Soccer clubs sweep rich list podium

By Paul Kennedy

Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona rank 1-2-3 in Forbes' latest top 50 rankings of the most valuable sports clubs ahead of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys, who round out the top five.

Real Madrid switched places with Man. United at the top, and Barca climbed five spots to No. 3. Valuations of soccer clubs drop considerably after the top three as Arsenal, which ranks No. 10 among all sports clubs, is valued at half of what Barcelona's valuation is.

NFL teams dominate the list with 30 of its members in the top 50 list. There are seven soccer teams and seven MLB teams in the top 50. The rest of the list consists of three NBA teams, two Formula 1 teams and one NHL team.

All Sports Top 10
1. Real Madrid $3.3 billion
2. Man. United $3.2 billion
3. Barcelona $2.6 billion
4. New York Yankees $2.3 billion
5. Dallas Cowboys $2.1 billion
6. New England Patriots $1.6 billion
7. Los Angeles Dodgers $1.6 billion
8 Washington Redskins $1.5 billion
9. New York Giants 1.5 billion
10. Arsenal $1.3 billion

Soccer Top 10
1. Real Madrid $3.3 billion
2. Man. United $3.2 billion
3. Barcelona $2.6 billion
4. Arsenal $1.3 billion
5. Bayern Munich $1.3 billion
6. AC Milan $945 million
7. Chelsea $901 million
8. Juventus $694 million
9. Man. City $689 million
10. Liverpool $651 million

OKC/USL PRO STADIUM UPDATE. The new USL PRO team that will begin play in Oklahoma City in 2014 has hired ADG to design and build a soccer-specific stadium.

Prodigal, which will operate the USL PRO franchise, and ADG are exploring sites to build the stadium. Initial plans for the stadium call for it to seat 7,000, with the ability to expand to 20,000, the minimum size to be considered for an MLS franchise.

“Part of the three-year long process to bring a USL PRO team to Oklahoma City was to explore the opportunity to build a soccer specific stadium in the metro area,” said Prodigal CEO Bob Funk Jr. “ADG has proven itself to be a company that can design and service award winning work. We look forward to working with ADG to design a stadium that can serve the needs of our USL PRO team, and also expand based on our long-term goal of bringing and MLS team to Oklahoma City.”
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  1. Juan Salas, July 16, 2013 at 6:42 p.m.

    That's suppose to be the New England Patriots, not the Revolution right? I almost fell out of my chair reading it the first time.

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