial divide.

  166. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 9:22 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - you see that is where you and I differ - you don't care that you said 85% of players with the Magic were hispanic and that the statement is a Luis, hell you are even trying to say that it is okay because you were trying to make a point - hilarious - is that what you teach your kids? It is okay to tell a blatant Luis if you are trying to make a point - I feel very sorry for anyone influenced by you - that is pathetic, disgraceful, and a flat out Luis.

  167. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 9:27 p.m.

    Look up the word humility......I would be glad to meet you anywhere and I would be more than happy to have you ignore me - of course, we know you have been down that road many times before brother! But something happens to change that - what is it? Oh, you are a Luis and can't honor your word or, more correctly, you have no honor so what you say or write means nothing. Maybe you were trying to make a point on this one too so it is okay to tell a Luis as long as you were making a point. Go get 'em Martin Luis King! Go Chivas! Go Mexico and all hispanics - you all are perfect and nobody ever criticize any of you!!

  168. Luis Arreola, April 6, 2013 at 9:45 p.m.

    Are you done? Lie, liar, you meant this, you said that. Are you done?? Or what do you want to do? Lets move on. We clearly don't agree and we can't have a discussion about anything. So you think me ethnic group doesn't want to expansion its knowledge? OK whatever. Just keep Soto yourself and don't worry about me or about anyone else becaude I am very transparent. And everyone knows what I am about. Your input is no longer needed. We all thank you for saving everyone from me.

  169. Gordon Hayes, April 6, 2013 at 11:26 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - typical, you try and tell another Luis and twist it around to accusing me of racism - I know the English language is tough but YOU refers to YOU not an entire ethnic group - I am not Chivas - I don't condemn an entire ethnic group like you and Chivas - try not to Luis so much - YOU don't want to expand your knowledge ('I only get certified when needed'). I will be done when you apologize, when you stop criticizing America and US Soccer with claims of racism in player selection and when you stop race-baiting and creating ethnic divide and when you show humility when my country beats or ties your country. I wish I could do something about the poor youth in your club but, as has everyone here, they too will see your true colors at some point. Are we done brother? Or are you just trying to make a point? And you are welcome.

  170. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 12:22 a.m.

    OK. So you will continue tobinform everyone of who I am even though hey already know. That makes sense. OK. Suit yourself. If SA lets you be I can have some fun with you. Afterall you have helped me in a strange way. Let the games begin. Until we meet again and may the best athletes in USA some day pick soccer first!!! Because right now we only have the Hispanics picking it first and that is not good enough!!! Hasta luego hermano

  171. Gordon Hayes, April 7, 2013 at 12:14 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - everyone already knows, you were so angry the US tied your country you let out your true colors. Nobody said hispanics don't pick soccer first but nobody with a sane mind thinks hispanics include all of our best athletes - only someone blinded by ethnic divide would think that -oh, wait.....maybe someone that is so blinded by his racial hatred that he can actually rationalize in his own twisted mind that Chivas cutting of players based on ethnicity is somehow okay, maybe it is someone that compares himself to Martin Luther King, maybe it is someone that defends Rafa Marquez for one reason and one reason only - his ethnicity.......who would that be?

  172. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 1:34 p.m.

    So if they already know why do you need to inform them?? Kind of dumb, isnt it?? I didnt say Hispanics were all of our best athletes. You have mo morals. You are despicable. A coward. A RAcist. A Moron. Black people are not all of our best athletes as well. There is not one race that is our best athletes. What we do have, stay with me now college grad, is certain races that dominate certain numbers simply because they play it more, understand it better, shoiw more skill in it, because it is part of their culture in a deeper way than for the rest. Balck people in Basketball. White People in Hockey. Hispanics in Soccer. That's in USA of course. Its not about racial divide. It's factual and logical. It's common sense, something you have trouble with. Just because you are white and love soccer doesnt mean it reflects with your fellow white man, IN GENERAL. I love basketball and fully understand that it is not racist to say Hispanics dont excel in basketball. Why?? Because it is not as much a part of our culture as it is in the black community. IF I were racist I would not admit to that. Kind of like you. You Racist, Bigot, Hipocrite, Liar, 2 face, Idiot, Etc. I think I already said that Chivas cutting players based on ethnicity was not ok but you will insist for some strange reason. Are we in front of a jury?? Just like its not ok for ODP charge so much and therefore purposely excluding the majority of Hispanics that cant afford it. But you seem to think thats ok because they just dont go out and say it, kind of like you.

  173. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 1:38 p.m.

    Oh I forgot, You 2 face liar, Arizoner, Racist, Nazi, Mexican Hater, etc. Hey, Im getting a hang of this hateful stuff. Thx once again Gordy.

  174. Gordon Hayes, April 7, 2013 at 4:23 p.m.

    Whoaa Martin Luis King - maybe I should squeal like a punk to SA!! You have hurt my feelings, now I am going to cry - you don't like me because I am white, I am now not going to college because of you, nor educate myself because of you - can you loan me some tissues?....In reality what you just said means you agree with my first post - if you agree that the best athletes don't pick soccer first then why did you call me the "problem." Oh wait, you said hispanics are the best "soccer athletes" - good point, means a lot, has nothing to do with my post but good point your entire reason for starting this whole thing by attacking me was something you agree with - Martin, you are a genius, an absolute genius - no wonder you have ascended to coach a rec club in the park, no wonder you and only you have given yourself the right to criticize all other clubs - the best soccer coach in America - Martin Luis King - he never played the game but he is hispanic and he played from the ages of 7-12 in the barrios - oh, yes, he definitely is an expert!!!

  175. Gordon Hayes, April 7, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.

    If someone says 'I am now a KKK fan' does that mean they don't support them? I don't agree with them excluding blacks and hispanics but I am a fan!! Wait, I am confused, you said "I am now a Chivas USA fan" - so what does that mean? You said that after they came out with their ideology of having only hispanics - so which is it - don't Luis, tell the truth? Come on, you can do it - I know you Luis all the time but try hard? Wait, isn't the U20's full of hispanics and many coaches and players? I guess they somehow have found a way to not be racist - why do you keep calling them racist? You support Chivas but think US Soccer, full of hispanics, is racist? No wonder you see yourself as Martin Luis King - defender of racist organizations, accuser of non-racist organizations !! What a man, what a coach!!

