Soccer America's OFF THE POST: The Food Fight

Manchester United's 2-0 win over Arsenal on Sunday, which ended the Gunners' 49-game unbeaten streak, has the set off the first post-game food-fight investigation in recent memory.

According to British press reports, Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson was pelted with soup and/or pizza in the stadium tunnel from the direction of the Arsenal locker room.

While the English FA has asked the Greater Manchester Police to help look into the incident, the English newspapers have been speculating on what they've dubbed, ''The Battle of the Buffet,'' ''War and Pizza,'' ''Soupgate'' and ''You wanna pizza me?''

The Sun has also enlisted bookmaking firm Paddy Powers, which put the best odds on ''Who Threw Food at Fergie'' on Arsenal players Patrick Vieira (5/2), Ashley Cole (4/1) and Lauren (4/1). Long-shots include Man U scorer Wayne Rooney (250/1) for being ''upset at the lack of post-match McDonald's.''

While English FA investigates the tunnel fracas, which forced Ferguson to change clothes before his post-game interviews, it has already ordered a three-game ban on Manchester United forward Ruud Van Nistelrooy for ''serious foul play'' for stomping Ashley Cole in an incident missed by the ref but caught by video.

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