Obituary: Pioneering referee Robert Evans

Robert Evans, who was a FIFA referee before helping set up U.S. Soccer's national referee program, died Tuesday at the age of 76. Evans, who was born in England and grew up in Wales, settled in Dallas in 1969 to work as a research geologist.

Evans was the national director of referee instruction for U.S. Soccer in 1988. In 1992, he became the first American to be appointed a FIFA referee instructor.

Evans, an expert on the offside call, was a frequent contributor to publications such as Soccer America. He wrote “Manual for Linesmen” and "Teaching Offside" (with Tony Waiters) and "For The Good of the Game: Modern Techniques and Practical Wisdom for Today's Soccer Referee" (with long-time colleague Edward Bellion). He was also a freelance science journalist with contributions to such publications as Smithsonian and American Scientist.

Evans' writing skills and sense of humor were demonstrated when he once submitted a misconduct report to the NASL written entirely in rhyming verse.

Evans was elected to the North Texas Soccer Hall of Fame and received the prestigious Eddie Pearson Award (1992) as well as the William Scofield Award (1994), the latter for recovering and continuing to make significant contributions to the game and U.S. referee program after recovering from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma .

Evans is survived by his younger daughter  Rhiannon and her husband Edward  of Atlanta, Georgia, and two sisters, Wendy and  Judy. His older daughter, Sian, predeceased him.
2 comments about "Obituary: Pioneering referee Robert Evans".
  1. milton stevens, March 30, 2016 at 5:15 a.m.

    he is turning in his grave at the amount of match fixing in mls.

  2. Mark Landefeld, March 30, 2016 at 3:58 p.m.

    It would be a real tribute to Evan's legacy if someone with comparable experience were to continue his blog "for the integrity of soccer"

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