  176. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 6:37 p.m.

    Crackheads, Idiot, that thinks we are still in the 40's, I think the only reason you did go to college is because your daddy could afford it. You seem to have difficulty understanding common sense. Let me explain it to your dumb ass. Every race has the best athletes but at different sports. It mostly depends on how the sport is lived within the culture. Hispanics, In general live soccer much more passionately than any other race in USA. Therefore the best Athletes for USA Soccer are mostly Hispanic. Numbers don't lie. Does it bother you hat I have been right all this time? Come on be a man. Admit it. Ohio I know what you will say. " I don't see race, I live America". Hipocrite. You certainly saw race when evaluating sporting behavior, didn't you?

  177. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 6:49 p.m.

    It will be interesting to see how this Chivas team sporting behavior. Nothing to say about Odp obvious exclusion of lower budget mostly minorities mist noticeably Hispanics? It evens out if anything sunshine. So educatrd he was told by Aa writer to show some class. A college degree does nor eliminate ignorance. You are proof of that. And yes you are still the problem with USA soccer. Good thing is your a dying breed. The future us bright.

  178. Gordon Hayes, April 7, 2013 at 8:51 p.m.

    Most of that was too illiterate to read - maybe take a continuing education class or two? No, I guess you can't bow down to whitey. My point was the best athletes - not the best athletes that pick soccer first, that was not my point - so, again, maybe a class or two - you might get picked on again by whitey but give it a try Martin so you can understand basic points. I have 13 year old girls that when they get criticized by someone they whine and ask about someone else - kind of like you when you get criticized about being an ardent Chivas supporter and then cry 'what about ODP?" You are a little baby girl. Never accept responsibility, never admit when you lie or are wrong, just deflect and cry....poor, poor Martin.......Criticize Marquez, your response? 'What about Beckham?' Boo-hoo - what a baby. Your emotional maturity is really at the teenage girl level. I guess you are okay with organizations that exclude certain ethnicity because ODP kind of does it, well, so does the KKK so you are right - if they do it it is okay - great logic Martin Luis King.

  179. Luis Arreola, April 7, 2013 at 9:47 p.m.

    I know what your point is. The question continues to be what did you base it on?? What makes you think that the best athletes in basketball or football or hockey would be the best in soccer in USA?? What is your logic?? Thats right , there is no logic to your stupid assumption. This is just something you want to beleive because it is convenient for you. Because you are too much of a racist to comprehend that sports are cultural even though you have several examples of it in USA. Are the best athletes picking hockey over soccer too?? You have mentioned the KKK several times now. It seems you are quite obsessed with them. Not surprised. You are the worst kind of racist. The one that wants to seem like you are not. You want to hide it with your political bull but everyone can see how hateful you truly are. You base your strongest opinion on a stupid assumption with no grounds or facts. You cant back your weak points up because all they are are speculations. There is absolutely no proof of what you say, you flaming idiot. Fact is The best athletes in USa arent ALL picking the same sport, you moron. SOme of the best athletes pick basketball, coincidentally culturally dominated by black people. Some of the best athletes pick Hockey, coincidentally culturally dominated by white people. Some of the best athletes pick Soccer, coincidentally culturally dominated by HISPANICS. All this in USA, of course. There is proof of this. There is no proof of what you speculate and want oh so hard to believe because of your racist bias. How will you ever prove your specualtion to be true?? There is no way. Are black people going to put aside their cultural passion of basketball for soccer?? Are Mexicans and White people going to start playing Hockey or even afford to do so?? Soccer is the one sport that no one can seclude to pay to play because the minority that will find a way to play it always will be Hispanics. So just keeping looking at those rosters keep changing to prove my point and kiss my ass B.

  180. Gordon Hayes, April 7, 2013 at 11:05 p.m.

    Touchy, touchy Martin Luis King!! I guess it doesn't really matter why I made my point, does it? What matters is the lack of class you displayed when I made it that touched all of this off and worse, you have no clue what it is really like in the high schools and what the best athletes are choosing and you have no clue what it is like to stand next a few feet away from the top players in Europe to see what kind of great athletes they are, nor were you field level when the U17 national teams of Mexico and US and Ghana and Brazil all came and played at one location - no, Martin your perspective is that of a basketball player, that of someone that played pick-up in the barrios when he was 10, that of someone who has a D license - in other words you have no perspective and that means you are rude and inappropriate and you write out of ignorance - someone criticizes Marquez, your response? Cry like a girl and ask what about Beckham and cry racism - that is all you know. What about when me and others say get best athletes, what is your response? Racism - all you know is race divisiveness and the barrios.......I mention the KKK in comparison to a team you love - both exclude certain ethnicities - what do you do? Call me a racist yet you are a Chivas fan and I think they are despicable - you support a racist organization - how does that make me a racist? Not sure but that is your life - seclusion, ignorance, no humility, no sportsmanship, no honor - not much of a life but, hey, that is you Martin Luis!

  181. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 9:41 a.m.

