Clemson women's program hit with hazing lawsuit

[JURISPRIDENCE] College soccer has been rocked by another hazing incident. A former Clemson women's player, Haley Hunt, has filed a lawsuit in South Carolina state court alleging that she was subjected to a preseason hazing incident in 2011 that resulted in her suffering a traumatic head injury.

The suit alleges that hazing was a longstanding tradition at Clemson and freshmen were forced to perform demeaning acts before they were allowed to join the team. Hunt sued Clemson women's head coach Eddie Radwanski, his two assistants Siri Mullinix and Jeff Robbins, the Clemson athletic director and associate athletic director, assistant to the president and chief of staff, as well as 14 upperclassmen on the 2011 team and 10 John Does.

The upperclassmen are accused of “kidnapping” Hunt and other freshmen, driving them around in the trunks of cars and forcing them to participate in “embarrassing and humiliating” acts that concluded at the Tigers' soccer field, where Hunt was instructed to sprint down the field while wearing the blindfold but veered away from the field and into a brick wall.

The complaint alleges Radwanski told the players that "if you care about our jobs and our team, then you will not tell anyone about this. We cannot have anybody finding out about this." It charges the coaching staff with not letting anyone in a position of authority know about the incident.

The 2011 season was Radwanski's first at Clemson, and he had not recruited Hunt, who accuses him of telling her and the team's other freshmen not to come to the school.

Hunt red-shirted in 2011, played 15 games (with five starts) in 2012 and two games in 2013.

In a statement to AP, Clemson University, which is not a party to the suit, stated, “Clemson University strongly disagrees with the characterization of events in this lawsuit, and looks forward to vigorously defending this case on its facts, rather than these allegations. The university will not comment further on this pending litigation.”

A hazing incident involving the New Mexico women's program in August resulted in Coach Kit Vela being suspended for a week without pay, two assistant coaches receiving letters of reprimand, and 22 Lobo players being suspended for one game. It also resulted in the cancellation of UNM's opener at Texas Tech.
1 comment about "Clemson women's program hit with hazing lawsuit".
  1. Kevin Leahy, September 11, 2014 at 8:47 a.m.

    What don't these people understand? None of this is acceptable anymore and hasn't been for a long time. Coaches have to make it crystal clear! It is hard to fathom. Can't understand why there isn't any video.

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