What They're Saying: Michel D'Hooghe

“Firstly, I never promised nothing to nobody, secondly I never voted for Russia, and third I never received fine Russian art. I hope it is still in my attic. If I hang it on the wall in my house, I think I will have a divorce.”

-- Belgian Michel D’Hooghe, a longtime member of the FIFA executive committee, explaining to the Sunday Times what happened to an "absolutely ugly" painting he received from Russian Viacheslav Koloskov, a former executive committee member working for the Russia 2018 bid. D'Hooghe, who is reported to be under investigation by FIFA ethics investigator Michael Garcia, said he tried to give the painting, intended to be a gift from Koloskov and his wife to D'Hooghe and his wife, to his secretary but she responded, "Do you not have something better for me?" (Parliament Culture, Media & Sport Committee)
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