    Typical, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor Gordon. Saying away from answering that question because he has nothing subsatncial to back his assumptions on. Poor, poor, poor, poor College grad. You see, I can post the same hateful garbage too. You take all this time to post hate but you still have no time explain your ignorant theories?? Thats call bull sh-- . I know what sports they are picking in High School. You must not live arounfd an All Hispanic High School. Because if you did you would undoubtably see that the "Best Athletes" in that school will pick Soccer first. Go to California, Texas, Illinois and you will see this. But your hateful mind doesnt want to see that because it is not your wish to see the "best Amerians" picked for soccer. What you want is for us to continue to ignore the fact that Hispanics pick soccer first and contionue to make excuses. Because you are a true racist. If you attend a mostly black High School, that school will most times be one of the best around at basketball. Why?? Because it's cultural. Many White High Scholls love football. Cultural. WHy is common sense so hard for you to understand ?? Oh, I know, because you are a racist that sees what he wants to see. You talk about the greatest players in Europe like we dont have great players in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil. Why? Because your a racist. Mexico has proved in the Olympics how strong of a league it is compared to the world. And coincidentally you have many Hispanic AMericans getting scouted to play in those very leagues. European player's culture, you saw, have one ingredient missing in all Americans cultures except for one, Hispanics. That is alwasy the most important factor. But you wont see it because you are a racist and a hypocrite. You think that if you see great white athletes in Europe that automatically means that USA's best white athletes dont pick soccer first. Do you do the same with basketball? No you dont because it makes no sense. Do the best athletes in Africa excel in basketball. No they don't. Why?? Because its cultural, stupid. My perspective is based on results. Barrio players getting scouted heavily. USA knows where to look for the best basketball players but still has a hard time with soccer. Maybe because they have your perspective that makes no sense. Marquez cooment had nothing to do with our initial discussion but you think because you went to college you are allowed to make go off track and bring up nonsense. Not here. You are defenitely a racist with no honor, despicable, no humility, short sighted, anti Hispanic. Yea you have a life. It shows with all your rambling here. And this is what we have coaching at ODP and college level?? No wonder.

  182. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 9:50 a.m.

    There seems to be an American on every Mexican National team except for the Men's side. Hmmm.

  183. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 12:27 p.m.

    Martin Luther King - once again your failure to see beyond your, what did one poster call them, Tri Colored glasses is pathetic and defines your pathetic life. You answer to the fact the USMNT does not get the best athletes in high schools is to say we do at hispanic high schools? Good response and very intelligent. That means those are the best athletes the US has to offer - good stuff - you truly are a great soccer mind. Oh, and I did mention the U17 teams from Mexico and Brazil but have only been up close for top teams in Europe - maybe reading comprehension is difficult for you as well - actually, do you have a learning disability - if you do please let me know - it would actually make a lot of sense. And try and use some original words and thoughts instead of just copying mind - it would at least prove you can think for yourself. And you keep calling me a racist which is what you call everyone (even the coaches that don't pick your son for a team) but you support a team that cuts players based on their ethnicity......that is more sound reasoning from our friend, our hero to the hispanic community even thought they hate him too, our leader of a fews hispanic kids in the park, our poor misunderstood martyr Martin Luis King! Go Chivas, Go Martin!

  184. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 12:57 p.m.

    No stupid. The best athletes that the USA has to offer at each sport depends on the culture, as in fact seen in basketball and hockey. Are you really that dumb?? Yes you did mention Mexico and Brazil. Now what do those along with Europe's cultures have in common that only the Hispanic culture, in general have in common that other USA cultures dont have?? What coaches did I call a racist that didnt pick my son?? You are a despicable lying sack of Hillbilly trash. Go KKK!!

  185. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 12:59 p.m.

    How about this?? We already know what our insults will be so lets just not type them in and just pretend they are included?? It would save us both alot of typing. LOL.

  186. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 2:55 p.m.

    Martin - okay so let me see if i understand you, I say we need our best athletes meaning regardless of ethnicity or skin color or what their ethnicity has as part of their cultural tradition - that is my opinion and first presented in a non-agressive manner - your counter argument is I am stupid and a racist and 'the problem' because our best athletes for each sport depends on their ethnicity and culture? That is fine but that is a different point - those are not out BEST ATHLETES. Those are our best athletes in some cases of those that have soccer as their culture - but that does not address my point - those are not necessarily our BEST ATHLETES - so let's go slow for you - BEST means the best regardless of anything, ethnicity included, culture, anything, got it? I can backtrack if you need? Okay - athletes means who are the best athletically, got it? You could have wrote back to my first post something like 'fine point but I disagree, we need to focus only on getting our youth from the culture that really has a passion for soccer, I know that means hispanics and I am hispanics but that does not make me blinded by my own ethnic bias.' And let's not forget the recent U17's were about half or more hispanics and got beat down like the non-athletes they were - destroyed by the best athletes in Germany - our recent U20's (who you love, wonder why?) also have many hispanics and are not even the best in our lowly CONCACAF so, so far, you are wrong, dead wrong - I know, I know Martin - you want 100% of all American players to be Mexican Americans - we know how you feel about white people 'Very few in the USA know soccer' and 'white people have no skill.' No wonder you strike out like a cowardly punk and call people 'the problem', no wonder you segregate your club away from whites and blacks, no wonder you support a blatantly racist organization like Chivas - your hatred runs your life and you think your ethnicity and your glory years at age 8 and 9 in the barrios qualifies you to criticize other people and know what is wrong with soccer in the US.....go get 'em Martin!

  187. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 2:57 p.m.

    "Id2 put him on top list in Illinois but did not invite him to Camps in N.C. or California. Not sure why especially after looking at the list that were invited. He scored the most goals at the one day Id2 Illinois tryout. In all 4 U.S.S.F sessions he has trained and competed against 98's and 97's and never against his actual age with 99's." I know, you will try and Luis your cowardly way out of this one - you did not mean racist, you meant ignorant, you meant the coaches did not grow up playing in the barrios - come on, say what you mean!!

  188. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 4:29 p.m.

    Yes gordon, you said that but it is meaningless and stupid to say because the best USA athletes of ALL cultures/ethnicities are not picking ONE specific sport as their first choice, you IDIOT. The best Athletes in the Black ciommunity are picking Basketball 1st. No other USA culture picks basketball in general as black people do. Therefore the best black athletes pick basketball first. The best white athletes dont pick soccer first because it is not a passionate aspect of their culture. Their best atghletes pick other sports first like hockey, football. Those are a bigger part of their culture, IN GENERAL. That leaves us with Hispanics who defenitely have their best athletes picking soccer first. If you want to generalize worldwide, then Hispanics are quite successful on the World stage in soccer as well. If we generalize in USA then without a doubt, Hispanics is the one race that picks soccer first.

