OFF THE POST: In a pillory, perhaps?

Two soccer fans who made racial taunts at Barcelona players have been fined $8,000 each and banned for five months, but FIFA President Sepp Blatter has proposed another form of punishment

Blatter has suggested that racist soccer fans be placed in the middle of the field to be shamed in public while the game is suspended.

''I cannot say what kind of sanctions we should expect because I do not interfere at all with the disciplinary bodies of FIFA,'' Blatter said. ''But I believe you could stop the game, identify the people involved in this kind of foul situation and then take them to the middle of the field to be booed by the rest of the spectators.

''I know that in Britain, you have the video cameras at the matches and you could therefore do this. You could identify them and send them into the middle of the field in front of the public.''

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