USA-Colombia Under-20 World Cup Player Ratings

June 10 in Wellington
USA 1 Colombia 0. Goals: Rubin 58.
Att.: 6,062.
The USA reached the quarterfinals of the 2015 U-20 World Cup with a 1-0 win over Colombia. Rubio Rubin's sharp 11-yard half-volley into the top corner of the net gave the USA the lead. But the play that decided the game was goalkeeper Zack Steffen's 83rd-minute penalty-kick save. The USA faces Serbia June 14 with a chance to at least match the best U.S. finish at a U-20 World Cup -- fourth place in 1989.

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USA Player Ratings
8 Zack Steffen (Freiburg/GER)

After no first-half tests, he dived to bat the ball away from the feet of Jarlan Barrera within seconds of the second-half kickoff. Five minutes later, he thwarted Steve Lucumi. And he became a hero when his right hand stopped Barrera’s PK.

6 Desevio Payne (FC Groningen/NED)
Smothered Colombia’s final foray in second-half stoppage time to cap an evening in which he looked shaky at times but never allowed a major opportunity from the Colombians’ left flank.

8 Matthew Miazga (New York Red Bulls)
Blocked shots and intercepted high and low through balls.

8 Cameron Carter-Vickers (Tottenham/ENG)
Same as central partner Miazga, kept Los Cafeteros from turning midfield possession into penetration.

2 Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas)
Cautioned for pulling down Rodin Quinones in the first half, was ejected for his second yellow of the game (third of the tournament) for wrestling with Quinones and causing the PK that Steffen saved to preserve the victory.

6 Marky Delgado (Toronto FC)
Defensive midfielder struggled like the rest of the U.S. midfield in the first half but began winning more balls in second half -- and gets credit for helping out the center backs.

6 Emerson Hyndman (Fulham/ENG)
He nodded on the high ball that led to the U.S. goal. In the second half, started linking the backline to the attack enough to break the rhythm the Colombians had established in the first half.

6 Gedion Zelalem (Arsenal/ENG)
Didn’t put his stamp on the game in true playmaker fashion, but he did create some attacks and drew several fouls for free kicks that helped the USA put pressure on the Colombian defense.

6 Paul Arriola (Tijuana/MEX)
Took the shot that deflected to Rubin for the game-winning finish. Blocked with his head a powerful shot bound for the U.S. goal to preserve the lead.

nr Bradford Jamieson (LA Galaxy)
Injured shortly after kickoff in a bad fall.

7 Rubio Rubin (FC Utrecht/NED)
Was often beaten off the ball by powerful Colombian defenders like Davinson Sanchez but kept battling and when he broke free, he struck the USA’s biggest goal of the tournament.

6 Jordan Allen (Real Salt Lake)
Replaced striker Jamieson but roamed in midfield. Hit the pass that created the best U.S. first-half chance, a shot that Zelalem hit weakly.

nr John Requejo (Tijuana/MEX)
Came on the 84th minute and helped thwart Colombians’ late efforts.

nr Tommy Thompson (San Jose Earthquakes)
Entered in 87th minute and did his part by intercepting a pass headed to the Colombian frontline.

(1=low; 5=average; 10=high)

June 10 in Wellington
USA 1 Colombia 0. Goal: Rubin 58.
USA -- Steffen, Payne, Miazga, Carter-Vickers, Acosta, Delgado, Hyndman, Zelalem (Thompson 87), Arriola (Requejo 84), Jamieson (Allen 11), Rubin.
Colombia -- Montero; Angulo, Sanchez. Quintero, Tello; R.Quinones, Barrera, Zapata (Joao 71), Gutierrez (D.Quinones 60), Lucumi (Ibarguen 64); Borre.
Red Card: USA -- Acosta 81.
Referee: Ivan Bebek (Croatia).
Att.: 6,062.

TRIVIA: The win over Colombia marks the USA’s fourth straight win over South American opponents at the U-20 World Cup: Argentina (1-0) in 2005, Brazil (2-1) and Uruguay (2-1) in 2007.

8 comments about "USA-Colombia Under-20 World Cup Player Ratings ".
  1. Kevin Sims, June 10, 2015 at 9:22 a.m.

    Acosta has seemed utterly shocked at the cards he has received. Has he not been taught that grabbing, pulling and pushing violate the laws of the game? Get low to see the ball and to have balance and to be able to move feet effectively. Quit cheating because you do not embrace proper defensive technique. Kudos to the USA for a quality win!

