Marrufo: 'AR did not see ball leave play'

MLS Cup 2015 was decided -- the deciding second goal was scored by Portland -- after a ball played out of bounds by Portland. The Crew's Tony Tchani assumed the ball was out and dribbled to play it back it when Portland's Darlington Nagbe took the ball and started the play that led to the Timbers' second goal in their 2-1 win.

Here is the exchange between the pool reporter and referee Jair Marrufo:

In the lead-up to Portland’s second goal, should play have been stopped when Diego Chara passed the ball out of bounds to Alvas Powell on the sideline?
“If the ball had clearly crossed the line, a throw-in should have been given. However, the assistant referee did not see the ball leave the field of play.”
Did the assistant referee communicate to you whether he saw the ball go out while on the field or in the locker room at halftime?
Was a whistle blown at the time?
2 comments about "Marrufo: 'AR did not see ball leave play'".
  1. Ric Fonseca, December 7, 2015 at 5 p.m.

    Wow!!! You have GOT to be kidding!!!!! Although I was not at the game, when the TV replays showed the ball clearly going out of bounds, and the Spanish broadcast crew even commenting on it, the Crew players stopping or slowing down thinking a TI was to be awarded, how could the lines person or AR NOT see the action taking place right smack almost in front of him??? Kudos to the Portland players for continuing to play on absent a whistle, still Maruffo and his AR ought to be fined for having "blown" the play!!! I know this isn't par for the course for the MLS game officials, but still, this was a true disservice to the game we're trying to promote, and lastly, here I thought that officials in FB or even NBA have blown a call...

  2. beautiful game, December 7, 2015 at 5:26 p.m.

    The AR is totally incompetent...this ball was out of bounds by at least a foot. There is no excuse for not positioning oneself unless of course the AR gets bowled over. Marrufo wasn't paying attention either. How could he, he swallowed his whistle after starting the game.

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