USL partners with Alianza de Futbol

The United Soccer League reached an agreement with Alianza de Futbol to become the exclusive domestic professional league partner of the leading promoter of youth and amateur Hispanic soccer in the United States that has developed its reputation for showcasing players to Mexican clubs.
Alianza de Futbol works with its Sueno Alianza showcase matches to provide exposure for players at regional and national events that attract over 220,000 players annually.
“We look forward to working with Alianza to identify undiscovered, talented Hispanic soccer players and provide them the opportunity to launch their professional careers in the USL,” said USL President Jake Edwards. “Many highly talented young Hispanic players have been discovered through the Alianza program, including those who have gone on to play in MLS and Liga MX. We look forward to continuing that success in the USL.”
The United Soccer League hopes to allow its clubs in the USL and PDL to reach out to Alianza de Futbol players.
“We are looking forward at Alianza to partner with USL to continue to provide new opportunities to the Hispanic communities,” said Joaquin Escoto, the managing director of Alianza de Futbol. "Our new U-22 age group launching this year will provide a direct path to USL & PDL clubs to the best players in Alianza."
6 comments about "USL partners with Alianza de Futbol".
  1. Carlos Ramirez, February 19, 2016 at 2:11 p.m.

    MLS is more interested in Europeian players who bring money through attendance than developing US players, much less Hispanic players. FC Dallas and Chicago Fire are a few of the exceptions

  2. Ric Fonseca, February 19, 2016 at 7:04 p.m.

    AA and Carlos, I've known of and about Alianza when it first got off the ground, and while I agree somewhat with their concept, it is not a secret that their bottom line is making a fast buck, good golly, just look at the number of corporate sponsors, that plus the organization being a de-facto scouting base not for Liga MX, but for other Central American NTeams, and they ain't doing all for altruism. And yes, I agree that MLS doesn't give a rat's behind about up and coming Latino or Hispanic players for various and sundry reasons, though I don't agree that FCD or Chicago are any sort of exception!

  3. aaron dutch, February 21, 2016 at 11:47 a.m.

    Ric is 100% correct. The sad truth is until there is real leadership representation on the governing boards of USSF,MLS, US Club, NCAA, High School, etc.. by Latinos from all stripes and a new attitude noting will change. These "one off's" are better then nothing but they don't scale. It will help a few 100 solid players get trials and a shot at USL. It will let a few 1000's kids play more club but that will be it. Also, did you notice girls/women were not included. That wasnt by accident.

  4. BJ Genovese, February 22, 2016 at 10:40 a.m.

    I just dont understand these comments. The USSDA's are loaded with Hispanic kids. Get some boots on the ground. All we have to do is post the current USSDA rosters and you will see plenty of Hispanic names. Probably a majority. I just went to an MLS USL friendly. There was equal representation for all. I have been around top development programs and US soccer training centers for the last few years. Bucket loads of Hispanic talent involved. Actually the majority. MLS is just interested in big, fast, strong... but there are plenty of other peoples that dont fit this cog as well.

  5. BJ Genovese, February 22, 2016 at 10:46 a.m.

    Just one other point. I would give my left nut if my Son had dual citizenship. If any kids is worth his salt at the game, he or his parents should consider the ease of opening up another countries league to be scouted by as probably the biggest golden ticket of all. Im just not getting all the whining I have heard over the last couple of years when it comes to Hispanic players getting a fair shake hear in the US with regards to identification, development, or opportunity.

  6. John Schultz, February 22, 2016 at 11:34 p.m.

    Fact is you just dont see MLS staff scout these events as well as Top USSF scouts. Thats a big red flag if you ask me. Are you telling me its worth it for a superior league scout, Liga MX, like Chivas, America, Tigres to scout all ALianza events and a local MLS DA cant send one assistant coach to even take a look in their own city?? There was a player that made Alianza National event in Los Angeles in 2013. His name is Luis Arreola. He got 11 invites from MX teams. Only other player to get more invites was an already National Team player brought in as special guest by Hugo Perez, U15 National Team Head Coach at the time. His favorite player. Luis Arreola was immedialty invited to next 2 National Team Camps by Hugo and scored 2 goals in 4 official friendlies but yet never made National Team roster for International Tournaments. This kid is a skilled 6'4" forward at 16 years old with great touch and feet. He was just as "wanted" as an already National Team Starter, Jonathan Gonzalez who is still a National Team Top player. How do we lose sight of players like Luis so quickly?

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