USA-Honduras game draws respectable ESPN audience

By Paul Kennedy

It wasn't the 20 million viewers who watched Game 6 of the Heat-Spurs NBA final series on ABC -- a record for a non-clinching championship game -- but the average of 1,127,000 viewers who tuned in for Tuesday's USA-Honduras World Cup 2014 qualifier on ESPN was a respectable audience.

The audience was the fifth most-watched U.S. qualifier or friendly in history.

USA-Honduras, Top Ratings:
Hartford-New Haven 2.1
Seattle-Tacoma 2.0
Buffalo 2.0
Richmond 1.8
Salt Lake City 1.7

NASL VS. USL IN OKC. Prospective owners of NASL and USL clubs competing to obtain a lease to a local high school stadium necessary to operate a team in Oklahoma City squared off before the Oklahoma City Public Schools board on Monday.

Brad Lund (NASL), the managing partner of Sold Out Strategies, and Bob Funk Jr. (USL), the owner and president of Prodigal LLC, each made presentations why their group should use Taft Stadium.

Following deliberations, Lund was granted a two-year lease plus a renewal option in a majority ruling.

“It's a big day for sports in Oklahoma City,” Lund told the Oklahoman. “We're going to be bringing an extremely high level of world-class soccer to Taft Stadium. Personally, it's a dream of mine. I grew up playing, I met my wife playing soccer, and it's a special, special day for Oklahoma City, not just soccer fans, but sports fans in general.”

Both Lund and Funk have a background in minor league hockey, which is very popular in Oklahoma City. Lund's group hopes to gain formal approval in July from the NASL for an expansion team.

(Click here for OKCPS twitter feed of Lund's presentation of the proposed expenses/costs for the NASL team and its use of the stadium.)

JIMI CUP ALL-STARS. El Jimador announced the 10 contest winners who will participate along with former U.S. and Mexico national team stars in the second edition of Jimi Cup July 9 at Casa Herradura’s distillery in Amatitan, Mexico.

The player rosters include Alexi Lalas, Brandi Chastain and Taylor Twellman for the USA and well as Mexicans Claudio Suarez, Monica Gonzalez and Ramon Ramirez.
The 10 contest winners:
Clarabella Alcantar (Alpharetta, GA)
Cristobal Garcia (Evans, CO)
Stuart Grierson (Buena Park, CA)
Martin Herrera (Inglewood, CA)
Steven James (Miramar, FL)
Andrew Lickenbrock (Medord, MA)
Lindsey Miller (Portland, ME)
Bette Shapiro (Red Bud, IL)
Andres Suarez (Escondido, CA)
Pat Trevino (Kitteny, ME)
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