  189. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 4:59 p.m.

    No, my first counter was not an a gressive manner. It got nasty after you got all pissy because I would not acknowledge that Hispanics had bad sporting behavior, In General terms, when compared to other races. Your argument is I am bias against no hispanics because of my opinion on the best soccer players in USA, In general terms. I have to say all that so you can approve of my point of view??? I have to say "that does not make me blinded by own ethnic bias"?? Did you say that?? Do I need you to say that?? If I am giving you examples and facts in regards to my points why is it neccessary for me to highlight I am not racist or bias?? Couldnt you just see that my points are valid without questioning the "Sporting Behavior" of all Hispanics because of some fvery few bad examples??? Couldnt you absorb and disagree or agree without labeling me as a racist?? You think because you went to college I have to explain myself to you so you can judge me in a positive manner?? Ok, sure but only if you agree to do the same, brother, because you are not superior to me in any way.

  190. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 5:15 p.m.

    Best means best. Ok. Now we are getting somehwere. Lets look at soccer world wide. Does any specific country dominate soccer athletically?? Does any race dominate soccer athletically?? No. Spain is currently king of soccer on men's side and "athletically" they are not superior to many other countries. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia. Are any of these top world soccer countries exceptionally athletically superior to other countries?? The top soccer countries #1 trait is Skill, Tecnique, Decision making, Creativity. Are there some exceptions?? Very few to mention. SO what made the U17's the non athletes they were ?? Please explain that. Were the 1/2 Hispanic the non athletes you are talking about or the entire team?? Germany U17 lost to Mexico U17. Are Mexican AMerican athletes inferior to Mexican born athletes?? Didnt the USA U20's give the best performance vs a Mexican side in a meaningful competition ever?? Who performed better?? Those Mexico U20's have 4-6 players that won the U17 W.C. by the way and are favorites to win it all at these U20 W.C. coming up. Concacaf is lowly?? I beleive they are in the middle. UEFA #1, Conmebol #2 Concacaf #3. Does ver few in USA mean only white people?? IS that how you interpreted that College grad?? So why is my club segregated again?? Where does it say that my club is segregated?? You see, there you go again with your silly assumptions based on nothing at all. Just something you want to beleive because you are a coward that cant deal with truthful substance that doesnt go with your agenda.

  191. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 5:39 p.m.

    You see Gordon, you are truly a hateful human being that is blinded by your hatred for Hispanic people that you even take the time to lie about wether or not my son was at an ID2 camp. What an idiot. A person that has been in charge of kids in ODP and College with such hate for the Hispanic population. If you must know exactly what ID2 Camp he did, it was in Phoenix, Az. in December of 2012. Look it up on US Club website, moron. And if you look closer you will see that there were 22 players at this camp that were at some point in 2011-2012 invited to a USSF National Camp. There were 52 total players. my other player went to N.C. Camp in 2012. ACtually he has done 5 USSF TC's. In first 3 he was placed vs combined 98'97's. In the 4th it was Regional USSF TC in Indiana in July vs the top 98/99's in the entire Region 2 where he scored twice beating 98's. In his 5th USSF TC, this year, he played vs the best 98/99's in Illinois and agian score in a 2-1 win for his team. My other player has also done 2 USSF TC's as well. I said nothing of the coaches at these TC's. Who do you want to convince of all these lies?? Anybody with the right mind can easily verify all this at these websites. You think they are going to take your hateful comments on this site as adequate reference?? Your a joke. You coached college and ODP and god knows what else?? How can it be that a person that invests this much time in hate is coaching at those levels and our youth for Christ's sake?? You have now resorted to minimize a 14 year olds factual achievements!!! What kind of a person does that?? We all know the answer to that.

  192. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 6:08 p.m.

    SO what again do you base your theory on?? Do we dominate basketball more because it is culturally lived in a bigger way uncertain communities in USA or because we have the best athletes playing it?? We can only prove one of these questions because the other one is pure speculation. We certainly do have certain cultures in USa that live basketball in a specail way not seen in any other culture in the world. Therefore we dominate. Would we dominate basketball even more if football didnt exist?? Who knows. There is no way of knowing until it happened. Would we dominate in soccer if these other sports did not exist?? Maybe but only if soccer was lived culturally the way every other sport is successfully dominated.

  193. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 9:04 p.m.

    Wow, you again have gone off the deep end - are you saying you did not write that about your son? All that other crap about websites is pointless - you wrote a race-baiting post because your son did not get picked for a team - now your Luis' are even contradicting your first Luis' - hard to keep track of all your Luis' - you write a post (that is what the double quotes mean) and now you are saying it is a Luis - the very words you wrote are a Luis? Odd but, okay, if that is how you

  194. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 9:13 p.m.

    I never said the best athletes were picking soccer - I said they weren't? Where is your confusion? Have you been drinking?....So, really white guys in Indiana have basketball as their culture for decades so according to our Martin Luis King they should be dominating basketball? Wonder why they are not? Telling someone they are "the problem" is not aggressive? Maybe you have been smoking tonight? Smoking and drinking? Hispanics, in general, lack in sporting behavior - sorry Mr. Chivas, that is my opinion - I know it makes me racist but Puuuuta to you!!!! Never criticize a Hispanic or you are racist - are you really that stupid? Yes, I, actually we all know that to be the case.

  195. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 9:23 p.m.

