FIFA reforms are passed handily

FIFA Congress approved by a vote of 179-22 wide-ranging reforms, including term limits and separation of powers, as well as greater decision-making roles within FIFA for women.

These reforms, if indeed implemented, could be as important as anything the new president will do. Importantly, they also allow FIFA to maintain "victim" status in the eyes of the U.S. authorities, crucial if it doesn't want to shut down.

FIFA reforms in depth: FAQ

Separation of political and management functions: New FIFA Council (replacing the FIFA Executive Committee) will be responsible for setting the organization’s overall strategic direction, while the General Secretariat oversees the operational and commercial actions required to effectively execute that strategy.

Term limits: President and FIFA Council members can only serve a maximum of three terms of four years, or 12 years. 

Integrity checks: Compulsory integrity checks for all members of FIFA’s standing committees, conducted by an independent FIFA review committee.

Compensation: Disclosure of individual compensation on an annual basis of the FIFA President, all FIFA Council members, the Secretary General and relevant chairpersons of independent standing and judicial committees.

Diversity: Women take on greater decision-making roles within FIFA (at least one representative from each confederation on FIFA Council).

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