  2. Santiago 1314, June 10, 2015 at 1 p.m.

    Good Result for the USA… Way to Go!!!… Keep Believing… WE BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN !!!... Today !!! NOW !!!...Rating for Acosta is Unfair(should be 5)… His Skill on the Ball was Good, He was left Stranded out there on the Left Defense all night… Allen is USELESS(should be 3)….Maybe if Jamieson hadn’t gone down so early, it would have been different…The Penalty(2nd Yellow) was a Flop…Goalkeeper Steffen was much more Stable today…No Quirky Plays… Excellent Read on the PK…The High Pressing Defense, led by Hyndman,(should be a 9) was the Best I have ever seen by a US Men’s Team… All for One and One for All…Hyndman is the Next Bradley(even more skillful)…I sure would like to see if they can play together(NOW!!!)(They might be too similar)…

  3. Santiago 1314, June 10, 2015 at 1:01 p.m.

    The Offense was too Stifled in the 1st half…Once Arriola(should be a 7) is Freed from One Spot, Good things start to happen… Just before the end of the half and at start of 2nd half he was running across the whole front line…He’s Fast, Quick, Skillful and A PEST, (just like Iniesta)… Release him to play Free, not tied down on Right Mid…The goal for Rubin, came off of a Rebound from Arriola’s shot…Arriola was playing at the Top of 18…Not to mention that he Headed a Ball Off Our Goal Line!!!…Rubin is The Real Deal(should be an 8)… Dump Jozy… Rubin ran everywhere on the Front line, the Whole game… even interchanged back to Left Mid, Ct. Mid, Rt Mid… Plays for the Team, not himself…Great Finisher, Great Presence…Zelalem(should be a 4)-An enigma, wrapped in a Mystery…Didn’t do much this game, Should be given more Freedom to find the Left Wing… He is Not a Center Mid…Too much of a Light Weight…Too many Flops…His plays in the Left Corner vs NZ are still the highlight of the Tourney…The Team can carry him(ala Dempsey) But not him and Allen…Delgado(Should be a 5) still Scares me…Better job at Defensive Play, but his Touch and Distribution of the ball is Painful to watch…I still want to see Carter-Vickers(9) in there…Palmer-Brown can play Hack and Chop well enough…C-V is being wasted back there…

  4. Santiago 1314, June 10, 2015 at 1:01 p.m.

    Kudos to Tab for preparation of the Team Defense, and for Freeing the players up front in the 2nd half(Just start that way!!!)…BUT, Tab, You almost cost us the game with your Subs… Allen has proven Worthless the whole Tournament… Sonora or Thompson would have been better for injured Jamieson…We played with 10 the whole game…Requejo should have come in for Allen, at 70 or 75, to help out Acosta, who already had a Yellow Card…Tab, YOU left him out there to Hang… The Red Card is ON You !!!...Instead you took out Arriola, who wasn’t even tired, in the 84th minute(What if the game had gone to Overtime, Pks ???).. I realize you didn’t want to look like a Fool, for Subbing a player(Allen) who came on as a Sub(for Jamieson), but you almost cost us the game…You should have left Zelalem up front as the Lone Forward, Not Allen…If the game had gone to Overtime and Pks, we would have been without Zelalem and Arriola…NOT GOOD !!!!

  5. Santiago 1314, June 10, 2015 at 1:02 p.m.

    Colombia, what can I say???…Dr. Fleck used to call them “Coca-Cola” players…Look nice, great skill, but they pass the ball off and then take “The Pause, that Refreshes” Too Pedestrian, No interchanging, No Speed of Play…Colombian coach screwed up by taking out Zapata, he was their best player and probably would have taken a better Penalty Kick…

  6. Santiago 1314, June 10, 2015 at 1:03 p.m.

    Ever Coach out there in the US, Should analyze the Defense that was used against Colombia and the Offense that was used against New Zealand… Those two patterns of play are the Epitome of what should be the US Soccer Culture/Style,,,High Pressure Athleticism on Defense, Free Flowing Interchanging Creativity on Offense and an American Exceptionalism Attitude(Think US Women under Anson Dorrance)… We Are The USA.!!! And WE BELIEVE WE CAN WIN !!! NOW !!!... Sorry, Quite a dissertation, but if I am going to wake up in the Middle of the night, you all are going to have to suffer too… :)

  7. Chris Sapien , June 10, 2015 at 6:39 p.m.

    Outstanding posts Santiago 1314! 90% agree with your takes, and that's a rarity here. I warned everyone about Acosta, and his lack of understanding how to use his big body! Almost cost us dearly.

  8. Santiago 1314, June 11, 2015 at 6:22 a.m.

    Si, Si Señor Chris... Acosta is a Wild Card...I think they like his Offensive ability, but his Defense is Sketchy...

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