    Mexico has their best athletes playing soccer - gosh, this is getting boring - you are so freaking stupid, really, it is getting boring, you just like to argue for arguments sake - actually, I think you may be right, you are way too far below me intellectually to make this interesting any more....Spain not athletic??? Hilarious, that may be one of the dumber things you have ever said and you have said some really stupid things.....In all seriousness, you may want to sober up before you write any more - you are really getting dumber and dumber and more and more incoherent....CONCACAF ahead of Asia and Africa?? You are delirious but then again you said Mexico is now one of the best leagues in the world when a Mexican team beat a Brazilian team so logic is not part of your strong suit.....Tell me, oh wise one, how many hispanics do you have as a percentage of you total club enrollment (that means participants) - I asked you once but you won't answer so until you prove otherwise, yes, my B, your club is racially segregated but, that is okay, right? That is why you are such a big fan of Chivas, right? Marquez is a total gentleman, only hispanics can play soccer, Mexico's league is one of the best in the world, because hispanics choose soccer first that makes them the best athletes....what else is the world according to Martin Luis King? Oh yeah, white people have no skill, very few in the US know soccer - but I don't mean white people! Go Chivas!! Cut whites and blacks and keep only hispanics - you, me and the KKK!! Seriously dude sober up.

  196. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 10:53 p.m.

    Gordon, blah blah blah. Gordon stands for racist now. So stop being a Gordon and a Liar. Cant understand your first column. Playing basketball for a long time is not what makes you a greta basketball player. It's the way it is lived in a culture. Those are different things. Did I say playing for a long time?? Nope. Wow, that college education really paid off, huh!! Ok so that's your opinion. Hispanics in general lack in Sporting Behavior. IS that a more common trait in Hispanics when compared to black or white people?? Is that something you see in Hispanics overall or just in Mexicans or in Hispanic Americans, In General?? Or is this Gordon just being a Gordon and wants to beleive that Hispanics, In General, have a worst Sporting Behavior than Black or White people??? I think it's the last one. You see thats the problem with your opinions. You have no substantial proof that differentiates Hispanics from other races when making this judgement. It's like saying I dont like saying "wow, Hispanics have 2 feet". How is Spain's better soccer player better "athletically than oh, let's say Germany?? Or Brazil, Portugal ?? I didnt say they werent AThletic you freaking idiotic imbecile. I said they werent more athletic than many other countries, you moron. So what would you use to compare leagues in the world you idiot?? Your stupid assumptions?? Brazil; had their best U23's play in Olympics plus 2 of their best players who all play on the best European teams in the best European leagues. They also had the best up and coming player in the world, Neymar. The Mexican team had nothing but Mexican league players. They didnt win the game by bunkering in the back and hoping for a lucky counter. They actually played them straight up. Mexico won U17's W.C. and took 3rd in U20's. Thats a Concacaf team. Yes, Mexico is carrying most of the qweight for Concacaf but this is making Honduras, Panama, El Salvador better and should eventually get USA where it should be since they are taking all the talent from them, that cant go on much longer as it makes USA look bad. Its not that Mexico beat Brazil because we all know how an inferior team can beat a superior team on a lucky day. Its how Mexico beat Brazil and the other top countries. They didnt bunker which is a popular strategy when playing a superior team. Whats your logic?? Come on Gordon. Put some factual substance behind your opinions. Insulting me and trying to belittle me doesnt really help your empty theories prove much. We take all races that want to learn and play creatively. We are partnered up with a German club right now, if you must know. Hmm, does that sound like segregation?? Nope. I told you what I like about Chivas but you want to convice yourself of me being racist (because no one else is here), knock yourself out sunshine. I already know your a Gordon and can do this all day.

  197. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 10:54 p.m.

    Never said only Hispanics can play soccer so stop being a victim and crying like a little girl. "Oh look the big bad Mexican said I suck at soccer" BOO HOO. In USA Hispanics are more passionate about soccer, therefore more skilled and creative. Deal with it Homeslice. White people, in general, arent as passionate about soccer as Hispanics. Thats a fact. Didint you say Americans dont pick soccer first?? Were you think of the 20% of AMericans that do and are Hispanic?? I say exactl what I mean. I am not a Gordon. KKK now stands for GordonGordonGordon. Let me know when you want to ease up on the insults. It really is making our discussion too long.

  198. Luis Arreola, April 8, 2013 at 10:57 p.m.

    Brazilians are usually the best players in EPL, La Liga, etc. and the highest paid. Mexico beat them and has historically given them the best games. Am I wrong GordonGordonGordon??

  199. Gordon Hayes, April 8, 2013 at 11:14 p.m.

    Now it is embarrassing for you that all you can do is use my creative posts for your own - can't you think for yourself? No, I guess not so feel free to keep copying me if that helps you. I forgot nobody can criticize Hispanics or they are racist - sorry about that - Mexicans at Azteca are class acts with their 'puuuta' calls - you are right, that is very sporting - oh and Marquez - he is one classy guy and Sanchez when he sliced at the legs of a US players after one of our goals - class acts - Mexicans are hispanics, right? Blanco - classy! It does not really matter -I respect a lot of Hispanics and Mexicans - Hernandez is a class act, so is Gomez, as is Messi and on and on but it is okay I am a racist - I hate Chivas and everything they stand for and you love them but I am the racist and your analogy of why you like them is more embarrassment for you - according to that rationale I can support NY All-Jews because Jews don't get much exposure or opportunity? Great philosophy you have there Martin Luis King! You are the man! Oh and keep avoiding the question about your segregated club - my guess is your club is 90%-95% hispanic - you are a racially divisive person teaching your players the same - I fee very bad for them, plus you likely cannot even kick a ball, nor can you play, oh, wait, you do have a D license though and you played in the barrios - I keep forgetting these key components of good coaches!!! Oh and what about your calling your own quote a Luis? Did you forget about that? Dude, stop drinking and sober up!

  200. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 1:13 a.m.

