FIFA Today: Nakhid's Shakespearean candidacy

U.S. college graduates have run for FIFA president before -- Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl, who was not nominated in 2011, and Jordan's Prince Ali, who lost to Sepp Blatter 133-73 in 2015, both attended Princeton -- but no former U.S. college player has until now ran. Trinidadian David Nakhid, who starred as a freshman on American University' 1985 national runner-up team, is running and has picked up support from Caribbean Football Union president Gordon Derrick.

Nakhid played for clubs in Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Lebanon, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago as well as MLS's New England Revolution and now runs the David Nakhid Soccer Academy in Lebanon. Nakhid, who captained Trinidad & Tobago, believes that Michel Platini, the favorite to succeed Blatter in next February's special election, would only continue the system of patronage adopted under Blatter.

“Patronage extended without proper oversight is not proper patronage at all,” Nakhid told “It is all well and good that football is taken to the wide areas of the world. But when money is given to build a football field and there is no oversight and nothing happens, you are just giving away money and that does not help development or anyone but the person who pocketed the money. Platini comes from the wealthiest confederation in the world. You have to ask how can he help us or help Africa coming from on high. Why should this be a coronation for him? FIFA should not be for the elite. FIFA’s role should be to develop football throughout the world."

Derrick endorsed Nakhid, who speaks six languages and holds a degree in international relations and economics from AU, after meeting with him in his native Antigua. The CFU has 25 members and for many years voted as a bloc under Trinidadian Jack Warner, who used his political power to exact favors that allowed him to accumulate millions of dollars in wealth. Warner and his successor as Concacaf and CFU president, Jeffrey Webb, were among the nine soccer officials indicted in May.

Derrick, who is considering legal measures to attempt to recover the $10 million intended for soccer development in the Caribbean that the CFU received from South Africa but went to Warner, noted the differences between Warner and Nakhid, both Trinidadians.

“It is a great irony,” Derrick told “I think it would be Shakespearean. But maybe that is what is required. Trinidad produces one kind of man in Warner and then shows the world it can produce another in Nakhid.”

Besides Platini, South Korean Chung Moon Jung is considered the other most serious FIFA candidate. Chung holds graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins and MIT.

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