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Fergie Hails Carrick, Rooney, RVP, De Gea

Alex Ferguson thinks Michael Carrick, Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and David De Gea have enough quality to once again send Manchester United back to the summit of the Premier League. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the legendary United manager singled out the veteran quartet, in addition to heaping massive praise on current coach Louis van Gaal.

"They (United) have still got great players," Ferguson said. "I think Michael Carrick is the best center midfield player in English football. ... I think Robin van Persie, the World Cup has maybe taken a little bit out of him, but you watch him in the second half, he'll be fine. Rooney is back flying and Rooney will always get you a goal and that's always an advantage when a team has got a goalscorer in a team. And the one that's most pleasing to me of the present lot is David de Gea. When we bought him he was a kid. He was skinny, but he had an ability. He's got special talents, and it's shown.”

Given the spate of injuries suffered by United so far this season, Ferguson claimed the team was performing beyond expectations. "First of all, Louis van Gaal, I don't know how he can expect to get the best results with the injuries he's had," he said. "And when he gets the best players back, you watch United, because he's a great coach, he'll do well.”

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