    Its called sarcasm. SO which one is it?? Are Hispanics classy or not?? Which examples of players will you incline more towards to determine your general statement?? Should we look at Barkley or Jordan to determine Black people's "general sporting behavior"? Should we look at Larry bird or Jeremy Shockey or the entire P{ittsburg NHL team to determine white people's "general sporting behavior"?? Hmm. I can go either way on these, now couldnt I?? If I were a Gordon then i would with the negative examples, correct?? No but that would mean I am not being fair in my determination. How could I responsibly label one race with bad sporting behavior when they have so many examples of good sporting behavior and white and black people have plenty of both as well?? Doesnt make sense now does it?? Only if you are a Gordon. If you label me as a racist because of what you think of my comments then of course that i think your racist. No you can support that NY team only because they will give new young talent an actual playing opportunity. Thats it. No other reason. Hispanics are getting the opportunities. Many of them are getting scouted to Mexico. I just feel we are missing out on those that leave. Has nothing to do with race. It just so happens that most of them are hispanic. I am ignoring your ignorant question. I already told you we do have other ethnicities in our club. I beleive you are the one to evade most questions because you are a Gordon (I know that it sounds stupid but hopefully you will catch on my sarcasm). You feel bad for my players because 9 of my first 10 players ended up as starters on Academy top teams?? Or do you feel bad about them because 2 of them have been to several USSF TC's ?? Or do you feel bad for my son because he will go to one of the best private Schools in USA due in large part to his soccer skills?? Do you feel bad because the Top Clubs in Illinois want to partner up with us?? Or do you feel bad because we are getting all of these opportunites and recognition in only 4.5 years of existence and with under 90 current players in the club?? Or how about the fact that the head coach and Prez didnt even play High School Soccer ?? What are the key component of good coaches, Gordon? Please enlighten us with your vast soccer coaching knowledge. Incredible but true. This is what we have coaching at ODP and College levels. A person that has plenty of good and bad examples of sporting behavior in a specific race but for no reason at all chooses to label them negatively as a "general trait".

  201. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 1:16 a.m.

    I wonder why??

  202. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 1:42 a.m.

    Won't answer about the club - pity, must be 95% hispanic - I see why you support a racist organization like Chivas - they are just like you!! Do you cut blacks and whites as well? The KKK gives white people opportunities so you must be a fan of theirs as well - I think I see where you are coming from - your son is getting a scholarship to one of the best private schools in the country? Please enlighten us. Or will you not answer that one as well. Wonder why your players left your club to play with Academy teams? Surely they would have stayed with such a great coach as Martin Luis King!! Still no response on why you are calling your own quote about your son not getting picked a Luis??? Who knows - whatever you are drinking tonight, must be good! You said white people have no skill in general - some do, some don't so which is it? Dempsey has skill so did Brian McBride and Eric Wynalda - man, you are a racist pig for offering your opinion like that. Go Chivas and all racially segregated clubs especially Luis' club in Illinois - no blacks or whites allowed - do you guys make up signs for that - maybe you could borrow some of those signs for your club when you have registration in the park. Go get 'em Martin!

  203. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 8:24 a.m.

    Lets see. First 5 sentences. Said it 50 times already. I will post it when we make our decision so you can enjoy because I know how proud you will be. I took those kids to the Academies they are at through partnerships. They should have stayed but they made their choice. Not getting picked to what?? White people are most skilled in the sports that they mostly live culturally. Did I stutter? There are always exceptions to everything. We were saying in General you imbecile. Yoyu are a Gordon for saying what you said about hispanics. Bad Sporting behavior?? The new word for stupid is Gordon as well. Get er done!!

  204. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 10:37 a.m.

    Gordon, what you should wonder is why a basketball guy that played no Hoigh School soccer is developing so many starters for Top Academy teams ranked #2-#5 in the nation and Illinois. What have you done as a coach??

  205. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 12:02 p.m.

    Well Martin you are a proven, notorious and pathological Luis so all your stats and club rankings are about as reliable as you saying 85% of Magic players are hispanics - your word means nothing, it is 'not a big deal' if you tell a Luis, oh and a Martin classic - if someone is emphasizing a point it is okay to Luis and make crap up!! Lovely influence. Oh and great philosophy to say those kids should have stayed - much better for top players to play against weaker competition and to play for someone that publicly criticizes other clubs and coaches (even though he has no clue), that does not care about telling the truth (as long as you are emphasizing something it is okay), teaches kids how to 'take advantage of the system' and knows nothing about the game (other than playing in the barrios when he was 9 years old)- good idea, I agree they would be much better off with you than with whitey and those money-making bastards - those players should stay in your racially-segregated club so they too could develop this hatred of the white man. People that are such lowly individuals love to have other people stay at their level - when others advance it reminds them of just how low they are themselves - don't worry Martin you can booze up again tonight!

  206. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 12:08 p.m.

    Martin Luis King - you can't make a comment in general about whites - that makes you a racist idiot! Those are the rules, right? Or does that just apply to hispanics? What are the rules again? When you sober up let me know. Most Academy starters came from other clubs but I am sure it was you that 'made' these players - after all you have a D license! Why don't you have your club affiliate with Chivas - it will be a perfect fit! You can then make your club 100% hispanic instead of just 95% and you can feel good about it - then you can cut the players based on the color of their skin like Chivas does!

  207. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 1:34 p.m.

    What makes you think they are playing weaker competition?? How do you knwo they are much better players? There you go again, basing your strong opinions on empty assumptions. Do you have a clue as to what the level of competition is out here?? My son didnt leave and we have the luxury of being able to play for 2 leagues out here. So there is no need to exchange development to play "stronger" competition. He has developed better than "any" other player we know out here. My other player was with me the 2nd longest and coincidentally is the other player invited to USSF TC's. What a coincidence, huh? Again how do you know my club is racially segregated?? Only a person that thinks that way would make such an ignorant comment about a club he knows nothing about. WHat a Gordon. Can you imagine if I had an A License?? LOL. WHat the heel are you mumbling about now?? Most Academy starters?? Do you know how to read?? My first 10 players that I coached for at least 4 years, 9 of those made Academy Top teams as 98's and 99's and as starters. Do you understand this, Hillbilly?? Thats a great idea!! I am going to call Chivas right now!! And you should call GordonGordonGordon!! Chivas doesnt cut players based on color, Gordon (Stupid). Hispanics come in Blacvk, White and Brown colors. Didnt you learn this in College??

