FC Dallas sets a Homegrown record

By Mike Woitalla

FC Dallas set a record when it started five Homegrown players in its 3-0 win over the Columbus Crew last Sunday.

North Carolina native Jesse Gonzalez, who played for Mexico at this year’s U-20 World Cup, got his third straight start after making his MLS debut on Aug. 22. The 20-year-old launched his FC Dallas career five years ago with its U-15/16 Development Academy team.

Against the Crew, Victor Ulloa, 23, and Kellyn Acosta, 20, paired in the central midfield, while Coach Oscar Pareja started 18-year-old Coy Croft wide right and 17-year-old Alejandro Zendejas on the left side of the all-Homegrown midfield.

Craft, who debuted for the first team last season, came out off FC Dallas’ affiliate club FC Dallas TRI, which serves Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Zendejas, who’s slated to represent the USA at the U-17 World Cup in October, arrived from FC Dallas’ El Paso affiliate.

Last season, Ulloa, who was born in Mexico and grew up in the Dallas area, became the first Homegrown player in club history to play more than 2,000 minutes in a single season and this season he has started all 26 FC Dallas games. (Ulloa and fellow FC Dallas Homegrown player Moises Hernandez have been friends since attending Franklin Middle School together. Plano-born Acosta, who played for the USA at the 2013 and 2015 U-20 World Cups, made his MLS debut 10 days after his 18th birthday in 2013.

FC Dallas Homegrown Minutes (2015)
2,285 Victor Ulloa
1,332 Kellyn Acosta
968 Moises Hernandez
270 Jesse Gonzalez
187 Alejandro Zendejas
67 Coy Craft
0 Danny Garcia

“It's huge for the club to see five Homegrowns starting, and one other one on the bench [Danny Garcia],” said Pareja after the 3-0 win over Columbus. “We have another one called into the national team [Hernandez with Guatemala]. So that makes us proud. At the same time, we needed to come here to a very difficult place and get a win in a game that will put us in a great spot. A big responsibility for these young guys, but they stepped up today.”

The win over Columbus gave FC Dallas MLS’s highest points-per-game average (1.69).

“The ability for the coaches in the academy to bring these guys up to us -- it's a very quiet job that they do there, and for me, it's easier when I see the talent there,” Pareja said. “So they make my life easier with all the work that they put together, and the coaching staff and the model of the team, and the FC Dallas initiative to develop players.”

U.S. U-20 men finish sixth in Serbia

In its first competition of a new cycle, the U-20 men’s national team -- comprised of 1997-born 17- and 18-year-olds – finished in sixth place at the Serbia-hosted Stevan Vilotic-Cele Tournament thanks to a 2-0 win over Israel in a placement game following losses to France (6-1) and host Serbia (3-1) in group play.

Real Salt Lake’s Sebastian Saucedo scored the USA’s only goal from the run of play, the Americans’ second against Israel after they took the lead through an own goal. Kyle Scott, who plays for Chelsea’s U-21, scored from the penalty spot in the loss to France.

The team was captained by Erik Palmer-Brown, the lone player on the roster from Coach Tab Ramos’ squad that reached the quarterfinals of the 2015 U-20 World Cup last June, when the USA fell on penalty kicks after a scoreless tie to eventual champion Serbia.

Sept. 7 in Backa Topola, Serbia
USA 2 Israel 0. Goals: own goal 4, Saucedo 39.
USA -- Vom Steeg; Murphy, Palmer-Brown (Lombard, 27), Glad, Hinds; Scott (Popovic, 68), Lindley, Salas Jr. (Lucatero, 45), Sabbi (Bashti, 78); Saucedo (Fernandez, 88), Mansaray.
Israel -- Hlon; Gamoun, Isakov, Nachmias, Shoolmaiste; Marom, Welblum (Dayan Roy, 82), Yerushalmi (Idan, 40); Zanati (Joseph, 74), Yzhak (Hershkovich, 63), Dor (Shechter, 63).

Sept. 4 in Senta, Serbia
France 6 USA 1. Goals: Jamrozik 8 Puel (Lusamba) 12, Aye  19, Aye (Poha) 45 +1, Augustin (Kwateng) 83, Aye (Sylla) 88; Sabbi (Mansaray) 91+.
France -- Bernardoni; Kwateng, Dipo, Onguene, Boscagli (Hernandez, 46); Bennacer (Chendri, 76), Lusamba, Poha (Sissoko, 77); Jamrozik (Tormin, 83), Aye, Augustin (Sylla, 84).
USA -- Herrera; Glad, Palmer-Brown, Pineda, Pelaez; Obinwa (Sabbi, 32), Murphy (Swanson, 74); Lucatero (Bashti, 32), Saucedo, Fernandez (Salas, Jr., 70); Mansary.

Sept. 3 in Subotica, Serbia
Serbia 3 USA 1. Goals: Jovic (Spoljaric) 21, Saponjic 67, Saponjic 78; Scott (pen.) 70.
Serbia -- Nikolic; Mijailovic, Stojanovic, Zlatkovic (Stankovic, 52), Gudelj (Sarenac, 68); Senic (Lutovac, 68), Glavcic, Spoljaric (Jankovic, 48), Zlicic (Karisic, 69); Jovic (Jovanovic, 83), Saponjic (Duronjic, 83).
USA -- Vom Steeg; Duncan (Lombard, 45), Palmer-Brown (Pineda, 45), Onalfo, Hinds (Murphy, 62); Lindley, Salas Jr., Swanson (Obinwa, 63), Scott; 9- Sabbi (Mansaray, 45), Popovic (Saucedo, 73).

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Charlie Slagle, former CEO of North Carolina's Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) and Davidson College head coach, is the new executive director of the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC), which serves about 6,000 players from ages 4 through 18 and has a partnership with MLS's Colorado Rapids. “Charlie is a rare youth soccer executive with business, programming and leadership experience at the highest levels,” said Peter Pak, CRYSC Board Chair, in a press release. "He moves seamlessly from national level committees to interacting with players and families."

3 comments about "FC Dallas sets a Homegrown record".
  1. Ric Fonseca, September 10, 2015 at 1:32 p.m.

    Hey, good article MW, but did anyhone notice that of the starters all but one have a Latino surname? Maybe the HC has latched on to something!!!

  2. Santiago 1314 replied, September 10, 2015 at 9:22 p.m.

    Ric, u20 Right???..Uh???.. vs ISRAEL //Vom Steeg; Murphy, Palmer-Brown, Glad, Hinds; Scott, Lindley, Salas Jr., Sabbi; Saucedo, Mansaray. **3 Hispanics**..vs FRANCE..Herrera; Glad, Palmer-Brown, Pineda, Pelaez; Obinwa, Murphy; Lucatero , Saucedo, Fernandez; Mansary..**7**... vs SERBIA.. Vom Steeg; Duncan, Palmer-Brown, Onalfo, Hinds; Lindley, Salas Jr., Swanson, Scott; Sabbi, Popovic..**2** Get those eyes checked mi Amigo.. What is HC?? Head Coach??? Tab or JK.???

  3. Soccer Madness, September 15, 2015 at 9 a.m.

    6-1 to France?? Ouch. I think Ric was talking about FC Dallas Team, Santiago. What is there to brag about for u20 team right now?

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