Leiweke: Miami stadium deal 'probably will blow' up

Tim Leiweke, brought in as Miami Beckham United’s point man to salvage stadium negotiations in Miami, told the Miami Herald Editorial Board on Thursday that plans to build a new soccer stadium in Miami could fall apart because of land owners asking for unreasonable prices for strips of land needed to complete the stadium footprint.

After being rebuffed on two waterfront projects, Miami Beckham United seemed to be making headway with the city of Miami to purchase land next to Marlins Park and transfer it to the Miami-Dade School Board. The hangup: six private parcels.

“They know what we’re doing and unfortunately they’ve let that create an absolutely unrealistic conversation," Leiweke said. "They can absolutely blow this deal up, and they probably will blow this deal up. We’re willing to overpay. We just don’t want to be the stupidest guys on the face of the earth.”

The Beckham group needs to complete a land deal to get final approval from MLS's board of governors on an expansion team.

Leiweke, who recently left Canadian sports firm MLSE, said Beckham’s group was mostly to blame for the failure to complete a deal.

"This has not been the smartest negotiation I've been a part of," he said
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