  208. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 1:49 p.m.

    Okay, so are you emphasizing a point right now - hard to tell the Luis' from the truth - So your club has stronger players so they get to train against the best every day? Okay, cool. And your league is as strong as the Academy and the top clubs, okay, got it. And you have had 2 players achieve recognition - it must be the magic coaching you picked up in the barrios! What a success story - down with those pay for play white evil bastards...oh, oops, wait, you charge too, right? Oh, wait, but it is $20 less, maybe $25 - man, you are such a man of the poor, downtrodden hispanic people - no wonder they all get on here to tell you how much you mean to them!! Oh and you have been repeatedly asked what percentage of your club is hispanic and you failed to answer so that means you don't want to say because you are embarrassed so that leads to the assumption the percentage must be pretty high but don't worry - it is okay to segregate and exclude because you are providing a service (for a fee of course), you are the great Martin Luis King - misunderstood, criticized by all even his beloved hispanics but that won't stop our hero - no sir, he will press on and for $20 less hispanics can play in his racially segregated club and not have to deal with whitey and playing against better competition!!

  209. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 2:26 p.m.

    It depends of your philosophy of what makes a player better. If you think that an Academy is an ideal environment for players to improve, unlike you, I respect your opinion. I see one Academy out here that is good at developing "teams" and team players but not outstanding individual players. I respect it but that is not what I want for my kids. I see another Academy that is good at recruiting the best kids but all I see there is a constant rotation of good players that are good one year but for some reason dont quite improve as expected. The other Academy I dont know much of and are too far for us. I base my opinions on results. Should I be developing better players than all these top clubs?? No, I should not. You seem to think that I am full of myself and think I am the greatest soccer coach in the world. I am far from that. But what I do know is that my "philosophy" has worked for too many kids to think its a coincidence. All I am supplying is a different environment for these kids and it has paid off. Academy is probably more competitive. It should be. but from ages 4-16/17 players should worry about playing full games as much as possible. Isnt an Academy suppose to develop?? Does development start at 13 or 15 years old?? I see many U16 and U18 Academy players starters that have spent most of their development in other clubs. SO how did these players develop at a higher rate in non Academy clubs than the ones that did develop under Academy clubs?? One must look at the results of players U8-U16 to evaluate wether that more "competitve" environment really works in developing players. Is our league as strong as Academy or NPL?? As Academy, no it is not. My son will probably play Academy when the time comes but only if he plays full games. NPL?? Nope, at least not in our region. You see, my son is a 99' but he plays vs the best 98/97's in our league as he plays a year up in top division. He played NPL with an Academy team last year vs the "Top" 99's in the Midwest. Not even close. That team should have been playing up a year at 98' but did not because they have other agendas. I respect it but it doesnt work for us. Not a challenge. I focus on the individual. These top clubs focus on status/rankings which really has little to do with the individual. I charge much much less than anyone around and give most of my players 2 teams to play on for the low pricwe of one. Your assumptions suck again. I will wait for you to answer my questions and you will have your answer. I have nothing to feel embarrassed about. $20 less?? How did you come up with that number?? Oh yea, assumptions. Very college grad of you.

  210. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 3:12 p.m.

    So I guess the question is why post your team accomplishments on your website at all? Do you really think these other clubs have not developed many, many more players than you? Exactly my earlier point which you could not grasp, many Academy kids come from other clubs as Academy started out at the older ages only - it is not specific to you - remember, humility. My assumption suck? Didn't you have a comparison of your club fees and the others previously on your website? Think hard? And now, at just a very quick glance, for U11's - you are actually more expensive than the Magic!! That is not very Chivas of you and certainly not very in tune with your vision of yourself as Martin
    Luther King....Let me see if I can help - stop focusing on others and focus on yourself - stop hating white people - nobody is out to get you, nobody is out to destroy hispanics - they seem to be doing very well here in our soccer programs, stop posting things about other clubs, stop race-baiting, there are bad people in every culture and, yes, there is still racism but not in every criticism of a hispanic player the way you see it and for the good of everyone stop supporting Chivas.

  211. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 3:44 p.m.

    Because it was a huge accomplishment for a team/club that focuses more on individual player development than winning, Gordon!! It's a bonus!! We play to win but dont bunker no matter what the skill difference is. We never have more than 3 subs on bench and 80-90% of starters play entire game U8-U15. We lose games because we get tired or are a man down some times or because we have new defenders or goalies. I dont know if they have developed more than me or not in the past. I look at the coaches, present players. I partner up to have them play dually to see if the Academy kids are developing more than mine. You see, you really know very little of me to make all those hateful comments. I hope every day that we will have somewhere better for my kids to move to. I want to be just a feeder club for these kids. Thats all. But they must move to somewhere that is truly better for them individually. Not just on paper. Rankings mean nothing. Big Club Name means nothing. Only thing that matters is conitinued progress for my individual players. Most of these Academy clubs constantly change Coaches who have different philosophies. I did grasp what you meant about Academy. I understand that Academy starts at U16 and will now start at U14. What I am saying is, shouldnt these Development Academies start their club's player development at U6/U8?? If they are the best Development Academies in USA they should have something to show for it with players that developed under them since U8, U10 or even U12. Shouldnt they?? Does their Development start at U16?? And not at U8?? That doesnt make any sense to me nro should it. The development at these top clubs should be seen throughpout the age groups, shouldnt they?? Fire Academy has now started their Academy programs at U10 and by birth year. They play up. Its free. They are investing in young talent and are ataking a true player development approach. I fully agree with this and am keeping a close eye on them hoping they will be what I have been looking for. Humility, yes but I must be skeptical as well. Here we go again with the hate. I am answering your post as I read it. Magic charges $1500 for 3 seasons- Fall, 10-12 week Indoor and Spring = 9 months of soccer, 1 team. I charge $1,000 for the same thing PLUS most play on 2 TEAMS. SO they are really paying $500. Thats 1/3 of Magic's price. We offer Summer and a 2nd Indoor Session of 8 weeks ( Nov. & Dec. ) that Magic does not offer. If you add it all up, we charge $50 more to play twice as much plus Summer and extra Indoor season= 3 months. For an educated man you really have a hard time doing math accuratelyy. I dont hate white people. I love everyone, even you.

