What They're Saying: BBC spokesman

"We are pleased that the BBC team has been released but we deplore the fact that they were detained in the first place. Their presence in Qatar was no secret and they were engaged in a perfectly proper piece of journalism."

-- A BBC spokesman after Qatari authorities detained BBC journalists for two days while investigating the conditions of migrant workers before the 2022 World Cup. What made the incident so troubling that it even drew FIFA's ire was that BBC crew was on a press tour organized by Qatar's p.r. firm to show off improvement in labor conditions. (The Guardian)

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  1. Ginger Peeler, May 19, 2015 at 2:05 p.m.

    Troubling? I'd call it downright scary! Invite a crew in to examine the workers' conditions and then detain said crew for 2 days? This hospitality shown to invited guests leaves something to be desired...can't wait to see how the fans are treated when they pour into the country. Again, why is the World Cup being held there? I seem to remember, when the venue was announced, that there were multiple reassurances on how everyone (fans and players) would be kept cool and comfortable in the Qatar heat...no need to change the scheduling. So now the schedule will be changed and workers will continue to die due to the slavelike conditions they're laboring under. And FIFA looks the other way.

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