Police raid UEFA headquarters after Infantino revelations in Panama Papers

Just what new FIFA president Gianni Infantino needed.

A day after revelations that as UEFA's lawyer a decade ago he signed off on a television deal between UEFA and an Argentine marketing agency whose bosses, Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, were indicted by U.S. authorities last May, Swiss police raided UEFA offices as part of "ongoing criminal proceedings" launched because of "suspicion of criminal mismanagement and ... misappropriation."

No impropriety has been suggested in the deal with Cross Trading over UEFA rights in Ecuador -- one of dozens of contracts Infantino routinely reviewed -- but the Swiss attorney general's office stated.  "The OAG's criminal proceedings are in connection with the acquisition of television rights and are at present directed against persons unknown, meaning that for the time being, no specific individual is being targeted by these proceedings."

Infantino said he welcomed any investigation into the contract to clear things up.

"I welcome any investigation conducted into this matter. For the sake of transparency and clarity, it is essential that all elements of this dossier are disclosed, as UEFA has done," he said in a FIFA statement. "Based on these documents, it is clear that all contractual matters were conducted properly by UEFA."

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