  212. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 8:29 p.m.

    Okay, we are being too nice - this is boring - just kidding - I can live with it - the Magic site for some areas was $1350 for U11 and you had for some rate at $1550 that is $200 more and apparently not all play on more than 1 team and I am sure there many fine things the Magic offers that you cannot - facilities, coaching staff, equipment, trainers, etc. Anyway, I do just wish you would focus on your own positives - I think it would serve you and your players better - your philosophy is fine and has some merit so just promote that

  213. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 9:27 p.m.

    Well Gordon, you are a gentleman after all. We will continue to agree to disagree but can be civilized about it. If I offended you I am sorry. I probably did take things too far and said some things I probably should have not. I beleive you are a proud white man that refusues to believe that Hispanics are better players at soccer and that I can respect. I dont agree with you but I can defenitely respect that. It's competition and thats always a good thing if we keep it fair. There are quite a few white players I have seen that actually are very technical. One of my most tecnical players is German, go figure, his dad was born in Brazil but full blooded German. . Magic defenitely has better facilities. They have a dome truf field. I have basketball gyms I borrow. Coaching staff is defenitely better qualified but better is another issue. I wish they would focus on the individual's needs for success but they don't. They focus on rankings and who is hot right now to get us there. My son started on their top 99' team as forward but he is good enough to start on their top 98' team easily. If they were looking out for the top talent to continue to the next level they wpould easily make those djustments but sadly they don't. I think that openly critisizing what I dont agree with in our Acdemies will somehow reach others with same sentiments so Academies can make the adjustments needed to improve our output of players. They can do so much if they truly wanted to. Maybe I am pissing alot of people off by making these comments and it will be counter productive for my kid's opportunities but it's worth a shot. AFterall if he is good enough he will be ok regardless of how much of a prick I am.

  214. Gordon Hayes, April 9, 2013 at 10:25 p.m.

    Okay, this is getting weird - no, all good, I agree we can be cool. For the record, I am really nothing like you suspect - I am liberal to the core and I am really not racist at all - my point is not that hispanics are not better at soccer - I know they have more passion for it and it is in their culture and they are very good - I just want ALL of our best athletes to find it as their passion- I know it will be hard to get the best athletes away from basketball and football but my opinion is that is where we need to concentrate - not to take a basketball player in the 9th grade and turn him into a soccer player but to develop passion for soccer at young ages in ALL our best athletes - US Soccer and many others believes it is with Academies and through club but we are losing battles in the high schools - I know you feel we should just concentrate on hispanics as they are the best athletes choosing soccer - that has merit but we just disagree - I want the best athletes of all races - actually I don't care what race they are - if the US could somehow get the best hispanic athletes and the best white and black athletes at every high school then I think we will compete on the world stage - whether we can do it with just the best hispanic athletes I guess is where we disagree. Anyway, all good.

  215. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 11:44 p.m.

    I am over protective and defensive but not divisive. I dont want for us to concentrate on Hispanics because they are the best. I want them to deserve it through fair competition. That is no longer something I really focus on because it's not like it used to be when I grew up. Now my worry is that USSF is strictly focusing on the 80 Academies we have for National Team Selection. I dont think that is fair to every aspiring player. It is quite clear that being part of an Academy improves your chances of getting a look by the National team only because of club status. It shouldnt be that way. You see, I have a tendency to fight for the guys that arent getting the chances they should be. Used to be a Hispanic thing, I confess but now it's everyone. I happen to beleive that USA currently has the capability of fielding an exiting mix of skilled players. What I believe is that Hispanics are the ones mostly playing the style that will exite every race and motivate them to pick soccer first. That will help what you see as the main problem. When I played basketball I was actually a very good athlete. I could dunk and had some hang time at 6'2". I was a point guard. I loved it when black players acknowledged my skill. I admired the way white people played the game as well. They were always good passing teams that played an organized game. Black people some times too much flair. WHite people too much fundamentals. In my opinion but good traits, nonetheless. I took all that into soccer. The right amount of Flair creativity from what I saw in black people. The right amount of organization and strategic teamwork from white people. The fight and determination that I had to prove myself as a Mexican basketball player. Implement all that into the passion that Hispanics have for soccer. You see, I learned from all of these people. I got sucked into soccer in a strange way. I said ok, I wanted my son to play basketball but if this is what he loves then lets go all out!! So I studied and have taken things from MAgic, Sockers, My basketball days, different ethnicities and did my own thing and it has worked out pretty nicely. I worry every day that maybe there is somewhere better for him. I have some German and Mexican contacts interested in him but desperatly want for something as good to be in USA to keep him here. Why?? Because we should God Damn have an answer already for this!! We are so lucky to have different races that play any sport.

  216. Luis Arreola, April 9, 2013 at 11:47 p.m.

    WHen I played ball in Chicago I loved forming an all Hispanic team to play in mostly black leagues. We would lose more than we won but we gave them good games that surprised them all the time. I did the same a few times in white leagues. Great rivalry. My team name?? "The Mexicans". LOL. So you see I am quite honest of what I am proud of and love the fact that this country has so many different views of how a game should be played. We can compete fiercely at a certain level but with respect but we must come together at the highest levels and do whats best for the game. This is a great country. We should be playing great soccer!! I cant imagine where basketball would be without black people but Larry Bird is also a hero of mine because of his competitive value.

  217. Gordon Hayes, April 10, 2013 at 1:02 p.m.

    Yeah, I guess it was Yeagley that said a team needs its piano players and piano movers. I do wish the best for your son - I am sure he will do well.

  218. Luis Arreola, April 11, 2013 at 11:08 p.m.

    Thx man. This is weird. Can we keep fighting a little?? LOL

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