OLYMPICS: Reaction after the USA-Brazil gold-medal game


On the emotion of the victory:

''We are just elated. We had a belief and a unity within this team that made the difference. A belief not only in those players on the field, but in every player on the team, both on and off the bench, that we had the ability to do whatever it would take to win this competition.''

''Brazil was a phenomenal team and Marta is certainly not only one of the best players in the world, but one of the best player's the women's game has ever seen. For us to beat them a second time in this tournament, and score four goals on them when no one else in the tournament could score one, and to have beaten them three times overall this year, is a tremendous accomplishment.''

On the overall team fortitude and resiliency in overtime, late leads:

''The thing we talked about all year long was that we have found ourselves behind in some games and it was important for us to find it within ourselves the ability to come from behind. We showed we could come from behind this year, and in the semifinals against Germany when we gave up the late goal and some people might have thought the pressure would intensify, we never hesitated or doubted our ability to bounce back. We had the same feeling tonight against Brazil. When they scored to tie the game and were applying some pressure, we were OK and knew we were going to get another one back. That is the belief this team had in themselves.''

On her feelings after winning her first world championship as a coach:

''Personally, I'm thrilled. I couldn't be happier. I couldn't be happier for the veterans and for them to go out on top, which is the way it should be. It is just so appropriate. I'm happy about the contribution of the young players, and they have said all along that 'We are ready,' and they showed that the future is very bright for our next generation of players.''

''I don't want to say 'I can't believe it,' because it is not that 'I can't believe it,' but we have come so close a couple of times. So it is just very wonderful to be able to celebrate this knowing we accomplished what we set out to do.''


''It is just amazing, we push every single game and we've done it in the semis and the finals. And it just shows what we are made of: big hearts.''


On how she played through her ankle injury:

''I just hear everyone on the sidelines cheering. We are such a team and that is what I love about these guys. There was never a doubt in our minds that we could pull this off. Even as dead tired as we were, we pulled it out. It's unbelievable, this group.''


On the emotional win:

''This is a great family and I'm so proud of everyone. We couldn't have done it without every single person. Everyone gave everything and that is what we needed.''

On whether trying to win in the final go around was a burden:

''Heck, yeah. It was a burden. But we all carried well and we all carried it together and that is how we won.''


On her teammates and their legacy:

''This team never gave up and every single player made a difference. These guys deserve it. They always put the game first. They always thought about leaving a legacy and leaving a better place for all the young girls that are in the stands. These girls deserve it and I am so proud to be on this team. I'm just one person. America should be proud of this team. We are going to enjoy it.''


Trying to describe the emotions of her winning goal:

''No words. This is for them. It is for these players going through their last world championship: Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, Joy Fawcett, Julie Foudy, Briana Scurry, Mia Hamm ... all these players that have done so much for this team. This is for them.''


On her emotions and the realization of their expectations:

''What we talked about was the confidence we have in each other. The supreme belief that we will win no matter what. It gets rough out there but this team is not about quitting. It is about moving forward and being progressive and loving each other and doing anything to make our team successful. This is a team people should be proud of.''

On what it means to her personally:

''For me personally, both of my parents died recently, and I think it is about family, like Joy said. And when you can share it with all these people here waving flags, that is the family. We are not an exclusive group, we are an inclusive group and we want everyone to enjoy this and we are so happy we can bring this home to America.''

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