What They're Saying: Sepp Blatter on angels and the devil.

“I was close to dying. I was between the angels who were singing and the devil who was lighting the fire, but it was the angels who sang. The pressure was enormous. At some stage the body just says, ‘No, enough is enough.’ But if you are strong psychologically you can resist.”

-- Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter on Swiss broadcaster RTS in an interview to be aired on Wednesday on being hospitalized recently this month suffering from stress. (AFP)
1 comment about "What They're Saying: Sepp Blatter on angels and the devil.".
  1. Ginger Peeler, November 23, 2015 at 10:55 a.m.

    Are you sure this is the correct translation? I mean, he checked into the hospital for stress-related symptoms. I think the Devil won a long time ago when he began manipulating FIFA for his own ends. The devil is in the details (and the $$$) and the stress is from all the evil that's being uncovered. But he's still in total denial. What a mess he has made!

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