TV Report: EPL outdraws NHL in 2015-16

For the third consecutive year, NBC Sports Group set a record for its average viewership of the English Premier League. Across all networks, NBC Sports Group averaged 514,000 viewers per match window -- up 7 percent from 2014-15. The EPL outdrew the NHL, which averaged 503,000 viewers  for 105 NHL regular-season games on NBC and NBCSN in 2015-16.

NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the 2015-16 Premier League season reached more than 36 million viewers, a record and an increase of 26 percent over last season (28.7 million).

In three years of televising the Premier League, NBC has aired eight of the 10 most-watched live Premier League matches in U.S. history -- including four during the 2015-16 season.

Most-Watched Premier League Games:
11/22/14 Arsenal-Man United  NBC  1.41 million
2/5/12  Chelsea-Man United  FOX  1.38 million
1/31/15  Chelsea-Man City  NBC  1.35 million
10/26/14  Man United-Chelsea  NBC  1.29 million
1/22/12  Man United-Arsenal  FOX  1.26 million
9/12/15  Man United-Liverpool  NBC  1.25 million
2/8/14  Cardiff-Swansea City  NBC  1.24 million
1/23/16  West Ham-Man City  NBC  1.16 million
3/20/16  Man City-Man United  NBC  1.16 million
10/24/15  Arsenal-Everton  NBC  1.15 million
4/12/15  Man United-Man City  NBCSN  1.13 million
1/11/14  Man United-Swansea City  NBC  1.10 million
11/7/15  Stoke City-Chelsea  NBC  1.07 million
2/22/14  Crystal Palace-Man United    NBC  1.06 million
4/30/12  Man City-Man United  ESPN  1.03 million

Top 15 Local Market Ratings
1. Washington, D.C.      
2. Hartford   
3. West Palm Beach
4. Boston
T5. Philadelphia
T5. Baltimore
7. New York
8. Dallas   
9. Columbus
10. Norfolk
T11. Chicago
T11. Denver
T11. Tulsa
T14. Atlanta
T14. Miami
Note: NBC, NBCSN & USA Network combined.
2 comments about "TV Report: EPL outdraws NHL in 2015-16".
  1. J Fox, May 19, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

    Time for Hartford to get a professional soccer team!

  2. Joey Tremone replied, May 20, 2016 at 7:52 a.m.

    Also time for Washington, DC to get one. /rimshot

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