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Report: Drones Pose a Problem for Sports Authorities

The Associated Press reports that authorities around the globe are just starting to understand the threat that drones pose to sporting events. For starters, drones are no longer the multimillion-dollar expense that only militaries and billionaires can afford: according to the report, cheaper versions of the remote-controlled robots cost just a few hundred dollars. And stopping a determined drone operator is extremely difficult for aviation and security agencies.

Earlier this month, UEFA President Michel Platini warned that the drone that flew over the abandoned Euro 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania, highlighted a "serious problem" for all sports. "Just imagine that a drone carrying a bomb instead of a flag comes to a ground," Platini said. "What can we do?" In recent weeks, drones have also appeared over Wembley and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transport in London predicts an "explosion" in drone use in the coming years. It said it receives a new application for their civilian use almost every day.


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