What They're Saying: Chung Mong Joon

"The true danger is that they are not only sabotaging my candidacy. They are sabotaging FIFA's election and FIFA itself. As preposterous as it may sound, there are media reports that Mr. Blatter plans to stay on as President once all the presidential candidates are forced out. However, the election is in danger of being turned into a farce."

-- FIFA presidential candidate Chung Mong Joon, who expects to be suspended for 15 years for violating six articles from FIFA's Code of Ethics, which he said stemmed from his "support" for South Korea's 2022 World Cup bid and his proposal to launch a $777 million Global Football Fund. Chung, a longtime Sepp Blatter critic, said the proposal was cleared by FIFA in 2010 and dismissed the charges as a ploy to prevent him from running for president. (Reuters)
1 comment about "What They're Saying: Chung Mong Joon".
  1. Santiago 1314, October 6, 2015 at 11:01 a.m.

    Drip..Drop..Slip... Slop...Every One taking from the Top...Last One Left Standing is going to be Sunil...Let's hope he had managed to stay Clean all these years around Blazer and Warner. ..

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