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World-class striker needs overconfidence and arrogance

Is Landon Donovan one of the top 23 players in American soccer today? Certainly. But was his desire for the game still there?

John Smallwood of the Philadelphia Daly News suggests that the qualities that make a world-class striker -- like Jurgen Klinsmann was in his heyday -- straddling a fine line between overconfidence and arrogance were just what was now lacking in Donovan.

One thing a top striker never has is self-doubt and that seemed to have crept into Donovan's game.

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1 comment about "World-class striker needs overconfidence and arrogance".
  1. Rick Estupinan, May 26, 2014 at 1:26 a.m.

    This is very true , Donovan was too timid and never made use of his status quo . WHEN YOU ARE TALENTED AND ADMIRE BY SO MANY , YOU HAVE TO ADOPT A POSITION , THAT YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANY NONSENSE FROM ANY BODY . Other wise you get no respect , and they will walk all over you .

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