Wake Forest is first in opening Men's Soccer RPI

Wake Forest is No. 1 in the NCAA's first Rating Percentage Index (RPI) of the 2015 Division I men's season. Three other ACC teams -- North Carolina, Clemson and Notre Dame -- follow at 2-3-4. No other conference has more than one team in the top 10. Three other ACC teams rank in the top 25: Syracuse (13), Boston College (17) and N.C. State (24). Defending champion Virginia is 31.

NCAA Men's Soccer: RPI

The NCAA uses the RPI -- taking into account wins, losses and ties, whether they were home and away, and strength of schedule -- to help seed teams and select at-large teams for its postseason championship.

Men's RPI, Top 10
1 Wake Forest (ACC) 7-1-1
2 North Carolina (ACC) 7-0-1
3 Clemson (ACC) 6-1-2
4 Notre Dame (ACC) 6-2-1
5 Creighton (Big East) 8-0-0
6 Akron (Mid-American) 5-2-1
7 Denver (Summit) 7-0-1
8 USF (AAC) 6-2-0
9 South Carolina (Conference USA) 5-2-1
10 Coastal Carolina (Big South) 6-0-1
2 comments about "Wake Forest is first in opening Men's Soccer RPI".
  1. Allan Lindh, September 29, 2015 at 6:06 p.m.

    Gee, no west coast teams. I wonder why? And someone remind me, in the last 10 years, now many times have west coast teams won the tamale?

  2. Brian Shively replied, September 29, 2015 at 8 p.m.

    In the last 10 years the West Coast has 1 championship. UC Santa Barbara in 2006.

    UCLA has also played in a couple and New Mexico and Creighton have multiple trips to the college cup in that span. Alright, New Mexico and Creighton aren't on the Coast, but I think they count as West (like Notre Dame/Indiana/Akron being East Coast schools)

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