TV Report: USA-Nigeria breaks another record

For the second game in a row, Fox set a record for its most-watched soccer match as 5 million viewers watched the USA-Nigeria match from Vancouver at the Women's World Cup, breaking the mark set last Friday for the USA-Sweden game in Edmonton (4.5 million viewers).

USA-Nigeria is the third most-watched women’s soccer match of all time, trailing only the 1999 and 2011 Women's World Cup finals. Almost four times as many viewers watched Monday night's Group D finale as the third U.S. game at the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany.

Most-Watched Women's World Cup Matches:
17,975,000 USA-China
(ABC), 1999
13,458,000 USA-Japan (ESPN), 2011
5,000,000 USA-Nigeria (Fox), 2015
4,924,000 USA-Brazil
(ESPN), 1999
4,500,000 USA-Sweden (Fox), 2015
3,311,000 USA-Australia (Fox Sports 1), 2015
2,627,000 USA-Germany (ESPN), 1999
2,457,000 USA-Denmark (ABC), 1999

The second half of the USA-Nigeria game was opposite the final game of the NBA finals between Golden State and Cleveland, which set a Game 6 record with an average of 23.3 million viewers.

The top markets for three USA matches combined are St. Louis (4.8); Washington D.C. (4.4); Milwaukee and Richmond (4.1); Baltimore and Hartford (4.0); Kansas City (3.8); Providence (3.6); Atlanta, Austin, Dayton, New York, Norfolk and Portland, Oregon (3.5).
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